The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 16: Break The Limits

The power of the Gura Gura no Mi

The third and the last method, but also the most effective one for Naito!


Even if he controlled his power to the minimum amount, the heart gonna receive a direct shock and that’s so dangerous, his eyes become white.

And he almost fainted

But still… he succeeded!

The heart Gate, the eighth door, under the thrill of this enormous power, the gate split into almost a half!

After recovering from the state of almost fainting, Naito start to feel the power, a completely different sense, his face couldn’t help but reveal his excitement and joy.

The power of the Gura Gura no mi, it really can be used to open the heart gate as the first one!

Perhaps it’s mean that no one but me in the world can use the reverse Hachimon Tonkou!

The first gate is broken, However, the power that has been released is more powerful than the normal release.

With this power and the power of the earthquake, when he figures out the cycle of the reverse Hachiom Tonkou he will get stronger.

This is was more than enough to surprise Naito.

But the benefits go even further!

When he broke the gate Naito felt at the same time of the impact like if a strong chakra was brewing.

A chakra flowing through his heart!

That chakra was feeding back his heart.

That chakra was strengthening his heart, wish made it beating faster and pumping more blood!

This is was the second unexpectable thing, a mutual increase!

Naito didn’t even think of this.

“Unusually, Forcing the gate to open, can actually make the control of the chakra easier.”

He couldn’t hide his excitement.

Now think about it, the normal Hachimon Tenkou breaks the limits of the body, explode the chakra in the system, but only for a short time.

But in Naito case… …it’s permanent!

Naito can feel the chakra reaching every part of his body.

With this amount of chakra.

He can even cast Ninjutsu now, Naito will completely get rid of the fate of being one of the people who have no aptitude for Ninjutsu.

It’s not like he will not practice Ninjutsu, but the amount of the Chakra is too small, it’s difficult to extract, difficult to gather, it’s just too hard to master it.

With the gate being opened less than a half, his Chakra got greater but also smoother, this how much the power he gained is perfect!

The chakra will be stored in the heart, which gives him a mutual increase of feeding and vitality.

Naito understands also that the chakra will continue to increase after he opens the second and the third gate.

The way in front of Naito was very clear!

But what he needs to do now is to completely open the first gate.

“Let’s go”

Naito with a full excitement, made another shock while storing all of his chakra in his heart.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The first time it was like he made a hole into the gate, but after the second impact, the gate broke into pieces.


At this exact moment, Naito released a powerful Aura, even Dai was shocked.

This time the Gate of Heart was completely opened.

But it seems as if there’s a strong Chakra brewing there, it won’t be released unless he opens all the eight gates!

However, this is wasn’t a surprise for Naito, actually, the power was exactly the same as he imagined because it didn’t completely burst out. instead, it was scattered among the seven other gates.

Only opening all the seven gates will release the true power of the heart Gate.

Simply opening it as the first gate, will give you a stable state!

So far, Naito managed to open the first gate of the reverse Hachimon Tenkou!

The amount of chakra he got jumped from nothing to a whole different level!

At the same time, his physical power, strength, speed, also made a small increase.

It’s all-around enhancement.

Before this moment, it was really hard to think that Naito can survive the fight, but now… Samui is no longer a threat!

due to the sudden increase in strength, Naito felt like his fit got better.


Suddenly due to the enormous power he released, blood came out of his mouth, but he wasn’t concerned about that.

But he just decreased the chakra level a little bit, because it’s difficult to control.

The heart has its limit, it can give you a lot of power, but only for a short time before it hit the point where it can’t withstand that power.

But as soon as the Chakra and the heart learn how to feed and support each other, it will start to adapt withstanding that force.

“Naito, are you okay?”

Seeing how he failed the first time after he showed that kind of confidence, then shocking his chest twice and spitting blood, Dai was worried about Naito’s health.

Naito shook his head, took a deep breath, then slowly calmed his breathing.

“I Am fine, but I still got a long way to go.”

“Don’t worry Naito-Kun… you are already very talented, I wouldn’t even think about something like a reverse Hachimon Tenkou, I admire your hard work even if you didn’t succeed.”

While he was speaking, Dai patted his shoulders to comfort him, “Success and Fail is a part of this life you can’t avoid it, even if it does not work, you can still follow me and practice the normal Hachimon Tenkou, this method is enough to make you a lot powerful… …”

Dai’s comforting words made his heart at ease, but suddenly his expression becomes weird.

“But you know, I didn’t say I failed.”

“Yeah Yeah, it doesn’t matter if it fails, in my opinion, you’re… Huh?!”

Maito Dai stopped talking, and his expression starts to change as he stared at Naito.

“YOU… you succeeded?!”


Naito shrugged.


It seemed like an enormous thunder exploded in his mind, Dai spaced out for a moment.

Then he stared at him as if he was looking into the eyes of a monster, his expression was incredible, and his mouth was wide open.

What a joke!!

The Reverse Hachimon Tenkou, is actually a successful method?

Thousand of years of history got thrown into the garbage by this little kid.

Yuu Naito just what kind of monster are you?!

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