The Steward Demonic Emperor

Chapter 18 - Long Kui

Chapter 18, Long Kui

A tens of meters tall ancient building stood in the eastern part of Windgaze City. It’s size overwhelmed any from approaching to the point that not a single person dared get within a hundred meters of it.

Two guards in golden garb stood at the gates. Their aura gave off the impression of veterans, of imperial bodyguards.

Despite standing still, their eyes roamed everywhere, staring daggers at any who dared match their gaze.

But in this place, four people suddenly appeared.

“Peak of Qi Condensation!”

Zhuo Fan muttered as he walked in front of the siblings and Captain Pang. While he had no problem facing such imposing guards, the three stiffened, to the point they almost forgot to walk.


The guards barred Zhuo Fan’s path, “Veiled Dragon Pavilion is not a place for you to wonder about!”

“I ask that you send word of Cloud Manor Luo clan’s young miss, Luo Yunchang, I have arrived to have something appraised.” Zhuo Fan’s eyes didn’t even look at them.

The two exchanged a look of surprise.

Windgaze City didn’t lack people who came here to see the appraiser, but all were fearful and fawned them when talking. This was a first though, meeting such a smug kid.

“We’ve never heard of you. Our appraiser can’t meet with nobodies!” spoke a guard harshly.

Luo Yunchang lowered her head. One of the Seven Noble Houses, Veiled Dragon Pavilion, would never pay attention to an ant-like clan. They weren’t even worthy to speak with them, not to mention become allies.

“Zhuo Fan…”

Luo Yunchang pulled Zhuo Fan, but before she could finish, he shook her off, “That is the appraiser’s concern to see us. Try and act as the servants you are.”

“What did you say?” The guards were outraged, releasing their full aura.

The Luo clan members felt their breathing become heavier as they retreated back. Only Zhuo Fan stood in his place and roared, “Is this how the Seven Noble Houses treats its guests? Humph, truly renowned.”


A girl in white came out to meet them. The guards bowed, “Young miss, these people are looking for trouble.”

“I heard what you said, and it is you who are in the wrong. All who come are guests. Make sure to show respect.” The girl berated them in a cold tone, then smiled at Zhuo Fan, “Mister, we meet again.”

“It’s you?”

Zhuo Fan and Captain Pang were startled. She was the one that quarreled with the stall owner.

But things were different now.

Zhuo Fan sneered inside, “I didn’t expect for young miss to be from the Veiled Dragon Pavilion. Please forgive my lack of respect.”

The girl nodded with a smile, “I am Long Kui, only a small appraiser here. I wonder why mister has come to us?”

“To be honest, I am Luo clan’s steward, Zhuo Fan. Because a terrible misfortune plagues us, I accompanied my young miss to the Veiled Dragon Pavilion, the number one appraising noble house in Tianyu Empire’s number one appraising noble house, to sell the clan’s treasure.”

“Eh?” Eyes flashing, Long Kui smiled when she saw Luo Yunchang nodding, then turned back to Zhuo Fan, “Then I will do my best to examine your treasure. Please, follow me.”

She showed them in, to the shock of the guards, “Was that… young miss’ friend?”

“No way. How can young miss have such a dirt poor friend? She must be doing it for the treasure. Once it fails to meet her expectations, they will be kicked out. Then, he-he-he…”

“We will teach them a lesson they won’t ever forget, especially that rude Zhuo Fan. But what if the item is to her licking…”

“That’s impossible. Just look at them, how can these wretched people have anything that is worth more than black jade? Ha-ha-ha…”

The other also jeered, rubbing his hand in eagerness to vent all his energy…

On the other side, Long Kui took them to a flourishing room and smiled once they were seated, “I wonder what treasure did you bring? Please take it out.”

Zhuo Fan grinned.

[This girl thinks herself above others, but is quite shrewd as well.] He was certain she knew exactly what went on at the entrance, but let the guards test them if they were worthy of her time.

If they showed any sign of giving up, her current attitude would’ve been unyielding.

Despite how cunning she was, she was far too naive when up against the devilish Zhuo Fan.


Zhuo Fan placed a scroll with countless images before her, which immediately caught her full attention.

Taking it in her hands, Long Kui took careful and long looks at the contents.

Luo Yunchang and Captain Pang were in a bit of a shock. This drawing was something Zhuo Fan made last night. When they saw it, they only had one thought. [What is this thing?]

Yet from the looks of Long Kui’s expression, it must be worth a fortune.

“Mister Zhuo Fan, how much do you want?” Long Kui placed the scroll back and watched Zhuo Fan with a hardened gaze.

“Young miss Long is an appraiser and saw your skill in the market. Please be the first to state a price.” Zhuo Fan chuckled.

Biting her lip, Long Kui noticed from his eyes that this man was also knowledgeable. She couldn’t swindle him, “How does twenty thousand spirit stones sound?”

“What, twenty thousand?”

Luo Yunchang stood up in shock.

If you’d take Cloud Manor’s wealth when it was at its peak, you’d get fifty thousand. Yet Zhuo Fan messed around with a brush and came up with twenty?

Captain Pang was dumbstruck.

Long Kui couldn’t restrain her disdain for the two.

[Humph, I am a madam while you are a pack of stray cats.]

But when she saw the silent yet smiling Zhuo Fan, she turned serious.

[The true expert is this steward…]

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