The Steward Demonic Emperor

Chapter 5 - Obnoxious Servant

Chapter 5, Obnoxious Servant

Perking up into a grin, Zhuo Fan picked up on her intent.

Young miss had to be thinking he was insane, yet she still did not want him to die. As they were speaking, she was looking for a chance to hide him behind the guards.

“What are you waiting for? Get him over here before he humiliates us further.” Luo Yunchang shouted at the guards.

Before anyone even moved, a bloody blade rested on Zhuo Fan’s neck.


Steward Sun snickered, his eyes piercing through Luo Yunchang’s as he had figured out her plan. “He-he-he, young miss is as kind as ever, wanting to save even a mentally unstable servant.”

Luo Yunchang raged, “Steward Sun, you won’t let even the demented live?”

“Ha-ha-ha, right back at you. If you don’t want the innocent to die, take out the Returning Dragon Palm. We don’t care if our blades get slick with the blood of one more man.”

With that, the bandit brushed the edge along Zhuo Fan’s face and sported a bloodthirsty grin.

Luo Yunchang pursed her lips, hesitation visible in her eyes, yet still decided to close them.

Zhuo Fan understood.

Although the young miss had no plan to save him by taking the martial art out, as his mistress, it filled him with gratitude just from hesitating.

But in the end, it would come down to him if he could save himself.

Taking a look back at the bandit, he found a fat man of the same height at 7th layer of Foundation Establishment.

[It should be doable!]

Zhuo Fan clenched his fist and gathered Yuan Qi in his left, eyes flashing with ruthlessness.

“Humph, since you’re so stubborn, Zhuo Fan will be the first to die because of you.” Steward Sun’s hand dropped, staring at Luo Yunchang’s pain-filled eyes, “Fatty, kill him.”

He grinned, and raised the blade way up high.

It was then that a thump echoed out, soon followed by bone snapping along with the fat man’s wails.

His blade had long ago slipped from his hand.

Zhuo Fan picked it up and decapitated the man.

Blood spurted and a large head trailed the air.

Zhuo Fan was only in the 5th layer of Foundation Establishment, yet his Yuan Qi was something only a Qi Condensation expert would possess. In a moment of the fat man’s ignorance, he elbowed his chest and snapped his ribcage.

He followed with a swing of the sword in one smooth motion.

None could even react as the fat man’s head flew from his shoulder.


The bloody head rolled around and stopped right before Steward Sun.

He looked dumbly at the familiar face, incredulous of the outcome.

He saw Zhuo Fan grow up in the Luo clan and knew the kind of person he was. He was honest to a fault, a slave begging to be picked on.

Yet this sheep bared its fangs like a tiger, killing a 7th layer Foundation Establishment expert in one strike. It was done with such brutality that it even shook the bandits.

The guards on Luo clan’s side were even more devastated. Was he the same man they used to laugh with, the same honest to god Zhuo Fan? Leaving the kill aside, his quick and brutal act was something not even the captain of the guards could match.

Every single one of them stood in shock, watching dumbly as blood dripped down Zhuo Fan’s blade, to the point they forgot even to breathe.

If Zhuo Fan didn’t take this chance to leave, he’d never get another.

Zhuo Fan’s eyes squinted, pressed his advantage and threw the bloody saber at Steward Sun. all the while running for young miss and young master. By the time the saber arrived, he was already before Luo Yunchang.

One hand held Luo Yunhai while the other grabbed her, running like hell deeper into the forest.

Luo Yunchang was still in a daze, letting him pull her.

Steward Sun saw the target slipping away again and panicked, “After them!”

But the captain and his guards were there to block them.

“Humph, think you can stop us?” Steward Sun said with cruelty.

The captain smiled and shook his head, “No, but we can buy them some time for them to get away.”

“He-he-he, with you dead, you still think they can escape?”

Taking one last look in their direction, the captain nodded, “If it was before, perhaps no. But they have that boy.”

The guards nodded, with their trust in Zhuo Fan beginning to grow in their hearts.

They might not know why Zhuo Fan was so bold all of a sudden, but with him next to the young miss and young master, their chances of survival were high.

Gnashing his teeth, Steward Sun looked darkly beyond them, “That brat dares to meddle in my affairs. Once I get my hands on him, I will flay him. I’ll make him wish for death!”

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