The Steward Demonic Emperor

Chapter 1255: The Demonic Emperor Acts

Chapter 1255: The Demonic Emperor Acts

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The Enchanting Empress pawed at his cold hand and coughed for air, “Mountain Lord… spare me…”

“Wretched stinking hag, you can’t do anything right!”

The man gnashed his teeth, “My son died near your place and then you lost the prize pig I had you raise for a century. So you tell me what you deserve!”

The Enchanting Empress held her sore neck, stammering, “M-Mountain Lord, Qingcheng is only missing. We just have to get her back. It’s better than being dead.”

“As if!”


Throwing her into the grown again, he snapped, “I’d be happier if she took her life because of my son. Now she’s gone and my son is dead. Not only did I lose everything but there’s not an ounce of feeling between them. Have you any idea of the heartbreak I’m going through?”

[I thought you felt none, as a practical man.]

The Enchanting Empress bowed, keeping that bit to herself as she said, “Please restrain your grief, Mountain Lord!”

“Cut the crap, I want to know everything, what is going on and how you lost Qingcheng. Talk or die!” The man demanded.

The Enchanting Empress bowed and reported how He Xiaofeng called Zhuo Fan over to warn him, only for the latter to know everything, “Not long after Zhuo Fan left, we discovered unconscious disciples in the sect and Qingcheng missing. Young lord rushed in pursuit, and I was unaware it would be the last time I got to witness the young lord’s genius, kindness, and amiable nature. Oh, the sorrow…” 

“Stop crying.”

The Mountain Lord snapped at her, “I know exactly what my son was, least of all amiable. You’re only crying for my sake.”

The Enchanting Empress gave a dry smile, “Mountain Lord’s so insightful, but the young lord had many people’s respect, ha-ha-ha…” 

Ignoring the blatant flattery, the man said, “So it all happened after Zhuo Fan left? Isn’t he related?”

“Uh, that can’t be.” The Enchanting Empress shook her head.

“Why not?”

“Mountain Lord, Zhuo Fan is the Demonic Emperor’s right-hand man, he is beyond resourceful, but he’s as weak as a bug, in the Bone Tempering Stage. He’d have long since been reduced to fertilizer if not for the protection his high status offered. Young lord was a Saint that no bug could even touch. It’s not possible.”

“Then the ones around him?”

Mountain Lord squinted.

Eight Emperors shook her head still, “Mountain Lord, the Luo clan sought shelter with the Demonic Emperor, they can’t have any experts. They are at least beneath the Demonic Emperor. While the one that took Qingcheng moved like the wind, rendering Mei Sangu, my junior sister, unconscious without even reacting. This is the level of Eight Emperors, at the least. The Luo clan couldn’t have done it. And…”


“When we were at the sect, I saw the young lord’s Sacred Body, but by the time we got there, no one was there. This proves that the young lord’s fight was swift. Mountain Lord, the only one able to kill the young lord so fast is a Saint. The Eight Emperors could never do this.” 

Mountain Lord nodded, “Yeah, you’re right about that. But who did it? To kill Feng’er in a blink, one must have mid Saint power. Maybe…”

“Mountain Lord, did you find out?”

“There’s one faction that has such power, the dragon Saints!” Mountain Lord squinted, “The Seven Sacred Mountains and the dragons are at odds, but it’s been years since we intersected. They’re avoiding any conflict. They could never have struck my son.”

“Maybe the young lord’s immense pride provoked them…”

“No, I warned him not to ever touch those lizards.” Mountain Lord denied her guess, “If not the dragons, then the other Sacred Mountains? Has Chu Qingcheng’s secret leaked?”

The two shared a look and nodded. This was the most plausible explanation. Zhuo Fan had the biggest motive to take her, but not the strength, leaving the two crossing him out.

The matters were becoming complicated, with them unable to figure out who was behind it.

They believed He Xiaofeng’s death was due to Chu Qingcheng. He Xiaofeng must’ve found the other’s secret and was silenced.

“Feng’er, I will find your killer and rescue the precious Chu Qingcheng!” Mountain Lord vowed.

The Enchanting Empress said, “Since the secret is out, does Zhuo Fan’s threat still stand?” 


Giving her a sidelong glance, Mountain Lord continued, “So long as it isn’t an open secret, the threat will be real. No one will spread this secret, not us, not the ones taking Chu Qingcheng. We need to strike first and get Chu Qingcheng with us at once!”

The Enchanting Empress nodded, “Are we to condone his defiant actions?”

“Isn’t it just land? He can cause trouble for the next Sacred Mountains’ disciples, so long as he keeps his mouth shut.”

Mountain Lord sneered, “The Seven Sacred Mountains’ joint action stems from the fear of those old fools due to the event a century ago, that a strong expert will emerge that would topple their power. They want to regulate all resources so that not even an ungodly genius of the likes of the ten ancient Sovereigns can reach Sainthood without our say so.”

The Enchanting Empress nodded, her heart sinking.

[It’s just like the kid said, the Sacred Mountains want to crush everyone. Now there’s no hope for anyone else to rise to the top.]

Zhuo Fan was back on Devil Mountain, where he met nervous guards in the main hall. They bowed and reported their worries, “Steward Zhuo, you’re here!”

“What’s wrong? Why are you all here?” Zhuo Fan asked.

“Steward Zhuo, our assault on the two Emperors has been going smoothly, but the two have taken to the battlefield themselves and none of us can take them on. We’ve received urgent reports requesting the Demonic Emperor’s assistance. But the Demonic Emperor has been in seclusion and we don’t know what to do. We will suffer heavy losses if this goes on. We can’t take more of the unstoppable Emperors’ attacks!”

“Oh, I see.”

Zhuo Fan raised an eyebrow, “Don’t worry, I will go see the Demonic Emperor now to ask him to fight.”

Zhuo Fan walked among their gratifying words towards the stone door, “Demonic Emperor sir, I have something to report!”


The heavy door opened and Zhuo Fan entered. He saw a ghastly Zhao Chen with bloodlust in his eyes.

“Where are my ingredients?” The Demonic Emperor’s breath was ragged.

Zhuo Fan smiled, “Demonic Emperor sir, I can no longer provide them.”


“The Falcon Emperor and Wraith Emperor have taken to the battlefield, blocking us from taking more prisoners.”


Zhao Chen slammed the stone bed, breaking it, “Outrageous! Those bastards are ruining everything. I’ll get them for this!”

“There are reports from the frontlines requesting the Demonic Emperor’s help to eliminate them. Also, with the Eight Emperors’ incredible cultivation, they are sure to be a great boost.” Zhuo Fan snickered.

Zhao Chen’s eyes shone with malice and madness, “Ha-ha-ha, using them I’ll reach Sainthood!”

Zhao Chen vanished, leaving Zhuo Fan alone.

Li Jingtian had taken Chu Qingcheng to the Luo clan then came here, coming over to Zhuo Fan, “Steward Zhuo, what did you have him cultivate in? Why is he so erratic, like a lunatic?”

“It’s his heart that’s going wild. It has nothing to do with the cultivation method.”

Zhuo Fan sighed and snickered, “With the Demonic Emperor on the move, the rabid dogs will bite each other, just like back then with Devil Mountain, ha-ha-ha…”

“Steward Zhuo, when do we move?”

Li Jingtian was eager for some action, “The brothers can’t take it any more, they want to fight. After the Falcon Emperor stepped out, they all wanted a piece of the action against Eight Emperors. Your order is what’s keeping the Luo clan’s army from marching on the Wraith Emperor and Falcon Emperor’s lands and taking them, he-he-he.”

“You’re quite impulsive!”

Zhuo Fan glared, “Luo clan’s experts are to battle the Sacred Mountains. Before that, none can ever come out in the open. With the Sacred Mountains helping the Eight Emperors, it will be even harder for us to take the Sacred Domain’s lower areas.”

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