The Strong, The Few, True Cultivators on Campus

Chapter 28: Girlfriend

Chapter 28: Girlfriend

“You have already been kicked out of Class 1 so what are you doing here?” Qiao Fei arrogantly berated Tang Zheng.

Several other classmates also swarmed over, looking at Tang Zheng as if he were their prey.

Tang Zheng wrinkled his eyebrows, he remembered his promise to his Grandfather that he would not intentionally find trouble with Qiao Fei. However, he actually came on his own initiative so Tang Zheng couldn’t be blamed for doing anything. He coldly said: “A good dog won’t block someone’s path, now scram!”

The whole class’s gaze was attracted to Tang Zheng, did they mishear him? Tang Zheng actually told Qiao Fei to scram and he also cursed at him, saying that he was a dog. Is this still the Tang Zheng who wholeheartedly studied?

The crowd unconsciously recalled the events of the past few days and realized that since Tang Zheng left Class 1 he has basically become a whole other person that they did not recognize anymore.

Qiao Fei’s face turned red as he angrily said: “What did you say?”

“Did you not hear me? I said, a good dog won’t block someone’s path.”

“You are the dog. No, you are a rapist, a rapist who came to our room is basically an insult to all of us.” Qiao Fei ridiculed.

“Lies.” Tang Zheng’s two eyes became cold, not angry but forceful.

Qiao Fei felt a wave of pressure crash onto him, causing him to almost be unable to draw breath, but he gathered up his courage and said: “What, did I poke a sore spot? Are you going to punch someone again?”

Tang Zheng was just thinking about giving him a beating but he could not act with so many people watching. Otherwise he really would be expelled and he could most definitely not let that happen. Therefor he forcefully lowered his voice and said: “Qiao Fei, if you don’t want anyone to know what you did, then you shouldn’t have done it to begin with. I want you to know that the things you did to me I will remember them and in the future I will return them to you several times over, just you wait!”

Once finished, he did not make a move. With an imposing manner a wave of invisible force directly made Qiao Fei move to the side, allowing him to look at Fang Shishi as he said: “Do you want to eat lunch together today?”

Fang Shishi looked at him in shock, the wave of domineering aura coming from him caused her heart to jump. Hearing him ask her to lunch and in front of everyone caused her face to immediately turn red.

Previously there had been countless people who have invited her, but she has always tactfully rejected them all. Now, she was unable to say a single word of rejection.

“I’ll wait for you at the cafeteria.” Tang Zheng said, then proceeded to leave not giving her the chance to reject him.

At this moment, the classroom went into an uproar, everyone was whispering to one another while stealing glances at Fang Shishi. Qiao Fei hurriedly said: “Fang Shishi, you can’t keep the promise to him. He is just a rapist and does not harbor any good intent, you……”

Not allowing him to finish, Fang Shishi gave him an angry glare and said: “Qiao Fei, how can you say such words about Tang Zheng, he is not that kind of person. Didn’t the police already verify the truth?”

Qiao Fei was dumbstruck and speechless, after a long while he distantly said: “Anyways, he is not a good person and you going is like sending a sheep into the mouth of a tiger.”

“I don’t need you to concern yourself over my matters.” Fang Shishi said with rage, continuing to bury herself in her study, ignoring others.

Afternoon. Tang Zheng stopped in front of the cafeteria entrance causing Ye Dingdang to look at him weirdly as she asked: “How come you aren’t going inside?”

“You go eat first, I have some stuff to take care of first.” Tang Zheng said.

Ye Dingdang did not put the matter at heart as she straightforwardly walked into the cafeteria. Since the time Tang Zheng had saved her, the two of them have basically always had lunch together. Though this matter caused her to feel flabbergasted she did not think too much about it.

“Sorry for making you wait for long.” Fang Shishi hurriedly walked over and apologized.

“It’s alright, I just arrived too.” Tang Zheng replied with a smile, palpitating with eagerness.

The two walked in together, Fang Shishi kept her head down while Tang Zheng straightforwardly brought her to the second floor. The second floor’s restaurant was like those in hotels, one could freely order what they want and the portions were large. Once the two were seated, a waiter immediately walked over.

“What do you want to eat? Order anything you want.” This was Tang Zheng’s first time on the second floor as he gave the menu to Fang Shishi.

“Anything is fine, you order.”

“How can that be, this is my first time taking you out, so we can’t be too casual.” Tang Zheng said, determined to have her order.

Fang Shishi unable to persuade him ordered the cheapest vegetable. Tang Zheng however knew that she was looking out for him and his money issues ordered another dish and a soup. Fang Shishi hurriedly splayed her hands and said: “There’s no need to order so much, we won’t be able to finish it all.”

“Haha, if you can’t finish then you aren’t allowed to leave.” Tang Zheng playfully said.

Fang Shishi protested coquettishly and look at him before saying: “It’s not good to waste and it also costs a lot of money.”

“It’s my money we are spending so you don’t need to worry about it.”

Fang Shishi was thinking that it was because it is his money that she was worried. She knows that money for him is hard to come by, but since she did not want to give Tang Zheng any misunderstanding about his self-esteem she did not say anything.

The two turned silent and the atmosphere turned awkward. Thankfully, the dishes were quickly served and Tang Zheng quickly beckoned for her to eat.

“Is there a meaning for you to have invited me to eat with you?” Fang Shishi asked.

Tang Zheng was momentarily shocked as he said: “We have been classmates for so many years, can I not invite you out to eat?”

Fang Shishi gave a shallow smile and nodded her head as if to say of course.

Qiao Fei was sitting in a distant spot, looked on with red eyes at the two, especially at the bashful looking Fang Shishi. Pa, he snapped the chopsticks in his hand as he gnashed his teeth: “Those two cheating couple!”

He knows that he is not Tang Zheng’s opponent and does not dare act rashly, but suddenly an idea struck him and he gave one of his henchmen a command who immediately flew downstairs.

A short moment later, Ye Dingdang’s beautiful figure appeared on the second floor and Qiao Fei smiled in satisfaction. He was intently looking forward to a good show.

Ye Dingdang walked straight towards Tang Zheng and Fang Shishi’s table and sat down, saying: “Yo, you two are here playing house.”

Fang Shishi’s heart clenched as she felt like a third wheel caught in another’s relationship. Previously Ye Dingdang personally admitted her relationship with Tang Zheng, causing Fang Shishi to feel distant from Tang Zheng.

Tang Zheng confusedly said: “I asked Fang Shishi to lunch, is something the matter?”

“Hehe, did your brain suddenly become enlightened that you actually know what a date is?” Ye Dingdang said with interest.

Fang Shishi’s face turned red, this normal phrase to her sounded unusually ear-piercing, as she hurriedly stood up, and stammered: “Ye Dingdang, we are not like what you are thinking.”

Ye Dingdang gave a smile that was not a smile as she said: “Oh, what am I thinking?”

“Tang Zheng and I aren’t like that.”

“You guys are already dating, even a fool would not believe you.”

Fang Shishi had a thousand things she wanted to say but couldn’t find it in herself to refute as she wished for nothing but to bury herself into the ground.

Tang Zheng’s face deepened as he said: “Ye Dingdang, stop joking around.”

Ye Dingdang mischievous heart was aroused as she said: “Am I joking? I didn’t say anything.”

“I will leave first.” Fang Shishi said breaking into a run.

“Wait a moment.” Tang Zheng hurriedly grabbed her hand, causing Fang Shishi’s heart to clench. This was the first time she has held hands with another male besides her father, throwing her heart into chaos, yet she was unable to break free from Tang Zheng’s hand.

“Sit and eat, we haven’t finished out food yet, and you yourself said that we can’t waste.” Tang Zheng softly said.

Fang Shishi looked at Ye Dingdang then at Tang Zheng, feeling awkward all around.

“Ye Dingdang, stop joking otherwise I will ignore you from now on.” Tang Zheng said with a cold face.

Ye Dingdang stammered and said while looking in Qiao Fei’s direction: “Fine, fine, I won’t bother you two young couples, but I want to remind you just now there was a person who reported to me that you two were upstairs dating. You should be careful and on guard against despicable people.”

Qiao Fei was just looking intently in their direction when several of their gazes swept over, causing him to unconsciously turn his head.

Tang Zheng immediately understood what was fishy and fiercely said: “Qiao Fei, you and I have no hatred between us yet you again and again seek to go against me. Too despicable.”

“Hehe, you already stole his crush and you still say you and him have no hatred between you, that is not really correct.” Ye Dingdang teasingly said.

Fang Shishi became all the more shy but she couldn’t help but feel the tension within her ease up. For the conversation between Tang Zheng and Ye Dingdang she was able to understand that there relationship was not what she thought it was.

“You two continue your lovers’ rendezvous, I will leave first.” Ye Dingdang said as she went downstairs. This making other people to feel disappointed, as the expected battle between the two ladies did not occur causing everyone to droop their head. Where is the logic in this, Tang Zheng was caught dating another girl but was left unscathed. Could it be that there was something wrong with the two campus belle’s brains? Fang Shishi heavily sat down, her hand was still being held tightly by Tang Zheng as she said with her head lowered: “Hurry and let go of my hand.”

Even though this was the first time that he had flirted with a girl, he knows that at this time he must absolutely not let go of her hand and to strike while the iron is hot. He grasped her hand even tighter. (TL: YOU GO! WHOO WHOO) (ED: My little Zheng is growing up (cry))

“Not letting go.”

“It’s not good for others to see.”

“If they want to see then let them see. They can only look on in envy.”

Even though Fang Shishi was bashful and shy she still felt it was incomparably sweet as she pouted playfully and said: “How can classmates hold hands.”

Tang Zheng couldn’t help but stare on like a fool as he unconsciously said: “You are really pretty.”

“Stop speaking nonsense.” Fang Shishi said but her heart was bursting with joy. A woman always wants to look her best in front of her man, and this single word caused her to feel better than thousands of sweet words.

“I am speaking the truth.” Tang Zheng said with a serious face.

“Heng, I did not realize before that you are so glib-tongued.” Even though Fang Shishi’s words were so, her tone was closer to being coquettish like a little child throwing a tantrum.

“Little brat, this girl most definitely has feelings for you. You should strike while the iron is hot and make her yours.” Tian Chanzi instigated.

Tang Zheng’s heart burned as he asked: “Fang Shishi, will you be my girlfriend?” (TL: OMG OMG HE ASKEDDDDDD!) (ED: Should have been Dingdang)

Fang Shishi’s heart was thrown into chaos as she raised her head and stared foolishly at him, not expecting him to be sold bold and to suddenly ask. This caused her to not know how to reply.

A while later, she finally stuttered out: “Our most important task right now is to study……”

“Being my girlfriend won’t prevent you from studying.” Tang Zheng Stubbornly said. (TL: YES, YES BE STUBBORN. RAWRRR) (ED: No.)

Fang Shishi was feeling incomparably sweet but also incomparably conflicted. Her thoughts on high school was that one should focus wholeheartedly on one’s study and that relationships and matters of love was for university. However, Tang Zheng’s words stirred up her heart and her emotions. For she was also at the age of her first awakening for love while she also had a girls yearning for love. (TL: THIS IS SO SWEET HONESTLY…)

Moreover after interacting with Tang Zheng for the past two years, no matter how she tried, she was unable to surpass Tang Zheng. She had unconsciously started to form a sort of adoration towards him and over this time this adoration gradually gave birth to feeling for him, but she has always suppressed them.

This time, Tang Zheng’s confession caused a wave of emotion to explode forth from her like a flood and her heart was chanting: “Promise him, promise him!”

She lightly nodded her head.

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