The Steward Demonic Emperor

Chapter 7 - Wraith Array

Chapter 7, Wraith Array

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Four hours later, they found them before a fog wreathed forest.

Zhuo Fan’s eyes flashed each time they roamed over the trees swallowed by the mist.

“This is Misty Forest, covered in fog year round. Any who enters will find it hard to come out.” Luo Yunchang hesitated, “We might lose them there, but we might also get lost for all eternity.”

Zhuo Fan didn’t pay her much heed, inspecting the area, especially the mountain in the east, which was surrounded by clouds.

“Is that Blackwind Mountain?”

Luo Yunchang nodded, “My dad said Blackwind Mountain’s Mountain Lord has great power, no less than his. Our clans have been fine for decades yet, for some reason, their bandits attacked out manor.”

“He-he-he, good place!” Zhuo Fan rubbed his chin, showing heartfelt admiration.

“Azure Dragon in the East, White Tiger in the West, Vermilion Bird in the South, Black Tortoise in the North, and Qilin’s horn in the center, breaking the sky!

“This is a natural array!” Zhuo Fan mumbled, “Such a pity, no one knowledgeable discovered it. Now that I’m here, I’ll make this place my second Devil Mountain!”

Zhuo Fan’s eyes flashed with joy.

He was clear of this mountain’s value. If this was Sacred Domain, only a Saint could grab hold of such a place.

“Young miss, want to kill Steward Sun and the rest here?” Zhuo Fan turned his head.

Luo Yunchang was startled.

They only numbered three while a strong party was hunting them down and they had hardly enough time to escape. Just how were they going to destroy them?

Luo Yunhai snorted and smiled wryly at Zhuo Fan, “Stinky slave, stop bragging!”

“Is your butt itchy again?”

Zhuo Fan’s glare stuck Luo Yunhai’s words in his throat. That round of slapping to his rear told him this servant couldn’t care less for this young master.

“Humph, a wise man knows when to retreat. Once I get home, I’ll see how tough you are!” He mumbled on his sister’s shoulder.

With her brother in her arms and to avoid the vile servant’s wrath, Luo Yunchang asked in doubt, “How?”

With a light smile, Zhuo Fan extended his arm, “Young miss, how many spirit stones do you have? Please give them all to me.”

“What do you need them for?” Luo Yunchang watched him with a vigilant eye.

“Ha-ha-ha, young miss misunderstands, I’m not trying to take advantage of a declined clan and turn into an evil servant that robs it. All my actions are for your safety.”

“Humph, still consider yourself a loyal servant? The way I see it, there’s not a viler servant out there who can outmatch you.”

Luo Yunchang rubbed her pitiful brother’s butt, as she thought that, but still gave him her ring, “This is all my wealth. If you dare lie to me, I will never forgive you.”

Zhuo Fan took it with a smile and sank in the mist.

“Wait for me here.”

“Humph, this servant is too outrageous. He even dares to order his master! Sister, you need to punish him for me!” Luo Yunhai raved once the servant was gone.

She shook her head and looked at the roaming mist, “Yunhai, he might be rude, but he’s always helping us, much better than those strong hypocrites. We can’t reward kindness with enmity. ”

Luo Yunhai thought for a moment then nodded, “Yes, it’s all that damned Steward Sun’s fault.”

Luo Yunchang was pleased and praised him, “Yunhai, you’re growing up.”

But then he hissed through his teeth, “As for that stinky slave, he should be spanked like no tomorrow. Killing him is too easy for him!”

Luo Yunchang was silent.

Zhuo Fan walked among the white fog, his deep eyes taking in his surroundings. From time to time, his hand flashed and a spirit stone flew out from the ring and disappeared into the ground.

Despite it being his first time here, he was remarkably familiar with its layout. His path never once was disturbed by the fog.

In but a quarter of an hour, he traveled across the entire forest.

“Nine Underworld Gates open! Four Cardinal Wraith Array activate!”

His hands made signs with lightning speed, while he spoke the incantation from the Nine Serenities Secret Records.

The wind shifted and the sky darkened. With wails, gray shadows fell from the sky and hid in the Misty Forest.

The fog reddened, then blackened, the same color as the sky.

Constant shrieks came out.

The siblings held closer to each other, shaking in fear while taking steps back for some semblance of comfort.

Yet the wails and shriek stopped as soon as they started while the sky cleared up and even the sun peeked through the clouds. Misty Forest’s fog dissipated and revealed a gasping Zhuo Fan walking over.

“What just happened? What did you do?” Luo Yunchang watched him with bewilderment.

He only waved and entered the forest.

“Follow me.”

Luo Yunchang was suspicious, however she led her brother behind. Zhuo Fan had a mysterious appearance that made the two not voice their doubts.

When they arrived at an ancient tree, Zhuo Fan said, “Stay below this tree for now. I will teach you how to control the Wraith Array and when Steward Sun comes, you can use it to kill them.”

“What!? This is an array?”

Luo Yunchang was stunned.

Arrays were even more precious than martial arts in this world. No sect would ever dare release even a normal array to outside. Even if the auction had a 1st grade array, it would still sell for hundreds of thousands spirit stones. They were rare and in high demand.

If their Cloud Manor had a protective array, they would’ve never sunk so low from mere bandits.

Yet, at this very moment, a mere servant casually set up an array. It was impossible that this feat would result in the young miss being shocked silly.

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