The Strong, The Few, True Cultivators on Campus

Chapter 22: What is his Background?

Chapter 22: What is his Background?

Tang Zheng’s chest was full of bruises, an obvious indication of being hit, the evidence was solid and indisputable. This led Liu Gang to be unable to refute even if he wanted to.

Liu Qingmei glared angrily and said: “You guys are too fierce, he is just a child and yet you dare to use such a cruel hand.”

“Impossible, I clearly used a book as a cushion to hit him. How could he have any injuries?” Liu Gang felt his soul escape as he mumbled, completely unable to accept this outcome.

“You are finally willing to admit it, using a book as a cushion to hit him. Is this how you police officers operate?” Liu Qingmei angrily asked.

“I…” Liu Gang opened his mouth but no words came out. As he turned his head toward Deng Maocai whose face was ashen, hating him to death. Unable to achieve anything good but good at spoiling things!

Song Donghua’s face also looked ugly and he said forcefully but without any anger: “Troublemaker, this matter must be thoroughly investigated and anyone found of wrongdoing will not be let go.”

Deng Maocai was scared witless as he hurriedly said: “That’s right, Secretary Song’s words are correct. Liu Gang, this troublemaker, must be thoroughly investigated. Men, take him in!” Deng Maocai was deeply afraid that Liu Gang might reveal him so he hurriedly had his men remove him.

“Wait!” Tang Zheng said.

The injuries on his chest were not caused by the first strike, but by himself as he used his true qi to cause the bruises. This was turning a defeat into a victory, not letting Liu Gang have any strategies to use.

However, letting Liu Gang go like this was letting him off to easy. Since Tang Zheng was still not rid of the suspicion he said: “When he hit me just now he made it clear that there was someone purposefully setting out a trap to harm me, but he did not reveal who the true mastermind is. Also, that girl is also one of them so she must know who the mastermind is.”

Liu Qingmei agreed and said: “That’s correct, this matter cannot be let off just like that. We must definitely not let the mastermind get away scot-free.

Song Donghua’s two thick eyebrows were already locked together, his eyes stared without kindness at Liu Gang as he asked: “Who is behind this?”

“I…” Liu Gang lost all confidence and did not know how to reply. He hurriedly looked to Deng Maocai for help since he had acted on Deng Maocai’s orders. Deng Maocai’s heart clenched as he saw Liu Gang look over, his mouth dry as he hurriedly berated him: “Liu Gang, this is an extremely serious matter, if you were to say slanderous words, be careful that your punishment may be increased.”

Liu Gang shivered as he drooped his head in fear while Song Donghua profoundly looked at Deng Maocai whose words were heavy with threat that even a fool would spot it.

“Station Chief Deng, just what is happening? If you dare to deceive me then you what the results shall be.” Song Donghua deeply said.

Deng Maocai clenched his teeth, afraid to loosen his mouth, and said: “Secretary Song, of course I know the importance of this matter. Hence I will personally interrogate Liu Gang to make the truth come to light.”

Tang Zheng also looked profoundly at Deng Maocai, feeling that he must be related to this matter. However, Tang Zheng does not have any evidence and since he also does not know this man, there must be another person behind him. He decided to strike while the iron is hot, not giving them any chance to fumble their way through.

“Then I will just wait here for the truth to be revealed. If you don’t find out who the real culprit is then I will not leave.”

Liu Qingmei gave him a praising glance and agreed: “Yes, we will wait here.”

Song Donghua fiercely gazed at Deng Maocai and said: “Did you hear them, then why aren’t you interrogating this troublemaker. Hurry up and give us the results and furthermore immediately release Tang Zheng’s hands.”

Deng Maocai wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and personally unlocked Tang Zheng’s handcuffs all the while saying nonstop about how he did not choose his men well and apologized for the animal called Liu Gang for causing the student to suffer.

Tang Zheng coldly stared at his act, Deng Maocai’s acting skills were superb and without fault. Him not going into the acting business was truly a shame. Deng Maocai upon seeing the cold and detached look in Tang Zheng’s eyes couldn’t help but feel his heart tremble as he hastily turned his to avoid Tang Zheng’s eyes. He then hurriedly lifted up Liu Gang and made as if to leave.

“Stop right there, if you want to interrogate then interrogate in front of everyone. I do not trust you.” Liu Qingmei said without the least bit of politeness.

Deng Maocai awkwardly stood their looking towards Song Donghua who coldly said: “Did you not hear? Interrogate here in front of everyone so we can know clearly what is going on.”

Deng Maocai’s heart was filled with bitterness as he hastily gave Liu Gang a glance, reminding him to not give him up, causing Liu Gang to fall further into panic. Liu Gang was very clear that Deng Maocai was his only hope for survival and if he were to give him up then the two would both be doomed. There would be no one left to save them, hence he clenched down on his teeth and said: “I am the only one involved. There is no mastermind behind me.”

Deng Maocai relaxed a bit as Liu Gang did not turn out to be that stupid.

“Liar, I have no qualms with you, so why would you want to frame me?” Tang Zheng refuted, this person clearly does not know to shed tears until he sees the coffin.

“I just don’t like you. What of it?” Liu Gang said with his lips unwilling to reveal the truth as his eyes gradually became firm.

Tang Zheng coldly ‘heng’, the other’s justification was weak but firm, making it hard to pry out the truth from his mouth. Even if he were to interrogate the girl it would not be any easier to obtain the information.

Tang Zheng was filled with an unwillingness as if the matter wasn’t investigated till the truth came to light he wouldn’t be able to rest at ease with the threat looming behind him.

“Liu Gang you truly disappoint me, as a police officer you knowingly committed a crime, just wait for the law to punish you severely. Men, come and take him away.” Deng Maocai said intentionally pretending to be furious, making others unable to find fault within his words.

“Tang Zheng, let’s go, I see that everyone here is upset.” Liu Qingmei said unhappily and several people walked out of the interrogation room. Deng Maocai stood carefully to the side, eager for these people to leave as this whole situation was a mess and he needed to think of a way to deal with the aftermath.

Several people walked to the lounge and heard a clamor of noise.

“Someone fainted, hurry and call the ambulance.”

“Hurry, hurry, someone lift him up.”

Several police officers hurriedly lifted him up and walked outside. Tang Zheng took a look and his face abruptly changed and like madman he charged forth loudly screaming: “Grandfather, grandfather, are you alright?”

Tang Dahai’s eyes were firmly shut and several people were lifting him up. He had already fainted in the lounge for quite a while but was just now discovered so he was completely unable to hear or respond.

Seeing his grandfather not reacting, Tang Zheng was panicked. These despicable police officers actually called his grandfather over to the police station. His grandfather most likely fainted because of him and even though he has not followed the matter to the end, saving his life was more important. He grabbed ahold of grandfather and flew out with big steps, calling loudly: “Step aside, hurry and step aside.”

Liu Qingmei seeing the situation was shocked, but immediately understood and hurriedly said: “Tang Zheng hurry and come to my car, I will take you to the hospital.”

She hurriedly opened her car door to allow the grandfather and grandson duo to enter and then turned to Song Donghua saying “Secretary Song, I will leave first.” Then with lightning speed she started the car and headed towards the hospital.

Deng Maocai’s face turned pale white, if that old man really did meet with an unfortunate accident then his days really would have nothing good.

Song Donghua disgustingly looked at him and coldly said: “You should conduct yourself well.”

After the voice finished and just as he was about to leave, a luxurious car flew over and stopped at the door and a little fatty hurriedly ran out screaming loudly: “Where did you lock up my boss Tang Zheng, hurry and release him.”

Deng Maocai and Song Donghua looked at each other, just who was this person?

Deng Maocai wiped his cold sweat, wasn’t Tang Zheng just a poor student? How come there were so many people looking for him? He still has not received his answer when another two luxurious cars shockingly arrived and two pretty figures stepped out, charging forward energetically asking: “Who took in Tang Zheng?”

Song Donghua’s eyes constricted, overwhelmed with shock by the newcomers as he recognized them and hurriedly asked: “Madam Ye, why are you here?”

Feng Siniang looked at him weirdly, “You recognize me?”

“I met you at a banquet once before.” Song Donghua said extremely differential.

Meanwhile Deng Maocai was inwardly speechless, just which divine figure was this to make Secretary Song act with such reverie.

“Feng Siniang, saving a person is more important, you can reminisce later.” Ye Dingdang urgently said. When she heard news of Tang Zheng’s arrest she had immediately charged over. Even though she did not know Tang Zheng for a long time, she did not think that he was the type to rape others. Moreover, he had even saved her life before and this could be considered as repaying the good deed.

“Right, right, saving a life comes first.” Feng Siniang said walking towards the police station.

“Madam Ye, Tang Zheng has already been released and is currently on the way to the hospital.” Song Donghua hurriedly said.

“On the way to the hospital, could he be injured? These police officers actually injured him?” Feng Siniang said incomparably flabbergasted.

“It’s a long story, lets first go to the hospital.” Song Donghua thought that this matter was becoming more and more complicated. He originally believed that Tang Zheng was a normal student and couldn’t have thought that he could move the Ye Clan’s people. He could not help but have a new view of Tang Zheng. At this time, Ye Dingdang finally noticed Fatty Feng Yong and asked: “What are you doing here?”

“Of course I’m here to rescue my boss.” Feng Yong said, “Let’s not speak anymore and hurry to the hospital, this matter is to complicated and is causing me to be confused.”

The few luxurious cars charged towards the hospital like lightning, leaving only Deng Maocai standing alone and frightened. Awhile later he moved as if in a daze, fishing out his phone before dialing a phone number.

“Young Master Qiao, things aren’t well. This time your plan has failed.”

“How did it fail?” Qiao Fei was shocked and howled.

“This Tang Zheng is not normal, and there has been people who have stepped forward for him.”

“How could that be? He is just a destitute bastard. Where would he find someone to step out for him?” Qiao Fei said in disbelief.

“Young Master Qiao, could there be a problem with your information? How come there are more than just one person stepping out for him. He has already left the station and I can barely protect myself.”

Qiao Fei turned silent, this unforeseen circumstance was completely out of his expectations. He originally wanted to use this chance to completely destroy Tang Zheng. Not only destroying his reputation but also to make him go to jail. However, he actually escaped, causing things to not add up.

“Young Master Qiao, this time my career is at stake. What about the money we discussed?”

“You didn’t even properly take care of the matter and yet you want money, heng!” Qiao Fei angrily hung up the phone.

“F*ck, a silk-pants boy actually dares play with this daddy. This daddy’s career is at stake yet you don’t give me money. Just you wait and see what this daddy will do.” Deng Maocai’s face was ashen as he listened to the ‘dududu’ of the disconnected phone, his blood boiling in anger.

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