The Strong, The Few, True Cultivators on Campus

Chapter 30: A Strand of Hope

Chapter 30: A Strand of Hope

A sound like thunder rang out and the two unconsciously took a step back. Their feet carving two long lines like gutters into the arena. The floor was cracked and dust rose up on all sides. Their strength was tremendous and absolutely terrifying.

The crowd burst into cheers as people nonstop took in breaths of cold air. This series of strikes just now was too shocking. Today their eyes were dazzled and the sight before them was almost too much for them to take in.

Tang Zheng felt stabs of pain all over his body, this was the work of Ci Jun’s inner qi. The pain was bearable but his bones felt like they might split. Thankfully his true qi was revolving and had managed to take the brunt of the blow otherwise his internal organs might have broken down.

“This is not good, even though he and Ye Dingdang are of the same realm and are both Fourth grade Refining Body, he far surpasses her in strength. Furthermore, his battle experience is also more plentiful causing me to almost fall for his trap.

Ci Jun looked on with a dark expression, his shock was not any less than Tang Zheng. Moreover, he did not suffer any less than Tang Zheng. It must be known that Tang Zheng’s true qi was filled with incomparable Yang energy and it striking upon his body was like tens of thousands of cattle slamming into him. It felt almost like a train ramming straight into him. If he had not taken a step back to decrease the blunt force of the attack he may have just straight out vomited blood.

Ci Jun’s eyes turned ablaze with a will to battle, not feeling fear as he was only further stimulated to fight.

He let out a long hiss, peng, the floor underneath him was cracked with a step as he shot forward towards Tang Zheng like a spearhead. Arriving in front of Tang Zheng in an instant, radiating coldness.

Tang Zheng’s fist struck out, peng, the two fist collided and Tang Zheng forcibly repressed the urge to take a step back. His other hand appeared in front of Ci Jun’s chest like a phantom and lightly brushed past, abruptly halting Ci Jun’s attack.

Pressure Point Technique.

Tang Zheng was forced to use the Pressure Point Technique as a last resort. The veins in Ci Jun’s forehead popped out as his eyes bulged and a fierce look flashed through his eyes. He let out a roar but discovered that he was incapable of moving his body.

Tang Zheng grabbed onto Ci Jun’s arms and hurriedly threw him out of the arena and at the moment his hand swept past the other’s chest, releasing the pressure point lock. Ci Jun who has regained his mobility wanted to retaliate but did not have enough time, the huge inertia forced him to fly out of the arena.

Outside the arena, Huang Ziyang hurriedly stood up, his pupil’s constricted as he stared dead straight at Tang Zheng.

Absolute silence, nobody breathed. It was hard to believe that the battle ended this quickly and with Ci Jun following in his predecessor’s footsteps, being thrown out of the arena.

After the silence, cheering and applause rang out. Several people were extremely happy and couldn’t stop cheering.

“Little handsome brother, you are too cool, just like my idol, haha.”

“Little handsome brother, you are too manly. This sister is yours tonight.”

No sooner did one cry ring out before it was then followed by another in quick succession. This lasted for three complete minutes before everyone quieted down.

Lin Hu charged straight up the platform and grabbed Tang Zheng in a hug, speechless and excited until he finally found his voice and said: “Little brother, you are too awesome. This battle sure was spectacular and opened up everyone’s eyes.”

Tang Zheng lightly smiled not providing any comments.

Huang Ziyang smiled from ear to ear, walking over and said: “Congratulations little brother, this battle was extremely marvelous. Little brother’s martial arts far surpasses what I thought. My respects to you.”

“You flatter me.” Tang Zheng said calmly and collectedly.

Lin Hu said: “Young Master Huang, Ci Jun is amazing is this brother of mine just got lucky.” He did not want Huang Ziyang to feel bad,

Huang Ziyang smiled but did not reply. Looking at Ci Jun who still laid on the ground and asked: “Is this luck?”

Ci Jun complicatedly looked at Tang Zheng, then slowly shook his head and said: “No!”

Huang Ziyang profoundly smiled: “Did you hear that? This little brother is truly strong, but I am very curious as to just how strong.”

Tang Zheng did not reply.

Huang Ziyang did not pursue the question and changed the topic to ask: “I don’t know if you will be interested in another match tomorrow night? I promise that it will be even more exciting.”

Tang Zheng already had plans to study with Fang Shishi so he refused and said: “Tomorrow I am busy, so we will speak of this on a later date.”

“Okay, as long as you have time, you can notify me at any time.” Huang Ziyang said not forcing anything.

“Then we will be leaving first.” Tang Zheng and Lin Hu left. Only then did Boss Fan walk over, unsettled as he said: “Young Master Huang, this little brother is too weird, just what is his background?”

Boss Fan is at the Third grade Body Refining stage, one stage behind Ci Jun. Seeing Ci Jun lose to Tang Zheng caused him to be unwilling to provoke Tang Zheng.

Huang Ziyang profoundly smiled and said: “Interesting, for such a powerful person to appear within the Chang Heng area” then left. Ci Jun drooped his head in depression as he followed, the two entering a car with Ci Jun sitting across from Huang Ziyang. As he drooped his head and said: “Young Master, I am useless, I lost.”

“Speak how this came to be. In the beginning the two of your strength were on par and he may even been weaker than you except for that last strike. How did you lose?” Huang Ziyang’s face no longer contained a hint of a smile as he coldly said with a deadly aura that was as deep as the bottom of a lake.

Ci Jun thought back and said: “For a few seconds I found that my body wouldn’t budge and that I had lost all ability to attack. Then when he threw me out of the ring I regained control over my body but it was already too late.”

“You couldn’t move!” Huang Ziyang’s gaze turned bright, unable to restrain his emotions as he stood up, “Could it be the Pressure Point Technique?”

“Pressure Point Technique?” Ci Jun was momentarily stunned, then shortly after he shook his head, “Impossible, the Pressure Point Technique is a technique only Pre-Natal martial artists can use. He is so young so how could he possibly be a Pre-Natal martial artist?”

Huang Ziyang shook his head and said: “Pre-Natal martial artist would not come to my arena to fight. No matter how he did it, he must have several secrets on his body.”

“Then what should we do?”

Huang Ziyang lightly said: “First we must clearly investigate his background then make plans. Moreover, since he is willing to fight, no matter what secrets he is hiding I will have ways to uncover them.

Tang Zheng focused on in rapt attention at the changes occurring within his body. His true qi was circulating at a faster pace and moreover when he used the Ancient Clear Heaven Scroll his absorption rate of the thin spirit energy was faster than normal. His true qi became greater and greater. Soon the sky became brighter and his nine main meridians contained true qi that was slightly more than two inches.

He took in a large breath feeling incomparably refreshed. The last two battles have brought him a large gain and he has also experienced a qualitative change within him, allowing his true qi to advance in stage. There still was quite a distance however from having three inches of true qi.

“If I were to battle once more then achieving the Third grade of Refining Body shouldn’t be hard.” Tang Zheng felt confident in himself and was filled with fighting spirit.

Tian Chanzi’s voice range out prematurely: “Little brat, don’t get to excited. This time Huang Ziyang sent out a Fourth grade Body Refining martial artist. If you don’t prepare and next time he sends out a Fifth grade Refining Body or even a Sixth grade Refining Body martial artist then you won’t be as lucky as you were.”

“Fifth grade Refining body, Sixth grade Refining Body.” Tang Zheng breath turned sluggish. He had already fought against a Sixth grade Body Refining assassin. Even him joining hands with Ye Dingdang was not enough to fight against that one person. In the end he only won by luck, but if he were to single-handedly fight against a Fifth or Sixth grade Body Refiner then even with his Pressure Point Technique at hand, victory may not be his. Moreover since he already used the Pressure Point Technique on Ci Jun, then his next opponent will be on guard against it. In order to catch his opponent off guard would be an even more difficult task.

In these kind of death matches if one were to lose then the result would be disastrous. To be severely injured was considered light for being crippled and death were also possible results.

“You must first reach the Third grade Body Refining before you can continue fighting in these matches. Otherwise it would be too dangerous and the gains would not outweigh the risks.” Tian Chanzi admonished.

Tang Zheng’s gaze immediately dimmed. The splendor of winning and basking in its glow died down as a wave of dark clouds covered his thoughts.

He dejectedly asked: “Then what other methods is there to increase my cultivation?”

“I already told you that it was an impossible task, but you just had to grasp onto that strand of opportunity. How could it possibly be that easy.” Tian Chanzi was also helpless and couldn’t help in any way.

“I don’t want to give up. If worse comes to worse then I will just continue to fight. I will just be more careful so there shouldn’t be any big problems.” Tang Zheng said not willing to give up.

“You really are seeking death.” Tian Chanzi said in exasperation.

“This is my life. If I want to seek death then when is it your turn to care. To save my Grandfather even if I have to give up this life of mine then so be it.” Tang Zheng coldly said.

“You are angering me to death. You really truly are angering me to death. How can you be so stubborn like a donkey?”

If Tang Zheng really were to meet with an unexpected accident then he would also have his consciousness scattered and completely lose all hope of reviving himself. Yet, he could only unwillingly sigh and say: “Little brat, right now your only option lies in that girl, Fang Shishi. If you two were to have sex then you can absorb large amounts of her pure Yin energy and you just may have a strand of hope of making a breakthrough.

Tang Zheng coldly, heng, declining to comment, angering Tian Chanzi to the point of complaining incessantly cursing at him being stubborn and a pig head. Saying that he was even more obstinate than this old man.

Tang Zheng arrived at school and saw Fang Shishi standing in the distant at the school’s entrance. She was like a clear and sweet daffodil, slender and elegant, bathing in the morning rays attracting everyone’s gaze.

She also saw Tang Zheng. Her face immediately blossomed into a smile like a flower that suddenly bloomed, looking incomparably lovely.

Tang Zheng’s heart fluttered, feeling incomparably sweet he quickly walked over.

“Classmate Tang Zheng, what are you looking at?” Fang Shishi blinked her clear and beautiful large eyes, and charmingly asked.

“Of course I’m looking at my most beautiful girlfriend.”

“Heng, sweet words are just coated artillery shells.” Fang Shishi pouted, looking incomparably sweet.

“All I said was the truth.”

“Who knows if it is true words or not? Tell me, did you study well yesterday?” Fang Shishi gradually became used to the role of a girlfriend but did not forget her role as a model student.

Tang Zheng held her hands, and she put up a small struggle so as to not let him have his way and run amok before saying: “Of course I studied, it was your command so I must do it without slacking off in the least.”

“En, that should be about right. Tonight I will be supervising you and I will give you a surprise then.” Fang Shishi secretively said.

“Surprise? What surprise?”

“Not telling you. Didn’t I just tell you it was a surprise?”

Tang Zheng felt a deep curiosity, just what kind of surprise would it be? However, he didn’t force it and the two held hands as they walked into the school like other couples. After walking her to Class 1’s entrance he returned to his own classroom but along the way he was preoccupied with what her gift would be. Could it be a kiss, or could it be……

His heart couldn’t stop beating and he felt as if he might have a bloody nose, so he hurriedly abandoned his random thoughts as he focused his attention on studying a bit before his cultivation.

“Tang Zheng, get out here!” Suddenly, a sound like a lion’s roar rang out.

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