The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 498: The Strongest Yegai

Chapter 498: The Strongest Yegai

"Very well, at least it's a bit interesting now."

Looking at Momoshiki that seemed to have grown several times stronger instantly, there was no fear in Naito's eyes, but a fervent zeal.

After the transformation, Momoshiki looked at Naito with evident touches of madness in his eyes. Then he suddenly extended his hands, then aimed both the Rinnegan eyes at Naito.

With Rinnegan's eye in the center of his forehead staring at Naito too, the three eyes formed a line.

"San Magatama!

The dazzling golden light suddenly converged in the sky, condensed into three dazzling Magatama, and then suddenly rotated, turned into a golden beam of light, then rushed to the sky flying toward Naito.

Even far away, everyone could see a golden beam of light rising into the sky as if it meant to tear it!

Looking at it, Naito didn't see like he any intentions to evade it, but instead, he swung his fist to meet it. This move was huge, but it couldn't penetrate even space. It was just enough to twist it.

The ability to absorb Chakra's attacks is troubling, but apart from it, his active skills seem to be weak.

"Evening Elephant… One Step!"

"Two Steps!"

"Three Steps!"

"Four Steps!"

"Five Steps!"

Facing Momoshiki's attack, Naito used the Elephant Evening again. Since Momoshiki could absorb the shock force, he had to rely on such physical techniques.

Naito flashed in the sky five times in a row, and five white pillars of energy fell from the sky and finally gathered into one, colliding with the three Magatama.


A loud thunderous roar emitted.

If the Naito's previous move caused the area nearby to tremble, this collision made the entire Shinobi Realm roar and shake, as if it was about to collapse.

Coincidentally, Konoha was holding the Hokage handover ceremony. Naruto was about to take over the Hokage hat from the Sixth Hokage, Hatake Kakashi. Suddenly the sky trembled, and the hat fell on the ground.

At this time, no one paid attention to the Hokage's hat. Everyone, including Naruto, looked far away with shocked expressions.

Even though it was so far away, everyone could see it on the horizon, a terrifying white beam of light and a golden beam of light colliding crazily.

Feeling the power of this horror, Kakashi, Naruto, and the others, almost simultaneously thought of the same name.

Yuu Naito!

Except for Naito, no one can burst out such terrifying power. It feels as if the entire Shinobi World is shaking from fear!

Moreover, Naito seems to be fighting with someone!

Many ninjas who have experienced the Fourth Shinobi World War suddenly felt like crying, watching this horrifying yet familiar scene on the horizon. The Fourth Shinobi World War had just ended. Why are these beasts fighting again, and this time, it seems like they're gonna destroy the entire world.


Didn't that war broke ten years ago?

Even though it happened 10 years ago, everyone feels like it was yesterday. Because not a single day passed without someone mention it. It seems to have just happened!

Back the battlefield. Naito's Evening Elephant and Momoshiki's Sun Magatama were madly colliding in the sky.

The two forces were constantly interwinding, making sizzling sounds. The Magatama's penetrating power was extremely strong, but it has never been able to break through Naito's air cannon.

Finally, the white beam of light and the golden one shrank toward the middle, fused into one orb of light, then burst apart!


After the two attacks converged and exploded, a wave mark spread instantly. Its rate wasn't fast, but whether it hit a rock, a tree, or a mountain, it cut into two halves!

It seems as if a gigantic long sword swept sideways and turned the Shinobi World plane.

Whether it's an ordinary civilian or a ninja, they all watched this scene dumbfoundedly.

Of course, the most unlucky people were the Cloud Village, because it was placed on a mountain, so the entire village has been cut off!

As for the Raikage, he just watched the energy wave approaching from his window helplessly.


"Damn it!"

Looking at his attack getting blocked by Naito, Momoshiki had a hideous expression. He didn't expect that Naito wouldn't use Chakra, but only physical strength. He's powerful.

Although he was very eager to absorb Naito's Chakra, he knew at this time that if he continues, Naito will surely kill him!

His ability is mainly focused on absorbing others Chakra, so the moment Naito decided to use physical strength, he was restrained. And without using his prominent ability, he wasn't strong.

So, when the Sun Magatama was also blocked by Naito, he didn't hesitate, and a black portal instantly opened in front of him, then he entered it.

"Remember this! I will be back!" Before leaving, he didn't forget to say this arrogantly.

Initially, Naito had a bit of killing intent, but after this sentence and how he acted so arrogant, Naito couldn't just let him go and chased after him with one step.

The black passage distorted and disappeared after Momoshiki went in, but Naito's hands suddenly turned illusory and grabbed its edges, then the space passage was suddenly torn apart again.

However, Naito didn't get in directly. He hesitated for a moment after he saw what was behind.

He still can't move freely inside the void, so after passing by and killing Momoshiki, he might not be able to return for a short time.

However, Naito didn't worry about that at that moment. Both Kushina and Keiko can be said to be invincible in this world. Although Keiko is young and a bit reckless, Kushina is there, and she will take care of her.

Seeing that the space channel seemed to be fading, the look in Naito's eye became sharp, and finally made his mind and stepped in.

When he entered, Momoshiki was already too far ahead, but he still saw him stepping in.

"That guy dared to chase me…"

Looking at Naito, who was chasing him from behind, he started at him behind coldly.

Since Naito dared to come here and chase him, he didn't hesitate anymore. He became now more determined to absorb all of his Chakra.

After taking a deep breath, Momoshiki suddenly stopped and waved his hands.


Naito was rushing toward Momoshiki, and suddenly a weird distortion appeared in front of him!

The entire space passage suddenly split into two. Momoshiki's side didn't show any signs of change, while Naito's side began to collapse, and the turbulent flow of the void hit it hard.

"Even if you made it in here, it doesn't mean that you can travel inside, just give up. You ‘e gonna die in this turbulent void!"

Momoshiki stood there, stared at Naito coldly, then turned around, and waved his hand. A space portal appeared in front of him, and then he flew toward.

However, just when he was about to reach the portal, he heard a sudden emitting of a sound behind him, and the turbulent void seemed to have trembled!


Hearing the voice, Momoshiki couldn't help but look back with a hint of shock.

Momoshiko turned and saw Naito standing there in the center of the collapsing turbulent void, and he seemed to have a cold smug grin on his face, while blood-red aura was surging from all over his body, then gathered around forming a blood-colored dragon.


Naito's voice sounded like a roar from hell. Instantly, his figure was wrapped inside the blood-colored blue dragon as he rushed toward Momoshiki.


The blood-colored blue dragon flew rampant in the space channel that was on the verge of collapsing, and even the turbulent flow of the void couldn't stop it.

Even the chaotic distortion of the space were all blown away abruptly under the impact!

"This is impossible!"

He looked in disbelieve. Even Momoshiki can only open the space channel and never managed to resist the void's turbulent flow. At that moment, Momoshiki felt that even if he's twice as strong as he's now, he wouldn't be able to do it.

However, Naito unexpectedly rushed into the void's turbulent flow and even caused the power of the chaos to fade by force!

This kind of power is simply incredible!

Horrified, Momoshiki tried to get into the space portal, but he suddenly heard one last shout.



The scarlet blue dragon broke through the turbulent flow of the void, slammed Momoshiki's body, forcibly smashed the space gate completely, and destroyed the passage, then flew into the endless void!

Momoshiki's body made a cracking sound with an evident look of horror in his eyes. Finally, along the way, he shattered inside the turbulent flow of the void!


(Naruto Arc: The End) (To be continued…)

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