The Sovereign's Ascension

Chapter 895: Flamefeather City

Chapter 895: Flamefeather City

The black-clothed youth who appeared all of a sudden gave everyone a chilling feeling. Their gazes were similar to Qin Feng, which meant that the infamous reputation of the higher realms in the Heavenly Path was really terrifying.

After all, a single person made it hard for everyone to breathe. Chen Xuan wore a grave expression with fear in his eyes, “That’s Feng Wuji from the Bloodbone Realm. He’s ranked in the top ten right under the Azure Dragon Ranking. If he makes it through the second tribulation, there’s a high possibility of him making it into the ranking. He’s a bladesman, known for his brutal saber technique. He also grasped the second grade saber intent and his weapon can be considered a low-grade dao artifact. Relying on his sword, he can compete with geniuses in the second soul!”

Lin Yun was inwardly shocked when he heard that. The higher realms truly deserved their reputation if everyone had dao artifacts of their own. He couldn’t imagine how strong the geniuses from the higher realm would be.

The low-grade dao artifact was good enough to suppress most people here. Liu Yun and the others raised their heads to look at Feng Wuji. Although Feng Wuji didn’t utter a single word, everyone could feel a chill down their spine as Feng Wuji walked past.

“This fellow used at least two million astral pellets in his tribulation.” Qin Feng gnashed his teeth because of the astronomical sum. After all, a million astral pellets was the limit of people from intermediate realms. However, the massive origin energy coming from Feng Wuji’s aura ocean was massive.

Not long after Feng Wuji showed up, a grey-clothed figure descended from the sky. The aura coming from him wasn’t any weaker than Feng Wuji, which caused another uproar. It was another genius from a higher realm.

Everyone’s faces in Glorysun Land turned nasty with the arrival of another genius from the higher realm. The worst part about the higher realms was that they looked down on everyone. In their eyes, those from the lower and intermediate realms were ants.

They wouldn’t feel bad if they killed someone who wasn’t from the higher realm.

“That’s Mo Han from the Blackflame Realm. He’s about the same level as Feng Wuji. Both of them have some fame in the Azure Dragon Region and not many people can suppress them unless they’re on the Azure Dragon Ranking. To think that they would actually come…” Even Chen Xuan’s face changed after seeing the newcomers.

He expected to see geniuses from the higher realms, but he never thought it would be those two. Based on Feng Wuji and Mo Han’s strength, they could definitely receive a position for the five astral spirits. So it was surprising that they appeared in Glorysun Land. After all, the treasures found here were definitely poorer than the other astral lands.

Lin Yun casually examined the two of them and sensed their killing aura. Compared to them, the demonic cultivators that Lin Yun met in Profound Amber Realm were kind.

Over the next few days, more geniuses from the higher realms appeared. They either came by themselves or in a pair. However, it was very clear that they were weaker than Feng Wuji and Mo Han. So everyone was comforted by the fact that they still might have a chance.

Two days later, they could sense that the temperature in the barren land had calmed down. Soon, two figures flew towards the city with auras comparable to Feng Wuji and Mo Han.

“Here come another two that are almost as strong as those in the Azure Dragon Ranking…” Chen Xuan sighed. One of the newcomers had a bony frame with deep eye sockets. He looked like he would collapse if the wind blew past him. The other had a huge mouth and looked eerie. They looked like polar opposites, so it was weird to see them together.

“That’s Shi Feng and Chen An. They’re from the Nethercloud Realm. Don’t judge them by their appearance. Our senior brother fought them and barely managed to win after exchanging over five hundred moves…” Chen Xuan’s gaze became grave as he warned the group.

Lin Yun fell into deep thoughts because many people right under the top ten in the Azure Dragon Ranking were present. All of them were in the pinnacle first soul Heavenly Soul Realm and had exhausted at least two million astral pellets for their tribulation. It made sense that they were stronger than Chen Xuan and Pei Yu.

There was a high possibility that they also had dao artifacts. There was no question that they could suppress all of the geniuses in Glorysun Land.

As for the Glorysun Spirit, there was naturally nothing to think about. Only the top-tier geniuses would have a chance at obtaining it. Qin Feng was right to say that the trip to Flamefeather City was a stage for the higher realms to compete.

“Feng Wuji and Mo Han are also here.” The bony Shi Feng looked around and instantly noticed Feng Wuji and Mo Han. Chen An merely sneered when he heard those names.

They naturally had the same desire for the treasures in Flamefeather City and the Glorysun Spirit. The Glorysun Spirit might not be comparable to the other astral spirits, but it was still a key to the Azure Dragon Forbidden Realm. So no one was willing to give up if they had a choice.

“Wow, there are so many ants. They’re pretty bold.” Chen An looked at everyone from the intermediate realm with disdain in his eyes.

“They’re courting death to come here.” The two had neglected everyone that wasn’t from the higher realms. The intermediate realms were upset, but there was nothing they could do about it.

“Those fellows!” Liu Yun’s face became nasty because he never expected that Chen An and Shi Feng would be so arrogant.

On the other hand, Lin Yun was rather calm. He didn’t want to waste his energy on trivial matters.

“Don’t be impulsive,” said Chen Xuan. “There’s a sandstorm in the barren land that might separate us. When you guys reach the city, try and group up as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will be vulnerable if you run into the higher realm experts.”

Cleary, as long as they didn’t run into the four monsters, they would be okay.

Seven days passed in the blink of an eye and the aura coming from the Flamefeather Mountain Range had gotten a lot weaker. Now, they didn’t have to maintain their origin energy outside their bodies to defend against the high temperature. But the atmosphere had also slowly become intense because everyone knew that the time to enter the Flamefeather City was coming.

Suddenly, a black figure streaked across the sky as Feng Wuji made the first move. He was like a sharp blade that tore the sky apart towards the city.

“Let’s go. Don’t let him beat us!”

“That fellow is really fast!” Shi Feng and Chen An cursed as they executed their movement techniques. When they moved, the other geniuses from Glorysun Land couldn’t hold back anymore. Everyone charged towards the dragon city.

Chen Xuan, on the other hand, was more experienced and waited for the atmosphere to calm down a little more before he roared, “Let’s go!”

“There must be quite a bit of Golden Flowlight Lamps in the Flamefeather City, right?” Lin Yun’s eyes flickered. His objective hadn’t changed, he still needed to obtain the Gold Flowlight Lamp along with the other treasures in teh city. As for the Glorysun Spirit, he would give it a shot if he had a chance.

After all, the Glorysun Spirit was sealed and would put a target on his back if he wasn’t strong enough. The moment the group moved, they sensed a terrifying heatwave pouring towards them and they quickly circulated their origin energy to defend themselves.

When they raised their heads, they finally realized that the Flamefeather City wasn’t as close as it seemed. It didn’t take long for a sandstorm to arrive, which brought the surrounding temperature to a new height. The sandstorm instantly separated everyone like Chen Xuan had warned and made everyone sweat.

“Calm down! We’ll group up in the city!” Chen Xuan’s voice sounded out while Lin Yun glanced at the sandstorm.

Qin Feng, Yan Kui, and the others could barely maintain their position, so they wouldn’t lose their bearings. As for the rest, they were practically lost.

At this moment, everyone only had one thought, get to Flamefeather City as soon as possible. Lin Yun covered himself with his sword intent as he slowly travelled through the sandstorm. His immortal sword intent had formed a barrier that stopped the fire energy from reaching him.

Compared to him, Liu Yun’s state was a lot more terrible. Liu Yun’s spiritual sword intent hadn’t even reached lesser mastery, so the fire energy blazed around him. Under this state, he would exhaust all of his spiritual sword intent before he could even reach Flamefeather City.

An hour later, a massive dragon city appeared before Lin Yun. He had finally arrived in Flamefeather City.

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