The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 496: Momoshiki And Kinshiki

Chapter 496: Momoshiki And Kinshiki


Before Orochimaru could call out, Keiko's small fist struck the void in front of him, and it suddenly shattered like a mirror, and at the same time, a terrifying Shock Force hit Orochimaru's body.

Even if Orochimaru used his power desperately, he wouldn't be able to block her small punch. His body flew out directly, hitting the rock wall with a bang, and forcibly bombarded it, leaving a big human-shaped hole behind.

Although he didn't die directly, he still kept crushing deep into the rock formation, and he felt like crying.

Orochimaru had many unfortunate encounters in his life. The first was the Third Hokage sealing a part of his sound, the second being blown away by Naito, and the Third was being punched by this little pink-haired little girl.

You didn't even have to guess Keiko's identity. With such familiar movements and such familiar power, it would be a ghost if it weren't Naito's daughter!

Even Orochimaru couldn't get up after taking this punch head-on.

"It seems a bit too much, I didn't expect him to be this weak…"

Standing outside, Keiko grabbed her hair and showed an embarrassed expression, saying: "No wonder, Dad said that people in this world are very weak."


In Naito's dimension.

On a piece of verdant green grass, Naito was lying there, looking at the mirror in front of him, and laughed for a long time, even Kushina couldn't help but laugh with him.

"This is the first time I see Orochimaru acting so careless. He even observed her with his Mongekyou Sharingan. Why did he end up doing such a stupid thing."

"No way, Keiko's so cute, no one can suspect that she's that strong."

He stopped laughing, but Naito had a smile on his face. She looked exactly like him in every way, punching Orochimaru with a fist, even her style was too similar to him.

Although she's only ten years old, Keiko, who has inherited both of her parents' power, is almost born at the level of the Six Paths, Hagoromo. But this girl has not been able to exert her full strength yet. Otherwise, Orochimaru wouldn't have just got bombarded.

After laughing for a while, Kushina pushed Naito and said, "Aren't you going to get her back?"

Naito shrugged helplessly and said: "I think it's good for her to go out and play. At her age, the two of us were completely independent. Kakashi has become a Chunin at the age of six."

Kushina shook her head vigorously and said, "That's completely different!"

Naito said disapprovingly, "How is it different?"

Kushina looked worried and said: "You don't understand, I mean, what if Keiko-Chan inherited something else from me… what if she goes crazy and tears down the Shinobi World by accident?!"

Naito widened his eyes, looking at how Kushina acting so embarrassed. His expression was like saying, why are you embarrassed to say this?!

Kushina blushed, clenched her fist, then threatened him: "Are you going or what?!"

"I'll go, I'll go. Sure enough, she must have inherited that too."

Naito's mouth twitched, then banged the tip of his finger on Kushina's forehead as he stood up and stretched.

Suddenly, Naito's expression changed, and looked bellow with a cold stare in his eyes, which made the dimension itself become a word of ice and snow.

Feeling the sudden change in Naito's body, Kushina's expression instantly became serious and said, "What's wrong?"

"It's nothing, they're finally here."

Naito stared at the void ahead with indifferent eyes and stepped directly into it. His entire body gradually faded, then disappeared altogether.


After punching Orochimaru and finding out that he didn't die, Keiko sensed his vitality, and was surprised by how much power he had, so with a smirk, she decided to play more with her toy.

However, just as she was about to walk over, the sky suddenly dimmed.


The rocks in front of Keiko burst apart, and the cliffs cracked instantly, then collapsed, and rubble splashed everywhere.

Upon noticing this, Keiko finally looked dignified. She blocked the rocks with her two little arms, then leaped backward, and jumped into the air.


Silently, a black passage appeared at the cliff's location before, and two figures came out of it floating.

"This world is…"

They looked a bit similar to Kaguya, one of them was Otsutsuki Momoshiki, who was sitting surprised on Otsutsuki Kinshiki's shoulder.

Kinshiki whispered: "Didn't Master Momoshiki open the passage by tracing that huge Chakra?"

Momoshiki glanced at the world, then his gaze fell on Keiko, who was floating in the air and raised his brow slightly.

"It's really a huge and wonderful Chakra. It seems that there is no deviation in the space channel this time."

"Leave it to me, Momoshiki-Sama."

Kinshiki looked at Keiko coldly.


Momshiki floated in the air, looking at Kinshiki rushing toward Keiko, then a red halo suddenly transformed into a chain and rolled toward Keiko.

Keiko observed Momoshiki and Kinshiki the entire time, but she didn't look afraid; she was more like curious.

Just when the chain was about to fall on her, a figure suddenly flashed in, held her with one hand, and grasped the chain with the other.

"Do you know how dangerous this is?"

Naito held the chain with one hand, but instead of looking at Kinshiki and Momoshinki, he looked at Keiko in his arm and said helplessly.

Keiko obediently leaned in Naito's arm, grinning, then she glanced at the other two, "The two of them don't seem to be from this world, Dad."

"Of course, they're not."

He then looked at her again, and Keiko helplessly opened a portal beside them. He then put her inside the passage and said, "Go find your mom."

After the portal was closed, Naito calmly looked at Momoshiki and Kinshiki.

The two were a little surprised by Naito's sudden appearance, so they didn't react until Naito sent Keiko away.


Suddenly, the golden-red chain in Naito's hand melted instantly, retracted to Kinshiki, and turned into a golden stick.

"Momoshiki-Sama, the Chakra inside him seems to be even bigger."

Momshiki looked at Naito calmly.

A trace of greed and desire flashed in Momoshiki's eyes, then said: "I want him. The Chakra fruit that will be created out of him will certainly be delicious."

Kinshiki's heard Momoshiki's words and immediately rushed toward Naito extremely fast.


Instantly, he came in front of Naito and then hit him fiercely with his golden-raid stick.

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