The Strong, The Few, True Cultivators on Campus

Chapter 5: Hell Class

Chapter 5: Hell Class

Wu Cuihong coldly made a ‘heng’ sound and said: “Tang Zheng does not work hard to learn, for the past half year his grades severely dropped, and his test scores are last in the whole year.”

“What, he has been last for the whole year?” The old man said with shock, he stared wide-eyed, incredulous. Tang Zheng’s heart hurt, the fact that he has always been hiding has been revealed, why is the old witch so harsh? This was the equivalent of drawing a blade across his grandfather’s heart.

Wu Cuihong was not the least bit understanding of the grandfather and his grandsons feelings saying: “He not does not study, his character has a problem, today he even dared to steal the class fee, these kind of people not being expelled by the school is already considered doing the best they can.”

“…Stealing class fees?” The old man looked at Wu Cuihong, foolishly, as if he was listening to the bible.

“That is correct!” Wu Cuihong replied firmly, as if she saw it with her own eyes.

Tang Zheng’s lungs felt like exploding, this was simply slanderous, when did she ever act the part of a teacher.

“I did not steal it!” Tang Zheng loudly refuted.

Wu Cuihong stared at him in contempt and said: “Of course you wouldn’t admit it, but if it wasn’t you then who else could it be? Heng, you don’t need to quibble, seeing as your family is poor, Qiao Fei already said he would step in and pay the class fees so as to avoid the classes lost. You should look at the distance between you and Qiao Fei. Seeing as you are no longer in the class to drag the class down and act as a burden, it can be considered a heavenly gift…”

“Shut your mouth!”

“Shut your mouth!”

Suddenly, two voices simultaneously rang out, the grandfather and grandson duo’s face were both red, especially the old man’s who was angered to the point of trembling. The old man stared at her and said: “You smite others, my houses, Little Zheng, would never steal money, it is true that we are poor but poor people also have their integrity.”

Wu Cuihong was scared into a jump, and contentedly said: “What quibble!”

Tang Zheng’s fist were clenched so that ‘kaka’ sound were head, he fiercely stared at Wu Cuihong and said: “If I said I did not steal it then I did not steal it!”

“Leave, our house does not welcome you!” The old man took a step forward and suddenly roared.

Wu Cuihong unconsciously took a step back, almost falling to the ground, embarrased to the extreme she said with great anger: “As I thought, you guys are barbarians with no manners, heng, do you think I want to stay here? It’s dirty, messy, and lacking, even if you give me eight cars I will not come here again.”

“Old witch, you remember all that has happened today, there will be a day when I will make you regret it.” Tang Zheng bit his teeth and said.

“Haha, make me regret it, do you even have the ability?” Wu Cuihong mocking said, seeing the grandfather and grandsons expressions were dark, she hurriedly walked away.

The old man’s body disposition changed, like a balloon that was loosing air, his spirit dissipated, and he silently looked at Tang Zheng.

Tang Zheng’s heart was not shaky and he hurriedly explained: “Grandfather, I really did not steal the class fees.”

“I know, I am clear that my grandson is not that type of person.” The old man squeezed out a smile and lightly said.

Tang Zheng let out a relaxed breath, his heart was warmed, in this world even if no one believe him, his grandfather would firmly stand by his side.

“But don’t think you can trick me?” Abruptly, the old man’s face deepened, “why did your grades drop so bad?”

“Grandfather, I did not want to worry you, previously my memory was not that good but right now it is alright now, just you watch, for my major high school test, I will get first in the city.” Tang Zheng said with certainty, that he was completely confident of.

The old man looked at him and then nodded his head: “I believe in you.” He did not question the matters specifics because he understood that his grandson would not speak preposterous words.

“Little Zheng, even though you are not in Class 1, but but gold no matter where it is will still give off light, do not be discouraged.” The old man patted his shoulder and comfortingly said.

Tang Zheng solemnly nodded his head, he already had some plan, there was still three months until the high school exam. He was in no rush to immediately reveal his memory has returned to its former glory because if he were to get first in this month’s test then he would be sent back to Class 1, and he most definitely did not want to have to face the old witch everyday.

“In reality, Class 7 was not that bad of a choice, to be able to relaxedly wait until the day of the high school exam and to gloriously make a comeback while fiercely showing up the old witch.”

The moon is bright, the stars are few, and everything was quiet.

Tang Zheng sat with his legs crossed above the wooden bed, as he cultivated the Ancient Clear Heaven Scroll’s technique, warm true qi slowly welled up within his meridians.

He exhaled a long breath, his whole body felt incomparably relaxed, his spirit was overflowing, the nine main meridians further increased another twenty percent, and if he adds another hundred percent then his true qi will be at two inches.

“Little brat, your Nine Yang Saint Body is very compatible to this Ancient Clear Heaven Scroll, in a short night you have managed to cultivate what other cultivate in a month.” Tian Chanzi’s voice rang out within Tang Zheng’s sea of consciousness.

Tang Zheng’s heart felt joy at the fact that he cultivates faster than others because it means that he can become even more powerful.

“But I have some bad news to tell you.” Tian Chanzi’s discussion took a turn and he straightforwardly said.

“What news?”

“Your grandfather’s vitality is exhausted, the days he has left to live is not long.”

“What did you say!” Tang Zheng’s face lost all color, as if he was hit by lightning, the foreboding premonition within his heart was now real, making his mind go blank.

“Growing old and dying from sickness is the law of nature, there is no need for you to be sad.”

“What shit! He is my grandfather, not your grandfather, of course you wouldn’t feel hurt.” Tang Zheng’s angrily roared.

Tian Chanzi was silent, after cultivating for more than a thousand years, he has long since been accustomed to seeing people die from old age or sickness but never with Tang Zheng’s overwhelming emotion.

“Grandpa can not die, aren’t you a cultivator, you must have some way to save him, right?” Tang Zheng’s spirit flashed as he hurriedly asked.

I am but a strand of consciousness, and therefore have no way of saving him.

Tang Zheng’s heart grew dark, even Tian Chanzi had no way, then wouldn’t that mean that his grandfather was beyond saving.

Tian Chanzi seeing his ghastly appearance changed the topic, and hesitantly said: “… Maybe there is way… but this is impossible, unless a miracle happens.”

Tang Zheng was overwhelmed with joy, please don’t speak so unclearly, you’re going to scare someone to death, “what way is there? I am not afraid of difficulty, no matter how bitter, as long as I can save my grandfather’s live I am willing to endure.”

“There is a type of pill named Life Continuing Pill, which can extend his life for another ten years.” Tian Chanzi deeply said.

“Life Continuing Pill? Where can I find such a pill?”

“You can’t but you can refine it, as long as you reach the third grade of Qi Refining, moreover if you find the materials, Heaven Fragrant Flower, need to make the pill then I can teach you the method to refine it.”

“Then I will train to Qi Refining, third grade, as quickly as I can, and where can I find the Heaven Fragrant Flower? How much longer can my grandfather persevere?

“Your grandfather’s body can still last for another month so in one month you must train to the Refining Qi third grade, and as for the Heaven Fragrant Flower, they usually grow upon cliffs so you will have to find them yourself.”

“Cliffs.” Tang Zheng’s heart was moved, Chang Heng City’s suburbs have a tall mountain called Chang Heng Mountain, which reaches 2,000 meters above sea level. Chang Heng City was also named after this mountain. “I just have to go to Chang Heng Mountain to try my luck, I must find that Heaven Fragrant Flower.”

“Heaven Fragrant Flower is rarely seen in the olden times, not to mention in the present time, also you only have a month to reach Qi Refining third grade while normal cultivators take as much as two years to go from Refining Qi first rank to Refining Qi third rank.

“Didn’t you say that one day of cultivator for me is equivalent to that of a month of cultivation for others? Then wouldn’t twenty days be the equivalent of two years of cultivation for others, that means I can most definitely reach the Qi Refining third grade.” Tang Zheng’s heart was filled with immense joy.

Tian Chanzi immediately poured a bucket of ice water on him: “Little brat, you are making everything seem to easy, if cultivating was this easy then everyone under the heaven would be experts . You only just started cultivating so your speed is fast but after a few days your cultivation speed will slow down to normal people’s speed. Moreover I just investigated and the spirit energy in this era is very thin compared to a thousand years ago. Trying to reach the Refining Qi third grade in one month is not as easy as you say.”

Tang Zheng’s heart was shocked, was he really too optimistic, but even though it was difficult, for his grandfather’s life he has to overcome, he bit his teeth and firmly said: “For my grandfather I must succeed!”

Tang Zheng mustered his strength and continued to cultivate, again and again he gathered energy for the Ancient Clear Heaven Scroll technique, and his true qi slowly started to build up.

The sky gradually revealed a bit of light, Tang Zheng got up and prepared to make breakfast calling his grandfather to wake up for breakfast, and then proceeded to exhort him to not go outside to work, before finally going to school.

Even though his most important job was to cultivate he could not skip school, otherwise his grandfather would become increasing hurt.

At Tian Peng International School’s entrance many luxurious cars continuously entered, like a car show, as many students stepped off their car, arrogantly stepping into school.

“Tang Zheng, wait for me.” A moving voice transmitted over, stopping Tang Zhen. He turned his body and saw Fang Shishi step down from a luxurious car, carrying a backpack, hurriedly walking towards him.

Yesterday, the whole class thought he stole the money, Fang Shishi was the only person who believed in him causing him to have some good will towards her.

“Tang Zheng, let’s go together.” Fang Shishi gave a smile, her breath smelled like orchids, her fragile skin glistening under the sun’s rays.

Tang Zheng nodded his head and the two walked towards the interior of the school.

“Tang Zheng, I heard you were moved to Class 7.” Fang Shishi darkly asked.

Tang Zheng’s mouth hooked up in a bitter smile and said: “Good deeds stay unnoticed, while scandals travel far.”


“It’s not your fault so why are you apologizing?”

“No, the school was originally planning to expel you, and I originally begged my dad to allow you to continue to stay in Class 1, but in the end he disagreed. That is why you can only temporarily suffer this injustice and stay in Class 7.” Fang Shishi apologetically said.

Tang Zheng was furious, the school wanted to expel him, this must be the work of the old witch who was working being to scene, luckily he had Fang Shishi’s help otherwise he would have probably been expelled from school.

Fang Shishi’s dad, Fang Chongguo, was one of Tian Peng International School’s chairman, in this matter if he did not make an appearance then it would be difficult for Tang Zheng to continue staying in this school.

In his fury, his heart once again felt gratitude, looking at Fang Shishi he sincerely said: “Fang Shishi, thank you!”

Fang Shishi acknowledged the sincere look in his eyes and a blush appeared on her face, which was more enticing than the rising sun. She shallowly laughed then said: “We are classmates, no need to be this polite, I believe your academic scores will recover.”

Tang Zheng originally was approaching despair and did not know that aside from his grandfather that there would be a second person who would believe in him and that was Fang Shishi. This made him feel an odd emotion well up within him.

“Little brat, let me tell you some news, I found a girl with sufficiently strong Yin energy.” Suddenly, Tian Chanzi’s voice rang out.

Tang Zheng was shocked, “Where is she?”

“Heihei, You brat sure are lucky, she’s far away yet within reach, it’s the girl next to you. She has a pure Yin body and the Yin energy within her is extremely concentrated.” Tian Chanzi made a weird smile, “the Yin energy on a girl’s body is then further split into different types, aside from the normal body composition, there is also the Pure Yin body, the Mysterious Yin body, the Evil Yin body, and the Nine Yin Saint Body.”

“Fang Shishi.” Tang Zheng unconsciously looked at her and discovered her mouth was lifted up in a light smile, like an independent Lotus flower, causing others hearts to be moved.

“If she really was willing to be my girlfriend, it would indeed be my life’s greatest moment.” Tang Zheng knew that within the school there were several people chasing Fang Shishi hoping she would be their girlfriend but she refused them all.

“Is her family really that well off, can you catch her?”

“Little brat, you belittle yourself to much, right now you are a cultivator, you liking her is her pleasure.” Tian Chanzi said in an educatory manner. Suddenly, he let out a sharp scream, “What happened? How come you are absorbing her pure Yin energy?”

“Why are you screaming and wailing for?”

“Little brat, you unexpectedly don’t need to bed a girl to absorb their Yin energy, is this also one of the Nine Yang Saint Body’s secrets?” Tian Chanzi said in loud shout.

Tang Zhen was overjoyed: “You are saying that I only need to stay by her side to absorb her pure Yin energy?”

This was absolutely incredibly but Tian Chanzi had no way but to accept the facts as they are.

“That’s not correct, this is most definitely not the work of the Nine Yang Saint Body, otherwise there would not be people with the Nine Yang Saint Body dying by having their body’s blow up. This must be the work of the Ancient Clear Heaven Scroll.”

Tang Zheng did not understand what use it was, what was important was that he has a way of absorbing pure Yin energy, moreover he only needed to stay next to a lady, which was a thousand times easier than trying to bedding a girl.

“Little brat, don’t be excited to early, this speed of absorbing is to slow, unless you spend a lot of time with her.”

“Don’t worry, I will definitely create many chances to stay by her side.” Since Tang Zheng will naturally find his way, his feelings became better.

While they conversed, the two already arrived at senior class 1’s door.

“I will first go in, you can do it Tang Zheng classmate!” Fang Shishi waved her fist, encouraging and like a fairy she walked into the room with a bounce in her feet.

Tang Zheng nodded his head, seeing her go in, he then gazing at the door sign of senior year room 1, and felt countless mocking eyes upon him. In his heart, he coldly laughed: “You guys mock all you want, just wait till the high school exam, I will step on you all under my foot!”

Qiao Fei sat inside the classroom, his face was wrapped in gauze, and there was a constant stinging sensation as he stared at the distant Tang Zheng. He then looked Fang Shishi who was still blushing red, a hint of hidden fierceness flashed within his eyes.

“Tang Zheng, you are already kicked out of Class 1, and you still have Fang Shishi’s attention, this is outrageous. Heng, it seems like just kicking you out of Class 1 is not enough for me to accomplish my goal, I must completely mess you up.”

Tang Zheng did not realize the hidden fierceness within that gaze, and swaggered like a soldier, taking big steps towards Class 7.

Hell Class, senior year class 7 was located at the end of the corridor, the hall was empty, the seats were full.

A hint of surprised arose within Tang Zheng’s heart, when he used to pass Class 7 it would always be noisy and rowdy like the market, but it was never as quiet as this, but he did not take notice and walked straight in.

Suddenly, a strange noise rang out from the top of his head.

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