The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 29: The Hokage’s Summon

The Uchiha’s headquarters.

A dark atmosphere.

In the center of the room, there was Uchiha Samui bending his knee and excessively sweating from his forehead.

And there was a person standing in front of him.

This person was the head of the Uchiha, but also the captain of Konoha military police force… Uchiha Kageyama.


“clan Head… …”

Uchiha Samui looked afraid while he was kneeling his body was a little bit trembling.

Kageyama turned around then stared at him coldly and said: “you make a lot of fuss, because of a little kid.”

“You know, even the Hokage have been personally involved in the matter!”

While the head clan was talking, Samui didn’t dare to say anything in return.

A part of him felt regret and depression.

He simply didn’t think that a small kid like Naito, an outsider from a small village can pull out such a move, involving the Hokage in the matter, now the Uchiha clan are pushed to a corner.

He knew he should have killed him when he had the chance!

Now it’s almost impossible to even harm him, he got famous after he becomes the most talented kid in the village, now everyone knows that he has some problems with the Uchiha.

If anything now happens to Naito, the won’t come of it clean.

However, the problem is bigger than this.

Because in less than three months, Naito and Samui will have a duel of life and death!

“Although the Sandaime has asked this in person, we can’t withdraw from this, for the name of the Uchiha clan.”

Kageyama looked at Samui, and with a tone revealing his server he said: “Do you understand?! it’s not about you and the kid anymore, it’s about the name of the clan, you cannot lose!

“If a little kid like him shows off in front of us and we do nothing, the Uchiha clan, the clan that everyone fears, will lose its place and no one will ever fear us again!”

With Those words, the pressure on Samui intensified.

“I…I understand…”

Samui responded.

Kageyama looked at him, then he shook his head and turned around.

“You go now, three months from now, I don’t want to hear any bad news from you.”

“Yes, sir!”

Samui with serious tone responded, his eyes revealed a killing intent.

In his opinion coming first in the exam won’t change anything, after all, they’re just kids playing ninja.

Defeating him is just a dream!

In the woods.

From time to time wind blows, bringing the sound of crashing.

Boom! boom! boom!

It was the sound of the waves.

Naito was standing in front a thick stake, punching it constantly.

The more he punches, the stronger the stress got on the stake.

And on the stake, there was a little bit of blood.

Although Naito’s fists were wrapped with bandages, constantly hitting it, hundreds of times, he still injured his fists.


At the thousandth time, along with a loud shout from, Naito suddenly threw a heavy hit.

Kacha! ! !

This fist, with an out of control shockwave, hit the thick stake so it shattered.

“Whew, these stakes have been broken more than I count… … this stuff is just too useless, I think I need to change the stakes to the metal ones after all.”

Looking down on the destroyed stakes, Naito revealed hopeless expression.

The metal one is harder, but the price is a little bit expensive.

However, after he given a thought, a better option.

He will get the stone one.

The stone is always harder then the wood, but if I use it am afraid the pain will be much stronger than the pain from the normal stakes.

“For the sake of opening the second gate as soon as possible, it’s totally worth it, it won’t be a big deal I will only need to wrap more bandages!”

He murmured that, then showed a serious expression.

This time, after he won the first place and defeated Minato, Naito got all famous in just two days from the event.

But there’s no time for the wicked, as soon as the exam end, he once again went back to the training.

The fame won’t matter if he’s not strong enough.

Especially when the second Shinobis world war is coming, being weak will only mean his certain death.

After a brief rest, Naito was ready again to start his training, followed by a thousand sidekicks then back to the push-ups.

And just before he started, a shadow with a mask appeared.

“Naito, the Hokage wants to see you.”

said the dark masked guy calmly.

Naito got a little bit surprised, then he nodded at him.

The Sandaime is calling him, he certainly can’t refuse.

Actually, he didn’t get surprised because the Hokage wanted to see him… he only didn’t expect it to be this late.

The day of the exam after he won, he thought that he will see him right away.

He even doubted that the Hokage forgot all about him, but it was impossible to even consider.


After that, Naito followed the Anbu to the village.

Before they depart, the Anbu couldn’t help but look at the destroyed stakes around Naito, and at the same time, he noticed the blood on his bandages.

His eyes suddenly revealed a hint of color.

He couldn’t help but look at Naito.

If he was only a talented kid, he wouldn’t even care about him.

But in addition to he’s a great talent, he also pushes himself to this almost crazy level of training.

Talent is not the thing you should fear, but having a great talent with a strong will to get better, to work harder and harder, it will scare the hell out of any man.

A hard worker in addition to his talent, this kid Naito if he doesn’t die on his path of growth, his future will be great.

Konoha, Hokage Residence.

The Anbu accompanied Naito all the way through the Village and the Hokage residence.

And also all the way to the Hokage office.

This is the place where they deal will all sorts of chores in Konoha.

This place also has the highest status in all Konoha.

At the same time, Sarutobi was in his office sitting on his chair smoking his pipe, wondering.

“The Uchiha is being stubborn about this… but also, these kinds of situations are known to always be hard to solve.”

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