The Steward Demonic Emperor

Chapter 544: Fiendish

Chapter 544: Fiendish

Her devilish swing of hips drew nearer with every intoxicating step. In front of him, she rolled her coquettish eyes in a frown of revulsion, “Oh my, what is this place? How can you stand it? Just how could those two send darling to such a foul place?” 

“Ha-ha-ha, but senior sister, I like it here.” Zhuo Fan’s smile leaked a jeer.

Rolling her eyes, Hu Mei’er grumbled, “How can you deprecate yourself, junior brother? You may not care about your body, but I am heartbroken.”

Hu Mei’er placed a hand on her chest, this killer move got even Zhuo Fan dazed.

Hu Mei’er snickered inside, “Dear Fan’er, I’m going to give those two a piece of my mind and make them take you back. I can’t bear to see you wither in this awful place, enduring the cruel winds, when you’re already sporting white hair…”

Hu Mei’er traced Zhuo Fan’s hair with her dainty hand, then his head, then his cheek.

Her hand fell on Zhuo Fan’s cheek like a feathery touch, making his heart skip a beat. 

With a bright smile speaking endless promises, Hu Mei’er fell into his arms. His face flushed, his ears reddened and his mind blanked. 

“Uh, junior sister, w-what are you doing?” Zhuo Fan stammered.

Giggling, Hu Mei’er said, “Silly, I found you so pitiful enduring so many hardships, and wish to reward you.”

“Reward? What is it?” Zhuo Fan showed an odd smile.

Hu Mei’er rolled her eyes, pouting, “Meany, you know. You want me to spill it out? Why play hard to get when it’s so obvious.”

Hu Mei’er’s soft hands wound around his neck like vipers, making him freeze.

With a giggle, Hu Mei’er’s sexy lips touched his neck.

Like a bolt out of the blue, Zhuo Fan shivered, just like a vir-, alright a real virgin, not knowing what to do with his hands.

Hu Mei’er had a cold smile looking at his nervousness, proud of herself too.

[This pretty boy is in the bag!]

Hu Mei’er’s hot lips kissed him along his neck, like a general sieging a city. 

All this while Zhuo Fan had a dumb look on his face and was rooted in place. She took all the liberties she wanted, attacking his frail heart with every action.

He was like a lamb in front of a tigress, puny, weak and helpless to even cry out.

Better yet, not wanting to cry…

Her full lips finally reached Zhuo Fan’s mouth.

“J-junior sister… no…”

Zhuo Fan could hardly speak.

Hu Mei’er figured, [That should do it.] and her eyes took a darker tone.

[Time to die!]

Hu Mei’er’s power surged.

A thick aroma wafted from her, stopping any of his movements with a whiff.

He couldn’t move even if he wanted to.

Grinning, Hu Mei’er wiggled her tongue in Zhuo Fan’s mouth like an eel, sealing them together.

Seeing her succubus eyes, Zhuo Fan’s blood boiled, his Dantian roiled, wanting to escape. 

[So that’s it, she’s training in some charm method to steal men’s yang for herself.]

To men, their yang was their essence. It was through it that they grew closer to the Dao, their cultivation rose. It was the foundation of their very existence without which no spiritual energy would gather upon them.

Or at least they couldn’t hold it and turn it into one’s own Yuan Qi.

Losing one’s yang meant turning into a cripple if not a corpse.

A man’s yang made for good medicine as well to a woman’s yin; an intact yang even more so.

Thus the world had ways to nurture yang through yin and the other way around.

A shame that her wiles fell short when it came to Zhuo Fan, not something here meager 3rd Layer of Radiant Stage cultivation could overcome. 

[Your funeral.]

Zhuo Fan activated Demon Transformation Art.


Thick black energy shot from Zhuo Fan as his blood cooled and Hu Mei’er’s poison inside it vanished, offering his joy of movement once more.

The pitch black energy wrapped Hu Mei’er in its black abyss.

Hu Mei’er’s expression froze in that prideful smile as the horror in her eyes soared.

[Why can’t I take his yang and why is such a dreadful power seeping into my body? I can’t stop it.]

[What the hell did he do?]

Hu Mei’er was panicking, wishing nothing more than to bolt.

But having lost the means to escape, she became the prey of a ruthless savage beast. The prey and hunter had switched places.


Zhuo Fan’s trademark evil smile was back in the works as the black energy rushed back to him and seeped out of Hu Mei’er.

Hu Mei’er felt her Yuan Qi plunging out of her control.


Her frail hands pushed Zhuo Fan’s chest, wanting to escape from this demon. Alas, no prey had ever left Zhuo Fan’s sight, unless dead.

As the Yuan Qi left her, Hu Mei’er grew weaker and so did her attempts.

Realizing her life was leaving her as well, Hu Mei’er cried.

She was regretting coming to mess with this freak. [How is this enjoying a pretty boy when I am the one turning to dust.]

If she had a second chance, she would never ever come at him even if it killed her…

“Steward Zhuo… ugh…” A hoarse voice grunted to a stop.

The two of them noticed four people watching them, Kui Lang, Yue Ling and the kids.

Hu Mei’er was thrilled finding her enemies here, crying, “Save me!”

Grasping at straws, Hu Mei’er cared not about sides right now, but only about her survival.

The four of them bumping into such a touching scene were too out of it to react.

[Is Steward Zhuo shagging the fox? That means we’ve come at the worst time!]

“Uh, sorry to disturb you, we’ll be going now. But Steward Zhuo, she is evil. Having fun is one thing, but never let it become serious or you’ll be sorry.” Kui Lang sighed awkwardly.

The other three went crimson.

Knowing it was all a misunderstanding, he shoved Hu Mei’er off, giving back her freedom much to her joy.

Not for long though because here came Zhuo Fan’s coup de grace, clutching her neck and hoisting her. 

“This woman came to steal my yang!” Zhuo Fan spat.

The four exclaimed. [So they’re not bumping uglies, but she came to kill him.] But having felt Zhuo Fan’s power on their own skin, they laughed at her predicament.

While they were also happy that they didn’t tell this vixen about Zhuo Fan’s real strength or this scene wouldn’t have happened.

[Evil begets evil, as they say. The bitch is finished!]

Hu Mei’er was filled with remorse, tears streaming down.

[What is wrong with me messing with an obvious hidden expert?]

She was regretting her decision so much that she was getting an ulcer…

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