The Strong, The Few, True Cultivators on Campus

Chapter 309

Tang Zheng's face had already sunk. Worried about the bloody storm that was about to come, he asked: "Heaven Monk, after you find Demon God, could it be that you want to join hands with him and let the cultivators return?"

The Heaven Monk paused for a moment, his eyes lit up as he looked at Tang Zheng, he already understood Tang Zheng's intentions, and said: "Brat, you don't want the cultivators to return?"

Tang Zheng hesitated for a moment, then shook his head: "I don't know either, but I do not wish for the people of this world to be annihilated."

"Are you worried about the warriors beside you?"

Tang Zheng nodded honestly: "Yes, I have too many warriors by my side. If the cultivators return, wouldn't that mean that the warriors would face a great disaster."

"But this is not fair to cultivators. Back then, they were expelled and there was also that Martial Sect who hunted them down. Do you think we cultivators deserve to die?" Heaven Monk's voice had already become stern.

It was obvious that the Heaven Monk was extremely angry about what had happened that year.

Tang Zheng still advised: "But that is Nu'erha's scheme, it is not related to the majority of the warriors. Furthermore, that is already more than two hundred years ago, all of the people involved in that incident are already dead."

However, the Heaven Monk still refused to let go, and said: "No matter what, cultivators must return."

Tang Zheng was silent, he knew that he couldn't persuade the Heaven Monk.

"Hehe, humans are indeed despicable, shameless people. Just now, they were even together, but now they are already fighting in their own nests." The golden dragon said disdainfully.

Tang Zheng's heart was startled. He and the Heaven Monk were sworn brothers with each other, and without the Heaven Monk, how could he be the same, thus he slowed down his tone and said: "Heaven Monk, let's not discuss this for now. Back then Nu'erha spent so much effort to expel the cultivators, I do not think the cultivators can return so easily."

Heaven Monk was startled for a moment, then said: "You mean that even if I find Demon God, you shouldn't think of summoning me back?"

"Of course." Tang Zheng only thought about this in the nick of time, "Demon clan's summoning technique is only used on demon clan, what can I do about it?"

Heaven Monk was speechless. He had not experienced the great battle back then, so he was naturally unsure if there were any trump cards left.

If they had allowed the demon clan to summon them, then the demon clan would definitely be strong, and the world would become chaotic.

This was not what Heaven Monk wanted to see.

"No matter what, you have to find the Demon God first. Kid, I will leave the capital soon. This time, I have shocked a few of the big families. I believe that they will not dare to do anything to you within a short period of time. " The Heaven Monk said.

Tang Zheng nodded, this was Heaven Monk's biggest gift to him.

"Also, the pure Yang energy in your body is moving restlessly again. I think you have not completely taken down that little girl from the Ye family. Work harder and take her down, otherwise, your body will explode and you will die." Heaven Monk patted Tang Zheng's shoulder and said.

Tang Zheng laughed bitterly: "I know." He turned his head to look at the golden dragon and said: "golden dragon, we will be leaving first. I remember our promise and I will definitely keep it."

"I believe in you, Heavenly Mission Performer." The golden dragon said.

The few of them returned to the surface, and the Heaven Monk taught Tang Zheng how to return to the great hall. Then, they brought Huang Ziyang and disappeared.

Seeing that the sky was brightening, Tang Zheng quickly left the imperial city. He had already decided that he would be coming to the imperial city in the evening for the next few days.

Perhaps it was due to the fact that the Imperial City was littered with corpses during the great battle back then. Therefore, the leftover Yin Qi had not completely dissipated even after hundreds of years.

The last time the War Soul Sword was severely injured, he had not found enough Yin Qi to repair it. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

When dawn broke, he had already returned to school. The members of Room 502 had just woken up, and seeing that Tang Zheng had returned, they all laughed at him.

After all, he and Ye Dingdang had disappeared for two days and two nights;

Tang Zheng went to bed and rested. At noon, Dou Long anxiously patted Tang Zheng's shoulders and said: "Lao San, hurry up and wake up. Someone has come to see you."

Tang Zheng opened his eyes in a daze and asked: "Who's come to see me?"

"Of course it's me. I was still sleeping at noon. What did you do wrong last night?" Ye Dingdang's voice sounded.

Tang Zheng immediately sat up, and asked: "Why are you here?"

He hurriedly put on his clothes. This weather was still a little hot, so he slept while wearing the panties. It was almost as if he was naked.

Unexpectedly, Ye Dingdang did not avoid all of them, and was not the least bit embarrassed. Instead, he gracefully took in all of Tang Zheng's predicament.

Tang Zheng was panicking as he put on his pants. Dou Long snickered, "Lao San, why are you being shy? Beauty Ye is not an outsider."

Tang Zheng glared at him and asked: Why are you looking for me?

"Of course I did." Ye Dingdang's charming eyes turned, and thought to herself, You are truly magnanimous, don't you know that yesterday's matter has already stirred up the entire city, you still have the mood to sleep here.

"Hehe, you two continue. I won't disturb you two, I'll go to the next dorm room and visit. "Hey, don't block the door. Go, go. Haven't you seen a beauty before?" Dou Long scattered the spectators at the door.

"Hey, you can't do this, right? Beautiful girls want everyone to watch." The crowd burst into complaints.

"What are you looking at, this is our Lao San's dish, it's not yours." Dou Long immediately pulled the door shut, preventing the pairs of eyes that were filled with reluctance to leave.

"Puchi!" "Looking at your appearance, you still know how to be shy." Ye Dingdang could not help but tease.

Tang Zheng coughed dryly, and said awkwardly: "You rashly came to the male dorm, I don't know how powerful you are, but you sincerely want me to become public enemy number one."

"You are so powerful, are you afraid of becoming public enemy? Get out of bed quickly, I have something to ask you. "

Tang Zheng quickly got off the bed and asked: "What's the matter?"

"Where's your master?"

"Let's go. We're leaving the capital."

Ye Dingdang said in surprise, "He left so quickly, and I still want to thank him. Didn't you notice that there's something different about me today?"

Tang Zheng looked her up and down. She was still so beautiful.

"My cultivation has broken through, directly going from the ninth stage of the Body Training Stage to the second stage of the Postcelestial Stage." Seeing his skepticism, she said without excitement.

Tang Zheng's eyes widened, that's right, her cultivation had broken through, and she had levelled up by two levels overnight.

"Do you know how powerful I am? You are only two levels higher than me now, and I will soon be able to surpass you. " Ye Dingdang promised sincerely.

"Then I'll congratulate you in advance."

"If you have nothing else to do this afternoon, accompany me to shop." Since Ye Dingdang had expressed his intentions, then he would attack quickly.

"This …"

"What's this, don't tell me you have other things to do. Quickly wash up, then we'll have lunch together and go shopping."

Tang Zheng had no choice but to be pulled out of the boy's room by Ye Dingdang under the gaze of the crowd, causing waves of shouts of jealousy and envy.

In the middle of the night, Tang Zheng was finally able to escape from Ye Dingdang's hometown of gentleness, and then came to the underground world of the imperial city to accompany the golden dragon.

This time, he also bought a lot of snacks and prepared to stay here. There were still four days until the National Day, and he wanted to make use of this time to quickly raise his cultivation.

He first channeled his energy to gather the Yin Qi in the imperial city, causing it to be absorbed into the War Soul Sword. The War Soul Sword began to grow in intensity, and slowly recovered its strength, while the War Soul flew out of the War Soul Sword and absorbed the Yin Qi from all directions.

golden dragon watched him do all this with interest, occasionally saying a few words.

At the same time, Tang Zheng started to cultivate. After he channeled the All-powerful Scroll, the spirit energy of the heaven and earth quickly gathered in his body.

Suddenly, the golden dragon cried out in alarm: "Tang Zheng, what are you doing?"

Tang Zheng suddenly opened his eyes and looked at the golden dragon in shock, "What happened to you again?"

"You are absorbing my dragon aura." The golden dragon roared in shock.

"I'm absorbing your dragon qi?" Tang Zheng was shocked, wasn't the ancient emperor imprisoning the golden dragon here so that he could absorb its dragon aura?

"Yes, how did you do it?" The golden dragon was a little angry.

"I'm just normal."

"You are not allowed to absorb my dragon qi anymore."

Tang Zheng's heart skipped a beat, since the ancient emperor was drooling over dragon qi, then it must be something good, thus he said: "Previously, didn't you also get absorbed by people, so you won't die, don't disturb my training, if you want to go out earlier you have to wait for me to quickly to raise my cultivation, it doesn't matter if I absorb even a bit of your dragon qi."

"You …" The golden dragon was speechless, "Hmph, cunning human."

Tang Zheng did not care about the golden dragon, in any case he wasn't worried it would eat him, so he focused on training. This time, he finally sensed that there was an additional trace of golden energy in the nature spirit energy that he was absorbing.

"This must be the Dragon Qi. The power contained within it must be even purer than ordinary Spirit Qi." Tang Zheng was overjoyed, cultivating non-stop.

In a blink of an eye, four days had passed. The War Soul Sword's power had returned to how it was before, and even the War Soul had become more refined.

Tang Zheng's harvest was even greater, not only did he absorbed a large amount of the Sky and Earth's spiritual energy and dragon aura, he also consumed a lot of spirit stones, so he finally broke through to the fifth grade Foundation Establishment Stage.

In addition, he had completely mastered the second move of the Flying Immortals from Sky's Beyond Swordsmanship, Breaking Thousand Jin. His fighting strength had improved by leaps and bounds.

His advancement this time had greatly benefited from the great battle that had occurred in the Yan Clan. Not only had he personally participated in the battle, he had also personally watched the battles between the experts of the Great Master Stage.

The golden dragon saw that Tang Zheng's cultivation had increased another level in a few days, and was even more confident in his Heavenly Mission Performer's cultivation speed. It was no longer worried about the Dragon Qi being absorbed but had instead invited Tang Zheng over to cultivate every day.

How could Tang Zheng have the time? After the vacation, he couldn't just skip class on the first day right.

He took the opportunity to leave the Imperial City under the cover of darkness and opened the phone that had been switched off for the past four days. The phone immediately rang incessantly, and tens of text messages flooded over like floodwaters: "Lao San, where did you go? Something big has happened! "

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