The Sovereign's Ascension

Chapter 897: Brutal

Chapter 897: Brutal

The Gold Flowlight Lamp in his hand emitted a dreamy light. All ten petals were dripping with blood, which made them look bewitching. Each petal contained terrifying energy with dense fire energy. It was as if the flower was born in the sun.

It was a flower that could only be found in Glorysun Land. Lin Yun was lucky to find it, but he wouldn’t be able to walk away with it if he didn’t have strength.

Lin Yun placed the Flower Burial Sword back in the sword box and didn’t hesitate to crush the Gold Flowlight Lamp in his hand. Although he was reluctant to use it in this manner, he needed to nurture the Flower Burial Sword. He was bound to reach the Heavenly Soul Realm even without the flower.

Lin Yun’s gaze was firm as he filled his sword box with petals. The sword box was filled with a cold aura that could preserve the spirituality of the petals for a long time. When he released his grip on the petals, the petals were sucked into the sword box.

As for Lil’ Red, it naturally continued its job to collect the interspatial pouches on the ground. Lin Yun examined the pouches and was surprised to find nearly a million astral pellets.

Then again, it wasn’t unbelievable since geniuses from higher realms used millions of astral pellets in their tribulation. However, this didn’t mean that everyone used astral pellets in such a lavish manner. If one’s physique wasn’t strong enough, absorbing too many astral pellets could cause one’s body to explode. So the number of astral pellets one used in their tribulation was a symbol of their strength.

“The Lightning Cocoon still isn’t fast enough. If it was fast enough, I could completely catch my opponent by surprise before they even see the mist.” Lin Yun didn’t panic upon sensing the people hiding in the surroundings. Instead, he gathered his things and left.

When he left, the faces of those hiding in the surroundings were nasty. Clearly, they were shocked by the strength Lin Yun had revealed. They initially wanted the grey-clothed youth to test Lin Yun’s strength, but they never expected that the grey-clothed youth would be killed in a split second.

“What power. Is he really not a genius from the higher realms?”

“That fellow is Lin Yun. He came with the Thunderflame Realm. It’s impossible for the higher realms to have such low cultivation. There’s no way that any of them are in the quasi-Heavenly Soul Realm anymore.”

“It looks like there’s another wildcard in Flamefeather City.” Everyone knew that it wouldn’t take long for Lin Yun’s fame to spread throughout Flamefeather City.

After a short moment of peace, more treasures began to appear in Flamefeather City. All sorts of palaces and tombs were being excavated. The appearance of the treasures naturally attracted everyone’s attention, forcing them to reveal their strengths.

As for geniuses from intermediate realms, they couldn’t even fend off ordinary geniuses from higher realms, not to mention the stronger ones like Feng Wuji. The geniuses from the higher realms practically crushed those from the intermediate realms.

The demonic beasts in the city might be terrifying, but they were nothing compared to those from higher realms. The emergence of treasures introduced a bloodbath to the city.

Deep in the city, dozens of corpses laid on the ground of a dried-up lake. All of them died horrible deaths and their corpses were mutilated. At this moment, a dense blood stench filled the air.

A black demonic lotus bloomed on the withered lake that was shrouded in black miasma. Looking carefully, the black miasma looked like a live python.

If anyone who was knowledgeable was present, they would recognize it as the Demonic Python Lotus. The lotus and python had a symbiotic relationship. It was a rare treasure that even tempted empyreans from the Kunlun Realm.

At this moment, a black-clothed figure stood beside the lake. His gaze wasn’t on the lotus but on a long blade hovering in the air. It was Feng Wuji from the Bloodbone Realm.

He could make the Azure Dragon Ranking if he made a breakthrough, and the blade hovering in the sky was naturally his low-grade dao artifact. When the surrounding flames poured into the blade, it looked like a ferocious beast drinking blood.

“Still too thirsty,” said Feng Wuji when he summoned his blade into his hand. Suddenly, a ferocious roar echoed out as Feng Wuji swung his sword out. At the far end of the horizon, three people were instantly killed by the blade ray and sliced in half.

“How pitiful,” smiled Feng Wuji as he revealed his brutal personality.

Initially, there were nearly a hundred people competing for the lotus. But following Feng Wuji’s appearance, half of them left. The other half hesitated for a brief moment, but it was already too late when they wanted to escape.

“A bunch of ants from inferior realms. I have no idea where you guys got your confidence from,” sighed Feng Wuji. “But it’s a pity that these ants can’t satisfy the thirst of my Netherblack Blade.”

After sheathing his sword, Feng Wuji’s gaze fell onto the lotus. Unfortunately, the precious part of the treasure was taken. Without the core, the value was halved. However, at least the lotus bud remained.

Feng Wuji’s aura was massive and he could choose to undergo the second tribulation anytime he wanted. Storing the lotus, Feng Wuji muttered to himself, “Those geniuses on the Azure Dragon Ranking prepared at least five million astral pellets for their second tribulation, but I can only endure three million at best. I have to get the Glorysun Spirit or it’ll be futile for me to head to the Azure Dragon Forbidden Realm.”

Screams echoed from a palace with blood splattering everywhere. Someone was on a killing spree as countless people ran for their lives.

Deep in the palace, Mo Han wore a sinister smile and laughed, “Die!”

The palace appeared after the sand level dropped. There were many jade slips in the palace and tightly sealed jade bottles with pellets. It instantly attracted many people. But before anyone could rejoice, Mo Han arrived and started killing everyone. He didn’t spare anyone and fully unleashed the might of his low-grade dao artifact.

Under the pressure of his dao artifact, no one could bring out more than 50% of their strength. It was clearly a one-sided slaughter.

“Haha, how satisfying!” Mo Han grinned at the corpses lying on the ground with excitement flickering in his pupils. Although there were geniuses from higher realms who were decisive in killing, people who were brutal like Mo Han and Feng Wuji were rare.

Their brutality was due to the realms they came from. The sects from their realms mainly consisted of demonic cultivators, so slaughtering was common. Growing up in that environment, they naturally had a bloodthirsty nature.

But it also made their tribulation even more dangerous than others. The only benefit was that their strength would be extremely terrifying if they were successful.

Looking at the interspatial pouches on the ground, Mo Han muttered, “The Glorysun Land might not be comparable to the other astral lands, but I can make up the difference with treasures. As long as I kill enough people, my harvest will definitely be more than those in Gloryfire Land!”

Mo Han might seem crude, but he was meticulous. After he gathered all the pouches and examined them, he frowned. Flamefeather City was huge and finding the Glorysun Spirit was basically like finding a needle in a haystack. He was starting to get annoyed.

But when he saw more people approaching, his eyes flashed with excitement. He had no intention to search for treasures because other people could do it for him. He would just kill them when they crossed paths.

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