The Steward Demonic Emperor

Chapter 3 - Demon Transformation Art

Chapter 3, Demon Transformation Art

The guard watched in horror as Zhuo Fan raised a palm over his head and began operating his cultivation method.

Black streams came from it, twisting like worms as they burrowed into the guard’s body. The moment they entered, the guard’s face changed.

His horrified visage, twisted from pain, now darkened the pale face from the extreme blood loss. With each passing moment, the man inched closer to turning as black as charcoal. In the dark night, even if one didn’t pay attention, no one would claim him to be a human.

This perked Zhuo Fan up, riveted in excitement to the sight before him.

Demon Transformation Art might take other’s cultivation as his own, but when was it that easy to steal one’s Yuan Qi? Even if he did, it would probably reject him. He needed to show extreme caution, especially now when he was building his foundation.

Therefore, Zhuo Fan chose to first demonify it before absorbing it.

Taking a deep breath to calm his excitement, his hand tightened and the black streams began to flow back from the guard into his body as the guard himself was withering in front of his naked eye.

An hour later, Zhuo Fan took back his hand and sat cross-legged, beginning to refine the new Yuan Qi.

The guard collapsed and scattered to ashes. It was as if an ancient corpse was unearthed only to scatter in the wind the moment they made contact.

Nine Serenities Emperor’s creation not only took other’s cultivation but also their essence.

The black energy roamed around his body like a flood. Zhuo Fan sank into concentration as he operated the cultivation method to make the energy flow through his meridians and widening little by little.

The entire power of a Qi Condensation expert flowed through his untrained body. The force was on the verge of bursting his meridians as his forehead broke out in sweat.

But he pushed through because he knew this power could build a never before seen foundation. Such a stable foundation would guarantee an easier and smoother path of cultivation.

Time passed one second at a time for two hours long hours, as Zhuo Fan gnashed his teeth and sweat poured from him like a river…

He loosened his jaw only on the sixth hour, when the black energy, after roaming his body for hundreds of times, gathered in his Dantian and settled in the form of a black lake.

He slowly opened his eyes and released a long breath. The clouds in the horizon began to brighten, and the stuffed wild animals returned to the depths of the forest.

“It’s dawn? Ha-ha-ha, I didn’t expect for a 2nd layer Qi Condensation’s cultivation would require an entire night.”

Zhuo Fan shook his head and examined his body.


A loud sound echoed and the rock crumbled under the Zhuo Fan’s frail punch.

Zhuo Fan nodded in satisfaction. The Qi Condensation expert’s cultivation refined his body and improved it greatly. Based on his body strength alone, he was no weaker than a Qi Condensation expert.

Next he inspected his cultivation.

He was calm before, but that look scared the living daylight out of him.

As for his cultivation, not only did it reach the 5th layer of Foundation Establishment, the Yuan Qi inside him was that of Qi Condensation, and not of Foundation Establishment.

“Man, this Demon Transformation Art is fantastic.” Zhuo Fan couldn’t help smacking his lips, being secretly delighted.

Generally speaking, even those rare geniuses from the Sacred Domain needed a year to reach the 5th layer of Foundation Establishment. Yet, he needed one night to do what others had to work for two-three years to attain.

“It won’t be long before I return to the Sacred Domain. He-he-he…” Zhuo Fan snickered.

Just as he was indulging in his fantasy when he returned, shouts woke him up.

Frowning, he walked cautiously in their direction. He was clear on his limitations. Even if he had a 5th layer Foundation Establishment cultivation, this little achievement couldn’t deal with the simplest martial skill. He had no power to retaliate if he met an expert.

As such, being prudent took first priority. After all, he wasn’t the all-powerful Demonic Emperor right now.

With steps as light as a cat, he neared a bush. Zhuo Fan pushed aside the leaves to see two parties in a stalemate.

One had more than a dozen men, Luo clan’s guards surrounding an eighteen-year-old girl and a six-year-old boy.

The other group wore black and was led by an old man, over twenty people. The man was familiar to Zhuo Fan. He recalled seeing him in the Luo clan as their steward. Then the pair surrounded by the guards had to be Luo clan’s young master, Luo Yunhai, and young miss, Luo Yunchang.

“Humph, no wonder the mountain bandits breached the tight security of the Luo clan guards, we had a traitor amongst us. “

Zhuo Fan sneered inside. He recalled his disciple and clenched his fists.

In his past life, he was betrayed by his disciples, and the one he possessed now died from a similar result. He couldn’t help relating a bit to the body he occupied.

But he soon shook his head and sighed, ready to turn around and leave.

With his strength, he had no way of helping them. Besides, there was nothing tying him to the Luo clan. It just wasn’t worth throwing his life away for.

Yet, he only took two steps before his heart seized with pain. The third step never came.

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