The Strongest System

Chapter 10: Senior-brother, Please Wait

Chapter 10: Senior-brother, Please Wait

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“Senior-brother Ni, did we come to the wrong place?” Lin Fan looked towards the incredibly simple building in front of him, then thought about senior-brother Meng’s residence. The difference was on an entirely different level.

“No, it’s not wrong, the residences of the outer sect disciples are all located here.” Ni Mingyang said while smiling, “Junior-brother, work and train hard, do not fall behind. But then again, you’re a genius, so you definitely will succeed.”

“Thank you Senior-brother Ni.” Lin Fan nodded, “Senior-brother Ni, how come this residence is so different from senior-brother Meng’s?”

“Junior-brother, Senior-brother Meng is one of sect’s top ten genius disciples, so of course the treatment will be a bit different… But as long as junior-brother works hard in the future, you most definitely will also receive the same treatment as Senior-brother Meng.” Ni Mingyang comforted.

Lin Fan looked towards Ni Mingyang and nodded his head, ‘Aren’t you stating the plain obvious? With the power of Yours Truly, with just a little bit of effort, even the sect’s top ten genius disciples will become my experience treasure-trove. But for now let’s just lay low and go about this slowly, one step at a time.’

“Senior-brother Meng, how many outer sect disciples are there in total?” Lin Fan inquired. "Eight thousand eight hundred eighty-eight people." Ni Mingyang said. Upon hearing this Lin Fan’s heart leaped with joy, ‘More than eight thousand people, it seems after playing around here a bit and obtaining some more experience, securely achieving postcelestial stage is merely child’s play.’

“Junior-brother what are you smiling about?” Ni Mingyang seeing Lin Fan smiling alone, asked in confusion.

“No, I am not smiling, Senior-brother. I am feeling tired, so I wanted to go rest up.” At the moment, Lin Fan wanted to investigate the surroundings, take appropriate measures, and prepare to catch a big one.

“Alright, then take a good rest Junior-brother, your Senior-brother will take his leave now.” Ni Mingyang said. “Goodbye Senior-brother, I will come see you in a few days.” Lin Fan said while waving his hand. Ni Mingyang, who was preparing to leave, turned white in fear and quickened his pace upon hearing these words. ‘No good, I must move when I return home. If this guy comes to see me, it definitely will be for no good reason.’

Back inside the house…

Lin Fan opened the items he had collected. Medicinal pills contained inside a white bottle, a light colored long robe, a pair of shoes, a sword, an iron emblem, and a not too thick manual…and that was it…

‘Just these many items?’ Lin Fan sighed, feeling that the sect was a bit stingy. Lin Fan then dumped out a medicinal pill from inside the white bottle. The pill was white, the size of a soybean.

‘Ding… discovered ‘circulation pill’ ‘

‘Effects: Ingestion by ordinary people will increase inner energy circulation flow, strengthening the body, refining the internal organs, can only take one per day.’

‘Ingestion increase: experience + 100.’

Lin Fan counted, ‘A total of 30 pills… It seems these are given on a monthly basis.’

Lin Fan directly poured out all the medicinal pills and stuffed them into his mouth, gulping them all down at once.

‘Ding… experience + 3000.’

‘It seems that ingesting medicine will also be a good way to level up in the future,’ he thought. But for now, he was unfamiliar with this area, and hence there was a need to investigate it thoroughly. Afterward, Lin Fan picked up the distributed sect clothing and felt it with his hands, ‘Not bad, not bad… the material is rather reliable, very smooth. But what’s up with this, why is there a split on the left and right, is this perhaps a cheongsam?’

And it was also lift-able from the back, saving the trouble of having to undress.‘This…’ At this moment, Lin Fan couldn’t help but become rather sinister.

Then Lin Fan picked up the sword, testing it out in both hands. It was merely an ordinary sword, quite useless, so he directly threw it aside.

‘Ding… discovered《Saint Devil secret manual》… Learn?’


At that moment, inside a variety of information appeared inside Lin Fan’s head which he didn’t previously know.

‘Not bad, not bad…’

The next day…Training field…

The outer sect examination disciples came to the training field one after another. At the same time, the faces of the outer sect examination disciples revealed a blissfully happy smile, as if something joyous had occurred. “Heh, senior brother is smart, managing to get rid of that monster. We won’t be bullied by him from now.”

Standing in the middle of the crowd, the unparalleled pretty boy smiled confidently, “A mere trivial matter.”

“Clever senior-brother.”

“Senior-brother is a brilliant person, his brain is better than anyone else’s.”

The surrounding outer sect examination disciples gathered around the unparalleled pretty boy, dousing him in flattery. The pretty boy was also enjoying this current situation and was smiling as bright as a sunflower.

In the early morning, Lin Fan hurriedly got up. He couldn’t allow his daily plans to be delayed from something like sleeping in. Since he had entered the outer sect, he needed to properly utilize the current resources, ‘Those outer sect disciples are all innocent little lambs that have not been harmed yet. Each one of them is softly calling out, just waiting for Yours Truly to invade.’

Lin Fan wore the lightly colored long robes of the outer sect disciples, tied the emblem to his waist, and walked towards the outside. Now, he needed to find the area where the outer sect disciples were training.

But when Lin Fan arrived at the place, he was instantly confused.

What’s this situation? Where did all the outer sect disciples run off to? How was the huge outer sect disciple training field this empty? There were only a few people, easily countable; this was completely different than what Lin Fan had in mind.

‘Under normal circumstances, this outer sect training field should be packed full of people, each one training their hardest. What’s up with this current situation? Is it possible that Yours Truly might need to return over to where the outer sect examination disciples are?’

‘Those guys can’t even provide much experience anymore, low enough to just completely disregard them. Heavens and earth… is it possible you just want me to decay away like this?’

‘I want to train, I want to level up.’

Lin Fan said nothing and directly stopped one person. “Senior-brother, may I ask why there is barely anyone on this training field?”Lin Fan asked in a friendly manner. The expression of the person stopped by Lin Fan didn’t look too good. Carefully looking at Lin Fan and seeing the emblem on his waist, he then asked, “Are you a new outer sect disciple?”

“Yes,” Lin Fan replied while nodding.

“The outer sect training field usually doesn’t have many people. The vast majority of brothers typically train at their own quarters.” The dragon-sleeved Senior-brother lightly replied, seeing that the attitude of this Junior-brother was quite nice.

“I see.” Lin Fan nodded, ‘But this is quite troublesome. They all train within their own quarters, just what method should he use to lure those guys out? It seems there is a need to think about it and make a plan.’

But…for now, Lin Fan had a crucial matter that he needed to take care of.

“Senior-brother, may I ask how you are viewed upon amongst the outer sect disciples?” Lin Fan curiously asked.

“Respected by everyone.” The dragon-sleeved Senior-brother raised his head while proudly saying. Lin Fan looked at the other party, ‘He had a bit of swag, so it was likely true.’

“May I ask for Senior brothers name?” Lin Fan asked humbly.

"Han Lu.” Even though senior-brother Han didn’t understand why this outer sect Junior-brother asked this, he still decided to reply to the other party.

“Senior-brother Han, how do you see me?” Lin Fan asked. Han Lu looked at Lin Fan in confusion, his heart asking thousands of questions… Just what did this junior-brother want? He was currently heading over to Elder Chuan Gong to borrow a manual. If he ended up missing the time, he’d be deeply regretful.

“This is the first time I met junior-brother, so it’s hard to say. If there is anything else Junior-brother needs, let’s talk next time. Since your Senior-brother has business he needs to attend to, I must leave now.” Han Lu hurriedly said, as if he didn’t want to talk anymore with Lin Fan.

Alright, senior-brother take care.” Lin Fan said while smiling. Han Lu nodded and then turned around leaving. "Senior-brother, please wait.” Lin Fan spoke up suddenly at this moment.

“What?” Han Lu turned around in doubt. But the instant he turned around, Lin Fan immediately moved.

“Monkey Steals Peach…”

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