The Strong, The Few, True Cultivators on Campus

Chapter 16: Are You a Peeping Tom?

Chapter 16: Are You a Peeping Tom?

Tang Zheng was blocked by several black clothes people, several of them had their hands placed on their waist as they stared at him like he was their prey.

“What is the meaning of this?” Tang Zheng angrily asked as he saw that his opponents carried weapons.

Ye Dingdang was shocked and hurriedly explained: “Dad, this is my classmate, it was he who saved me.”

Ye Tianlei walked over, his sharp glare revealed shock. Yi, this person seemed like a normal person and did not have any inner energy flowing within him, but his imposing aura was definitely not that of an ordinary human. So, what could his identity be, could he be related to the assassination attempt?

He temporarily restrained his doubts and asked in neither a slow nor fast manner: “Classmate Tang Zheng, how are you, I am Ye Dingdang’s father, Ye Tianlei.”

“Hello.” Tang Zheng nodded his head in greeting, forcefully suppressing his anger, “If there is nothing else, then I will be leaving.”

“You saved Dingdang and was injured in the process. How could I possibly let you walk off like that, wouldn’t that be rude of me. If you are willing to come with me to get your injuries treated, it would not be too late to leave then.” Ye Tianlei unquestionably said, still doubtful of Tang Zheng, so he was unwilling to let him leave so easily.

Ye Dingdang looked at Tang Zheng’s injuries that would be costly to treat while also thinking of his family’s situation and the fact that he received the injuries due to her, so how could she let him pay. She also voiced out: “That’s right, Tang Zheng, you should go home with me to get your injuries treated.”

Tang Zheng wanted very much to just walk away from everything but his wounds could not be considered heavy nor could they be considered light. If he were to leave it be then it would draw his grandfather’s worry, so he was forced to accept the invitation.

The helicopter lifted up, whistling as it went.

Tang Zheng’s mood went through a series of ups and downs, the Ye Clan’s manpower and firepower was large, more so than he originally thought, since if racecars were rare than having a helicopter was even rarer for a wealthy family.

The helicopter stopped in front of a villa and a crowd of people rushed out to bring them in, at the forefront was a graceful and beautiful woman, whose eyebrows and looks were similar to that of Ye Dingdang, causing Tang Zheng to guess that it was Ye Dingdang’s mother.

“Dingdang, are you alright? You scared me to death.” The woman said surprised beyond belief as she hugged Ye Dingdang.

“Feng Siniang, I am alright.” Ye Dingdang said with an embarrassed look as she glanced at Tang Zheng, “I am an adult now, don’t let others treat me as a joke.”

“Joke, whoever dares treat you as a joke I will break off their legs.” Feng Siniang coldly said as she swept her eyes over her.

Tang Zheng’s heart froze for a moment, like mother like daughter, this whole family was violent, it was no wonder that Ye Dingdang also had a violent personality. Also, it was weird for Ye Dingdang to address her by her name.

“Aiya, daughter, you are injured. Doctor, hurry, hurry.” Suddenly, Feng Siniang saw Ye Dingdang’s shoulder wounds and hurriedly called out. Several white clothed men hurriedly ran over.

“Hurry and bring her to the infirmary and check out her wounds.” Mother Fengsi said with alarm.

“I am fine, the blood flow has been stopped.”

“What do you mean it’s fine, you have bled so much, do you think women are really animals who are afraid of bleeding? Which bastard dares to hurt my, Feng Siniang’s, daughter. Are they tired of living.” Her voice turned ashen as she made a ruckus.

Ye Dingdang rolled her eyes at this, and was then hurried towards the infirmary. Suddenly, she stopped her steps and waved towards Tang Zheng: “Tang Zheng, you come with me to get your wounds checked out.”

The two walked towards the infirmary, while Ye Tianlei and Feng Siniang looked at their distant silhouettes with doubt. Feng Siniang’s face did not bear any goodwill as she frowned and asked: “Tianlei, what is going on?”

Ye Tianlei deeply said: “I still do not understand the specifics but the assassin has already been apprehended and I will later personally interrogate him.”

“Who is that Tang Zheng person?” Feng Siniang asked.

“Dingdang’s classmate, but there’s something doubtful about him.”

Feng Siniang rolled her eyes and said: “You are suspicious of everybody, I think the little fella looks alright. Could it be that he is one of Dingdang’s suitors, hehe, Dingdang is a lot like me, possessing a natural beauty that entrances countless men.”

Ye Tianlei felt a cold sweat and said: “You are already this old and yet you still shamelessly show off your beauty.”

Feng Siniang looked on with large eyes, saying: “Are you saying I’m old? You are so heartless, back in the day there were many people chasing me but I chose you, yet you still abandon me. I want to get my daughter to act as judge. Wu wu wu…” She sobbed intensely. If Tang Zheng were to see this, then he would definitely be shocked, this sudden change in character was simply too great.

The other’s present were already used to it and acted as if they never saw it and that nothing was happening.

Ye Tianlei knew his wife’s temperament and hurriedly said comfortingly: “Alright, that wasn’t what I meant, let’s first go interrogate the assassin.

Feng Siniang’s weeping abruptly stopped and she glared at the assassin. With that simple glare the assassin felt as if he was completely seen through and a wave of coldness spread out from within his heart.

“A mere Sixth grade Body Refiner actually dared to try to assassinate my Dingdang, you truly don’t know how the word death is written.” Feng Siniang grabbed the assassin by the collar and ran towards the villa. The assassin within her hands was simply like a small shrimp, rolled up, and shivering in fear.

Tang Zheng and Ye Dingdang both received shoulder wounds that wasn’t to serious to treat, but Tang Zheng’s shirt was dyed red with blood and there was no way to remove it so he could only go bare-chested. Ye Dingdang seeing Tang Zheng’s bare upper body could not help but feel her face flush with a hint of red. She quietly cursed at herself saying what is there to blush about… but his bronze colored chest, evenly distributed muscle, and six pack made him seem like a model from the TV.

“If there is nothing else, I will be leaving first.” Tang Zheng coldly said.

“You’re just leaving like that? Aren’t you afraid that someone might mistake you for an exhibitionist?” Ye Dingdang said teasingly. It was only March and the weather was still a bit cold, a man walking around bare-chested will most definitely be treated as someone not good.

“Return my shirt.” Tang Zheng said, a bit unsettled.

“There’s so much blood, how can you possibly wear it? If the police saw it they would treat you as a murder suspect.”

“That is my business.” Tang Zheng only wanted to hurriedly leave and Ye Dingdang’s questioning only served to make him feel more annoyed.

“Wait a bit, I will call someone over to wash it.”

Tang Zheng could only helplessly wait.

Seeing him not saying a single word, Ye Dingdang came closer as she was truly curious about him. It must be known that her life was pretty comfortable, aside from training, she was not interested in school nor was she interested in girly things. Other things were usually also unable to draw her attention, but this time Tang Zheng has caught her attention so how would she let him escape so easily.

“Hey, just what is your martial arts level?” Ye Dingdang asked in curiosity.

Tang Zheng showed her the whites of his eyes and said: “Don’t be rude and ask other people those questions.”

“Don’t be so stingy, what’s there to be embarrassed about.” Ye Dingdang said with a pout, rolling her eyes, “I know, you aren’t willing to tell me your martial arts level because it’s too low.”

Tang Zheng’s face turned red as he his real reason was deduced.

Ye Dingdang’s eyes suddenly brightened as she happily clapped her hands, saying: Haha, so I was right! Your martial arts level isn’t high so you deliberately acted all mysterious, heng.”

Ye Dingdang had always felt bothered about losing to Tang Zheng, this nameless, and seemingly without inner energy character, as she always believed herself to be exceptional, making it hard for her swallow her defeat.

“Even if my martial arts level were lower, you are still not my opponent.” Tang Zheng fired back and Ye Dingdang was immediately dumbstruck as if someone was grabbing her neck. She then fiercely stared at him, unable to refute as the facts are incontestable, “You are clearly not a Pre-Natal martial artist so how can you use the Pressure Point Technique?”

“Who said that the Pressure Point Technique could only be trained in by Pre-Natal martial artist?”

“Isn’t it?”

“No!” Tang Zheng said, silently adding within his heart, “Actually cultivators could train in it too.”

Ye Dingdang sat down on her butt, panting with rage and said: “Liar! My dad said only Pre-Natal martial artist could train in it.”

“Then your dad is wrong.” Tang Zheng lightly said.

“You dare say that my dad is wrong?” Ye Dingdang said with a glare.

“People make mistakes.”

Ye Dingdang coldly glared and changed the topic, asking: “Who taught you martial arts?”

“Not telling you.”

“Don’t be so stingy. Then what were you doing at Chang Heng Mountain?”

“Not telling you.”

Ye Dingdang was about to go mad, “Can you only say that phrase?”

Tang Zheng was to lazy to care about her, and asked: “Are my clothes ready yet?”

“Not yet!” Ye Dingdang said angrily.

“Young miss, the clothes are ready.” A servant said at this time, walking into the room with the clothes.

Ye Dingdang fiercely glared at this person who doesn’t have eyes, coming just at the wrong (right) time. Tang Zheng smiled, pleased with himself, and proceeded to take the clothes and said: “Please step out, I want to change clothes now.”

“Change clothes then, I saw it all anyways.”

“You really saw it all.”

“I saw it all!”

Tang Zheng shook his head and said: “Are you a peeping tom? It seems I need to spread this piece of news.”

“Who said I am a peeping tom?” Ye Dingdang was thoroughly angered and she felt as if she were about to vomit blood.

“I want to change clothes but you want to watch. Doesn’t this make you a peeping tom?”

“Fine, I won’t look then. So ugly, what is there to see.” Ye Dingdang charged out of the room with a belly full of anger. Tang Zheng lightly smiled, unimpressed, you want to quarrel with me well angering you till you have a vomit blood is letting you off easy.

Truth be told he was not used to changing in front of strangers, especially woman, so he speedily changed clothes, then walked out.

He was currently wearing a Peng Cheng International School’s uniform, which unlike the loose fitting uniforms from public schools, it was tailored to his body showing off his body, making him appear to be somewhat handsome.

Ye Dingdang’s eyes flashed, her heart saying how come she never realized that he was actually a bit handsome.

“If there is nothing else, I will be leaving.”

“My parents want to meet you.”

Tang Zheng wrinkled his eyebrows, hesitating before agreeing since this was the Ye Clan’s residence and if he was to leave without even greeting his host then that would be rude.

Since he was a child, Tang Dahai has ingrained in him basic ways of acting and manners, thus greatly impacting him as a person.

Ye Dingdang brought Tang Zheng to the living room, which was ginormous and a dazzling sight to behold, just like a palace.

Ye Tianlei and Feng Siniang were sitting in the host spot but upon seeing Tang Zheng enter, Ye Tianlei remained calm while Feng Siniang energetically came forward and grabbed Tang Zheng’s hand.

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