The Strongest Dan God

Chapter 599

Chapter 599

“What’s the use of having you?”In the space between heaven and earth, the ancient voice of the Vast Expanse seemed as though it could pierce through all illusions, penetrating the hearts of people.

“This …”

Xu Datong even suspected that he was feeling dizzy. Looking around, his heart was trembling.

Silence, no one was there!He licked his lips, “Lu Ankang, is that you? If that’s not the case, then that’s it. I’ve already been hallucinating before I even saw the person. This is bad. ”

“Hold on…”

An indescribable fear could be heard in Lu Ankang’s calm voice.

“Datong, this is not an illusion, just now I also… He heard it clearly. I’m afraid she is. “The Martial Spirit Master that I mentioned before.”

“You … “What did you say?!” Xu Datong’s expression changed abruptly as his heart thumped incessantly, as though it was about to burst out of his body.At the same time.

A vast and resounding voice echoed in Lu Ankang’s ears.

“Oh? “You know that I have the strength of a Martial Spirit, and yet you still dare to come here. You sure are bold!”The spirit of a Martial Spirit Master was truly amazing.

At this moment, it was like Mount Tai was pressing down on Lu Ankang’s heart.

In front of absolute strength, ordinary schemes were as weak as tofu.

Even the man who had made the plans was scared.


Lu Ankang’s mind raced, and all his previous thoughts and strategies were instantly destroyed.

He took a deep breath of cold air. Senior, it’s a misunderstanding. We only came here to complete the academy’s mission, and we happened to pass by this place. We didn’t expect that we would disturb Senior’s rest.

“Then hurry up and f * ck off!” A low and deep sound echoed into the ears of others, almost causing them to go deaf.

Shi Sea Breeze frowned for a long time before he let out a cold laugh.

He was always proud and arrogant. He was always domineering and tyrannical in this Asura Purgatory. Since when did he have the word ‘f * ck’ shouted out by others?

“You want us to scram? Do you have the ability to do so? To not even reveal your true identity, who knows if your ability is that great. Could it be that you are putting on an act? “”So that’s how it is.”

After a moment of silence, there was a surge of undercurrents.

Suddenly.Lu Ankang seemed to sense something and was shocked.

“Not good, not good! Datong, run! “

Xu Datong was surprised by his words and was still in a daze.

A moment later.

An invisible hand stretched out like lightning towards Lu Ankang’s location. It was as if it was holding a small bird as it held Xu Datong in its hand and held him up in the air.

The fear was still written all over Xu Datong’s face.

In the next moment, the pair of large hands exerted force, and their five fingers came together.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” A few crisp sounds could be heard.

Countless bones seemed to have exploded in an instant.Blood spurted out like rain!

Xu Datong did not even have the chance to let out a final scream before he was killed on the spot. Fresh blood spurted all over the ground, and the human form was nowhere to be seen.

In this somewhat sealed space.

He has. Everywhere.

“Ah… “Ah …”

Lu Ankang seemed to be witnessing the most terrifying scene in the world. Although it was far away, Lu Ankang fell limply to the ground, his eyes filled with despair.

He wanted to speak, but because of his excessive fear, he seemed to have become mute, and he immediately vomited out.

“What happened … “Could it be that the pathfinder …” Shi Sea Breeze realized that something was wrong and asked with a frown.

“Die …” “Dead.”Lu Ankang covered his face with his hands, not realizing that his face was covered with tears.

He was not sad because of his brother’s sudden death. Rather, this method was too cruel and had exceeded the limits of what he could accept.

Xu Datong did not even have the chance to scream out loud after killing a person as fast as lightning.

With such strength, even Shi Dahai would not be able to contend against him. He, Lu Ankang, naturally would not have any thoughts of resisting.“This …”

Shi Sea Breeze frowned. He had never been humiliated like this before, ever since he set foot in the Asura Purgatory.

However, right now, he knew his opponent was very strong.

Was he really going to face the opponent head on?

Or could it be to escape straight away?

He took a long breath and was about to move.Lu Ankang turned around and said in a daze, his face ashen.

“Not good, I’m dead for sure!” “That Martial Spirit Expert is heading in our direction. He’s coming …”

… ….“Hehe, you want to force me to make a move and see blood? You are truly a noisy insect.”

Ye Wanyue’s delicate body was still lying flat on the ground, not moving at all. However, she had split a portion of her soul’s spiritual will, and in just a few moments, she had killed Xu Datong.

She also projected the scene in front of Ye Feng using the light ball.“What is it? Ye Feng, you’re still pretending to be calm after seeing my methods? Are you not afraid at all in your heart? ”

“Why must I be afraid?”

Ye Feng smiled and shook his head.

When he was at the Xuan Wu Continent, he followed Shen Wu Huang.

It was a common occurrence for someone in a higher realm to slaughter people in a lower realm. There was nothing to praise them for.

“What I mean is, if I can kill others this way, I can naturally also kill your friends this way.”

Ye Wanyue’s tone was flat, but it was filled with a coldness that could pierce the heart.“Including you … The same goes for Ye ZIfeng! If you anger me to the point that I want to kill you even if I have to lower my cultivation level, then don’t blame me for being merciless! “

Feng Ling and Hong Sheng’s expressions changed slightly. They looked at each other with dark faces.

“However, you won’t kill me.”

Ye Zifeng smiled and shook his head, “You came from across the border and you haven’t achieved your goal yet, so you dropped your cultivation level. Your plan might fail, am I wrong?”“You …”

Ye Feng paused for a while and then continued, “Moreover, there is an existence at the peak of the Fighter realm in addition to this.”

“You think I’m afraid of him?”

“NO!” “I believe that you can defeat him, but that will consume your spiritual energy. This isn’t what you want to happen, and because of this, your spiritual will’s speed won’t be very fast.”Ye Wanyue’s beautiful face was full of uncertainty.

Indeed, the result she hoped for the most was not to fight back.

Finally, things went exactly as he wanted. This time, Shi Sea Breeze completely changed his direction and escaped out of the Archaic Ruins.

“Good kid, your ability to talk to others is first-rate …”

Ye Feng looked at her sternly, “Then, let me ask one last time, it has nothing to do with words. “What’s your name?”

When Ye Wanyue heard this, her expression instantly changed.

To others, the name of a foreign land was no joke at all.

“You …”She paused for a moment and pursed her lips.

“Well, if you can be a ghost on the Road to River Styx, I might as well tell you. My name is Shen Meng Ning. ”

At the beginning, Ye Feng only asked casually and did not have much hope. He was just planning on how to use the appropriate method to control her spiritual will to the maximum extent.

However, a moment later.


Ye Feng’s eyes were filled with surprise as he opened his eyes wide. Due to his overexcitement, he even leaned his body slightly forward.Shen Meng Ning? Hold on … What is your relationship with Shen Zong? “

“Shen Zong…”

Shen Meng Ning looked at Ye Feng’s surprised expression and suddenly felt that it was a little funny. “You must have mixed me up with someone, or do you mean that you want to get close to me in order to survive?” Among all the people I know, there’s no one named Shen Zong! “

Ye Feng frowned, “Then, are you from the Black Tortoise Continent?”Hearing the words “Black Tortoise Continent”, Shen Meng Ning froze on the spot.

It was one thing for him to meet old friends, but this was a foreign land!

“Black Tortoise Continent? “How do you know about the Black Tortoise Continent? I don’t remember there being any records of this in the books on the Martial Spirit Continent.”

Shen Meng Ning’s hostility towards Ye Feng gradually disappeared and was replaced by endless curiosity.

How on earth did a martial artist like Ye Feng manage to pass through the gaps of time and space, from a high realm continent to a low realm continent?

As for Hong Sheng and Feng Ling, they were stunned on the spot, not even knowing what to do next.

“You really don’t know Shen Zong? Because I seem to have heard him mention your name before. ” Although Ye Feng’s memory was extraordinary, he still couldn’t remember some things from the past due to the brain injury caused by the Nine Reincarnation Pill explosion.Shen Meng Ning helplessly shook her head and was about to reply.


With several loud rumbles, the earth trembled and dust flew into the air.

In the midst of the illusions, a Sky Piercing Spear attacked. With only a single charge, it destroyed the door that Ye Feng and the others were at.

Shi Sea Breeze raised his spear and thrust forward, his veins popping out and his red robe unfurling. He looked dignified and solemn.

He picked up the person in his hands and threw him onto the ground. Then, he heavily fell onto the ground, as if he was only left with one last breath.“The people on the ground … It’s Lu Ankang! “

Feng Ling hesitated for a moment, looking at the person on the ground, she suddenly opened her eyes wide, and shouted out.

“Old fool Shi, I told you to run, but you didn’t run. Just you wait …” You will be punished at once. ” Lu Ankang’s face was swollen to the point that he could barely keep his eyes open. However, a strange smile emerged from the corner of his mouth.

Since he wasn’t going to live any longer, how could he have the mood to call the other party Senior Shi?

“Shut up! “How laughable! Do you really think I, Shi Dahai, would run away?”

Shi Sea Breeze’s face was gloomy, and he stomped on Lu Ankang’s injured arm, stomping it back and forth. The latter immediately let out a heart-wrenching scream, almost suffocating on the spot.


Ye Feng said in a low voice and looked at Shi Dahai.

Shi Sea Breeze mocked him with a smile, “What, you want to get justice right now?” You must know that this Lu Ankang brat also wholeheartedly wants to kill you. Do you still want to plead on his behalf? “


Ye Fang looked at Shi Sea Breeze with a cold look in his eyes.“What I meant was, you’re disturbing us, we’re chatting …”

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