The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 635: Naito Appeared

Chapter 635: Naito Appeared

However, almost at the same moment when Kizaru, the fastest person on this battlefield, was about to make a move, a nightmare-like voice suddenly echoed in his ear.

"You better not move, Kizaru."

This sound not only instantly caused Kizaru to terminate his attack but also caused the entire battlefield to be silent.

No one knew when, but there was an extra person on this battlefield.

This person walked lightly by Kizaru, who was standing there motionless as if he was petrified. The shock and fear were evident in Kizaru's eyes at the moment, and the sweat has even started overflow on his forehead.

Terrifying Kizaru to such a point is something even Whitebeard can't do it.

This was surely Naito.

How could it be him? Why is he here?!

This question suddenly popped up in almost everyone's mind!

Of course, some people were shocked, stunned, and even terrified, while others were astonished; it was the empress, Hancock, who had a strange light in her eyes.

Hancock didn't expect to see Naito here. The person who wants to see Naito the most on this battlefield is undoubtedly her.

When she heard that the former world government was completely destroyed and the Celestial Dragons had been wiped out, Hancock was stunned, and she couldn't recover for days.

It seems as if she petrified herself.

In this world, there aren't many people who dare to stand in the Celestial Dragons' way. People who dared to fight back or kill one of them exist only in legends.

But, all of a sudden, one person destroyed all of them completely!

How can she not be astonished and shocked by such incredible news?

After that, Naito disappeared completely, but Hancock never forgot Naito's name. She always wanted to meet him, but she didn't expect to see him here.

Of course, in addition to the Shichibukai, the Whitebeard, and even many high marine officers who have seen Naito, there were some people who have never seen Naito before.

But because of the silence around him, these ordinary marines naturally didn't dare to move or speak, but they all looked at Naito in confusion.

Some people recognized Naito, but they didn't believe it.

And some other didn't even know Naito.

Whether it was the first or the second, everyone was in shock.

Everyone froze in their places, watching Naito walking step by step.

The way he walked seemed normal, but what was happening every time his foot touched the ground was unbelievable.

As he walked, the broken ice, the broken swords and guns, and even cannons…

It felt as if they were watching a rewind film!

The cracked ice layer healed, and the broken ice cubes returned to their original state, the broken swords also flew up, intact, and the exploded gun shells disappeared out of thin air.

One step, two steps, three steps.

Naito appeared suddenly from Kizaru's behind and then walked to the middle of the battlefield. And when he finally stopped, then the entire battlefield was completely recovered!

There were no traces of damage. It went back to its original starting point as if a battle never took place here!

If it weren't for those who had died and hadn't been resurrected, then this would have seemed like a dream.

But even so, it made everyone, including the admirals, Sengoku and the other, shocked.

Destroying this battlefield is too simple. In fact, destroying is always easy.

But, to restore everything that has been destroyed to its original state, is this still something humans can do?!

Expect for the Straw Hat Pirates, who had seen Naito restore a destroyed island before, almost everyone was in disbelief.

No one spoke.

The silence was still controlling the battlefield.

After finally stopping, Naito took another step, but this one was on the air.

An invisible staircase appeared in the air. Naito stepped on it calmly, and after a few more, he appeared above the execution platform.

"I'm gonna sit here if you don't mind." Naito glanced at Sengoku.

Sengoku didn't speak; in fact, at that point, he forgot even how to make a sound.

Seeing how he remained silent, Naito didn't pay him any more attention, and looked down faintly, then said, "You guys can carry on, but… no one dares to disturb the battle between these two."

Naito's words spread throughout the battlefield, making some of the weak marines and pirates can't help but swallow with evident fear in their eyes.

Although Kuina and Mihawk were completely focused on each other, they were forced to break up due to the strong presence of Naito.

At that moment, Mihawk finally figured out how a strong female swordsman like Kuina appeared all of a sudden. She's related to Naito.

This is reasonable.

As long as it's related to Naito, even unreasonable things can be explained.

Similarly, people who were also wondering about Kuina's origins, such as Whitebeard, finally understood. It seems that Kuina is either his subordinate or his disciple.

She has something to do with Naito, so it's not surprising that she's this powerful.

Kuina took a deep breath. Of course, the person who was least surprised by Naito's appearance was her. After calming herself down, she looked at Mihawk again.

No need to speak, the look in her eyes was enough to express everything.

Mihawk regained his focus too.

Regardless of her origin, he only needs to know that Kuina is a swordsman, a powerful one too, who challenged him, and that's enough.


The battle broke out again.


Mihawk and Kuina once again clashed with all their strength, and due to their earth-shattering powers, the silence that controlled the battlefield for a while was broken.

Both the Whitebeard and his crew came here with the determination to rescue Ace. Although the appearance of Kuina and Naito made this war deviate to a situation that no one can control anymore, this didn't change their goal.

The Whitebeard still wanted to rescue Ace, so the marine naturally will still try to stop him.

However, because of Naito's sudden appearance, everyone's combat effectiveness has dropped by 30%. In other words, everyone's attention is partly on Naito. From time to time, they will look at the execution platform with fear of Naito.

No one knows what Naito is going to do.

This is an extremely disturbing question, no one knew the answer or spoke the words, but it was pressing on everyone's heart, whether it was the Whitebeard Pirates Group or the Marine.

For this reason, the fierceness of the battle that broke out on this battlefield between the two sides was a bit inferior to the decisive peak battle between Mihawk and Kuina.

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