The Strong, The Few, True Cultivators on Campus

Chapter 25: Underground Fighting Arena

Chapter 25: Underground Fighting Arena

Gao Dazhi unconsciously took a step back, his face showing panic. Others who saw this knew that they were in for a good show.

Feng Yong’s heart beat loudly, his boss was standing up for him, almost moving him to tears. Previously no one would stand up for him and when he was bullied he could only bear with the pain in silence.

Ye Dingdang’s eyes lit up as she looked engrossed at Tang Zheng. Gao Dazhi retreated to the wall. When there was nowhere else to hide he hurriedly said: “Sister Dingdang, save me.”

Ye Dingdang coldly looked at him and said: “Why should I care what happens to you?”

“I…” Gao Dazhi opened his mouth dumbstruck and speechless. He has always loyally and willingly followed Ye Dingdang, stepping out for her. However, Ye Dingdang has never once said that he was her follower.

“Tang Zheng, if you dare hit me, be careful you might be expelled.”

Tang Zheng was momentarily shocked and stopped his steps as Gao Dazhi smiled in satisfaction, thinking that he found Tang Zheng’s weak point. Sadly, the next second, he realized just how wrong he was.

Tang Zheng coldly smiled and said: “Using this to threaten me is simply too weak.”

When his words rang out, Tang Zheng was in front of Gao Dazhi and with a ‘peng’ a punch caused Gao Dazhi’s internal organs to roil about as he immediately fell to the ground, gasping for air nonstop, not even having the ability to cry out.

The others were frightened, this was the first time they’ve seen Tang Zheng make a move and it caused everyone to be incomparably shocked. It must be known that aside from Ye Dingdang, Gao Dazhi was the next best fighter in class 7. There was not a single person in the class who was not afraid of him.

There was quite a few people who were bullied by him and seeing Gao Dazhi in such a battered state caused them to feel incomparably better.

“Boss, this is amazing. Boss is number one under heaven!” Fend Yong’s face was red as he loudly shouted and clapped.

Pa pa pa……

The applause gradually rang out as more people followed, the applause becoming increasingly louder until the whole class was clapping, causing the sound to be akin to thunder.

Gao Dazhi laid on his stomach, gnashing his teeth. The applause was like knives cutting into him and he silently vowed: “Just you guys wait, I will make you regret thinking that you can step on me just by depending on Tang Zheng.”

He has always depended on his big stature and his strength to bully others, causing others to feel a wave of anger at him.

Tang Zheng looked at Gao Dazhi in contempt, his relationships with others were subpar and unexpectedly everyone seemed to not like him.

“What are you doing?” Liu Qingmei said loudly and with some suspicion as she stepped in and saw everyone clapping.

The applause abruptly ended and Gao Dazhi seeing his lifeline stood up with difficulty to tattletale, saying: “Teacher Liu, Tang Zheng hit me.”

Liu Qingmei looked at Tang Zheng in astonishment and then at Gao Dazhi, clearly not believing Gao Dazhi’s words.

“Teacher, you have to believe me. He really did hit me.” Gao Dazhi said wanting to cry but he didn’t have any tears. Never before feeling as wronged as he felt right now.

“Gao Dazhi, stop messing around. How could Tang Zheng hit you? You on the other hand I’ve heard recently that you have been bullying the other students. Is that true?” Liu Qingmei said coldly, asking in a straightforward manner.

“I… didn’t.” Gao Dazhi said without confidence.

“If you dare bully other students again then I will notify your parents.” Liu Qingmei said with a headache. She clearly knew that Gao Dazhi was an unruly troublemaker. If he didn’t bully the other students then thank the lord, how could it be his turn to be bullied.

“Okay everyone stop making a ruckus, it’s class time.”

The other students looked at Dao Dazhi finding joy in his misfortune, thinking that even you have this day!

Gao Dazhi angrily sat down in his seat, the mocking gazes surrounding him made him feel as if he were sitting on pins and needles. When class was let out he hurriedly scrambled out, not having any face to sit inside the classroom.

Tang Zheng was called out by Liu Qingmei and was then told that the matters at the police station were taken care of. The person involved, Liu Gang, knowingly committed a crime and was fired. While the girl on the other hand, said that she was told to act under Liu Gang’s command and did not implicate anyone else. As of today, she is currently being detained.

Internally Tang Zheng snorted at the results but did not express his true feelings. Instead giving Liu Qingmei his thanks for her help. He did not believe this was the end of the matter and was determined to find the real culprit. For he must get revenge for him taking off ten days of his grandfather’s remaining life.

Today, Tang Zheng did not pay attention to class and decided to grab ahold of time to cultivate. He slowly but continuously absorbed Ye Dingdang’s pure Yin energy, adjusting his body’s harmony. After a day of work his true qi was no longer scalding hot and has eased up considerably. On the way back to the hospital he thought about how to make money and how to raise his cultivation, all in vain. Just as he walked into the hospital his phone rang.

“Little brother, what’s up? Are you free to come over to Brother Hu’s to play?” Lin Hu’s clear voice asked.

Tang Zheng did not expect Lin Hu to suddenly call and rejected him: “Brother Lin, I have been busy these few days and I don’t have the time. Next time maybe.”

“Ai, this time I guarantee it will be fun. It’s a duel and it will be fun, I only called you since you are a fighter.”


“Yes, a fight between martial artists. This will be beneficial to our training to see other’s fight.”

Tang Zheng’s heart was moved as he said: “Okay, I’m coming. Where and when?”

“Come to my Sheng Shi Bar, I’ll take you.”

Tang Zheng returned to the hospital and told his grandfather that he was going to his friend’s house to study. Immediately after he ran straight towards Sheng Shi Bar.

“Haha, little brother, you came. Come on the car is waiting, let’s go. This time I will definitely open your eyes.” Lin Hu passionately pulled him into the car. Within was another man who looked to be around thirty years old with a big stature and an awe-inspiring aura.

The car started up and drove as fast as lightning while Lin Hu started giving an introduction. Saying that this time they were going to watch an underground fighting tournament. Since it wasn’t an official tournament but one held covertly, it would be all the more cruel and wonderful. In these type of matches there were not a lot of rules, in fact there was only one and that was to knock your opponent to the ground.

These kind of tournaments are extremely violent and bloody. Moreover, one could make bets on scene. This attracted quite a few spectators, but this tournament was only limited to a certain group of people, and Lin Hu was one of these people. The big man next to Lin Hu was his designated fighter.

Tang Zheng had a general idea and said: “Are all the competitors martial artist?”

“Of course they are all martial artists. Ordinary people’s fights are not interesting at all, how could they attract spectators. This person is the one I invited to be my fighter, he is at the First grade of Refining Body. Today I will be depending on him to win me money, heihei.” Lin Hu said content with his accomplishments.

The fighter arrogantly raised his head up as if to say just you wait, victory belongs to me.

The car stopped in front of an abandoned factory in the suburbs. In front of the abandoned factory was parked quite a few cards and in front stood ladies checking the people who were coming and going.

Lin Hu was clearly a frequent visitor and the ladies greeted him in succession. After this they entered straightforwardly.

Within the abandoned factory was a loud ruckus. There was a type of heavy metal rock music that causes one’s blood to boil being played. At the center of the factory was a large competition stage with the four sides being the spectator area which was filled with seats. Currently these seats already had quite a few number of people seated.

Yo, Lin Hu, you came again. Last time you lost five hundred thousand. Did you not lose to your hearts content already? How much are you prepared to lose this time?” A forty or so year old male said jokingly while he walked over with his entourage.

Lin Hu’s face became ugly as he deeply said: “Boss Fan, this daddy came to make a comeback. How could I lose? Later don’t you lose till you aren’t even left with your underwear because that would truly be sad.”

“Haha, how could I possibly lose? This time I specifically invited an expert to fight your fighter, so who could your fighter be this time?”

“Him!” Lin Hu said pointing to the big man at his side.

Boss Fan turned his head to look at the big man and sneered: “Peak of First grade Refining Body, almost breaking into the Second grade Refining Body. This is indeed a bit better than the idiot you brought last time, but an idiot is still an idiot. Today you will lose for sure so you better prepare your money.”

Lin Hu angrily said: “Big brain Fan, don’t speak big words too early or otherwise be careful that you don’t bit your own tongue. Heng, I want to see just what realm a fighter you brought today.”

Boss Fan laughed, heihei, and secretively said as he walked away: “You will know in a bit and I guarantee that it will cause you to be shocked, heihei.”

Pei, what nonsense!

Lin Hu spat his saliva towards the other’s back.

“Brother Hu, who is he?” Tang Zheng asked with curiosity.

“South Sectors Boss Fan, last time in a match my fighter lost against his fighter causing me to lose five hundred thousand dollars. For this reason he felt extremely proud of himself, going everywhere and telling everyone that I lost to him, attempting to ruin my reputation.” Lin Hu angrily said.

“He’s also a martial artist?”

“Yes, he is a Third grade Body Refining martial artist, so he is one grade higher than me.”

Tang Zheng nodded his head as Tian Chanzi had also told him the same thing. Today he was a spectator who came to learn, he did not put all of this to heart.

People filled in the seats in quick succession. The fishes and dragons mingled together, so not only were there those white collared people with suits and leather shoes but there were also those gangsters with tattoos.

A gong rang out and the whole place turned quiet as a twenty or so year old youngster leisurely walked up to the ring. He look around at the audience before clearly saying: “Welcome everyone, today we have prepared three marvelous matches. These three matches are all fought by martial artists whose strength are profound making these fights all the more interesting. In a bit you will be able to place a bet for the fighter you like, and I hope everyone will have a cheerful and memorable evening. The show will begin immediately.”

Thunderous applause rang out.

“Who is he?” Tang Zheng curiously asked.

“Huang Ziyang, he is Chang Heng City Huang Clans Young Master and is also a martial artist. It was said that his strength is deep and immeasurable. As for how strong he is, I cannot tell.” Lin Hu introduced.

“Sixth grade Refining Body.” Tang Zheng blurted out.

“Si…Sixth grade Refining Body, as expected of a big family clan. He is only twenty or so years old but is already at a higher stage than us who have trained for a whole lifetime.” Lin Hu said with jealousy, drawing in a cold breath of air.

“Big family Clan?”

“Little brother, you are not someone of this circle so you wouldn’t know but the Huang Family is a renowned mafia family that has existed for several hundred years. Don’t look at me and think I am doing well because when compared with the Huang Clan it is like comparing an ant to an elephant, completely incomparable.”

“However, for the past few years the Huang Clan has cleared itself from the underworld. Even so they still possess countless industries. This underground fighting tournament is only something that Huang Ziyang will hold when he feels like it. Otherwise who do you think has such a reputation as to possess the remarkable ability to eat from both the black and the white while also satisfying everyone.” Lin Hu introduced.

*TL: the black and white refers to like the underworld and the ‘just’ world. So it means only Huang Clan can dip from both worlds, and do so in a way that leaves everyone satisfied (with the tournament)*

Tang Zheng was slightly shocked, this Huang Clan actually has such a strong background. He was previously ignorant and inexperienced to this.

The first match started as two fighters stepped up to the area and with a ‘kuangdang’ of a bell the match began.

“Both of them are First grade Refining Body, almost on par with each other. This is an evenly matched death match, making it all the more exciting.

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