The Strongest System

Chapter 1159 (END) - The End

Chapter 1159: The End

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Lin Fan was completely dumbfounded by now, finding himself at a complete loss toward the situation. Just what sort of an existence was Heavenly Lord Xin Feng? Lin Fan could not figure out anything at all right now.

Geng Yangtian and the others looked at Heavenly Lord Xin Feng while feeling absolutely taken aback. Once one was to cultivate themselves up to a certain state, they would know that the strongest existence in this entire world was none other than Heavenly Lord Xin Feng. And now that they were catching sight of him right before their very eyes, they were naturally beyond ecstatic and emotional.

As Heavenly Lord Xin Feng was relaying everything to them, he lifted his finger gently as the door of the Secret Ground burst open immediately. “Let all of them come out then… It should be upon them as to how they decide on this matter.”


Lin Fan turned his sight toward the Secret Ground right away, his eyes filled with excitement, anticipation, and even… nervousness.

A series of light beams streaked out as the entire Secret Ground was shrouded in a beautiful aurora.

They’re finally coming out!

Lin Fan could not help but feel somewhat flustered in his heart as his lips twitched left and right ever so gently. It had been a long, long time since he had seen them now, and he wondered how they were doing right now.

Geng Yangtian and the others did not know what was going on. However, they could feel as though many living beings were coming out from within that aurora.

“Where is this place?”

“Have we gotten out yet?”

“He did it! We’re finally out of that Secret Ground!”

One after another, those figures appeared in the world.

As Lin Fan’s gaze focused over, he found countless of ever so familiar figures.

Fire Water Empress.

Xuan Yunxian.


Mie Qiongqi.

Zhang Ergou.


Demonic God Pangu.

So on and so forth…

“O-Oi…!” As he caught sight of those familiar figures, Lin Fan’s Adam’s Apple bobbed slightly as he could not help but shout out at them.

Amidst the crowd, Xuan Yunxian was looking all around, wondering where in the place this was. When that voice rang out all of a sudden, that clamoring crowd fell into a deep silence immediately.

When Xuan Yunxian’s vision landed onto that figure standing in the distance, emotions surged through the very depths of her heart, “HUBBY…!”

The Fire Water Empress stood there as well. When she caught sight of Lin Fan, her gaze softened as though she was slowly gathering her memories after this long separation.

Lin Fan pulled Xuan Yunxian into his embrace and stroked her silky hair before turning his sighs over at the Fire Water Empress. “Aren’t you coming over?”

The Fire Water Empress merely gave a cold harrumph as she tossed her head aside. She was an Empress, so how could she possibly behave as such?

But when she caught sight of Lin Fan’s eyes which were filled with anticipation, she then briskly walked over. “Just this once… take it was a reward for this reunion after a long time then.”

Hugging one of them in each arm, Lin Fan’s face revealed a bright smile. Thereafter, Zhiqiao and You Jiuling came over and gathered beside him, each of them looking at their Master hopefully. It had been a long, long time since they had seen their Master, and they were emotional to the point that tears of happiness were flowing down the sides of their eyes.

Xuan Yunxian raised her head gently. “You’ve done it.”

Lin Fan nodded his head in reply. “I will never ever let you guys down.”


The small little Chicky was sprinting over furiously from far in the distance, digging his little claws deep into the earth as quickly as he could the moment he caught sight of Lin Fan. With tears flowing down both sides of his head, he leaped onto Lin Fan’s shoulder with a single pounce and rubbed his head against his cheek with a wild fervor.

Lin Fan could only chuckle out, “It’s been such a long time, and yet you still haven’t grown up a single bit. What am I to do with you?”

Chicky shook his head continuously without replying, merely choosing to rest it against Lin Fan’s cheek.

Demonic God Pangu stepped forth. “Motherf*cking Human King, you’ve finally done it.”

The Great Sage came over as well. The gaze he met Lin Fan with was one filled with excitement — they had finally left that gigantic prison. From now on, the boundaries of this great Heaven and Earth out there were for them to explore… In other words, they were no longer bound by any restrictions!

All of a sudden, there were some commotion breaking out in the crowd.

“The Devil’s Incarnate is here!”

“What? Even the Devil’s Incarnate has managed to get out?”


At that moment, a figure bolted out of the crowd frantically. Lin Fan turned his gaze over; to think that it would be that lad, Wang Xiaoming, the Destined Foe of all the Destined Children of the world.

“Your strength has grown by a decent deal, huh lad?” Lin Fan chuckled out.

Wang Xiaoming shook his head furiously, “Uncle Lin! You must definitely save me this time around!”

Lin Fan merely continued laughing without replying. One after another, people he was familiar with were appearing together.

Mie Qiongqi, Zhang Ergou, etcetera, everyone gathered around him in a circle. While it might have merely been a few years since Lin Fan had arrived at this place, for those from the Ancient Saint World and the Xuanhuang World, this was a reunion of nearly a hundred years.

Time often flew by at the speed of light, causing great changes to happen in between. But now that they were reunited once more, everyone could not help but feel a great sense of relief.

Heavenly Lord Xin Feng stood there and raised his head, his brows frowning slightly. He had sensed that a patch of chaos was breaking out somewhere before he spoke up, “It’s coming…”

Lin Fan was stunned. “What’s coming?!”

“The beginning, or the end has arrived…” Heavenly Lord Xin Feng spoke with a grim tone. He then looked around at the group of living beings. “Your Lord has already said this… Everything… Every, single, thing, has merely been a story that was written by Your Lord. However, there would always be deviations in every story, and anomalies in the factors. The first factor was you, while the second factor was… Chaos. Initially, everything would have been fine. However, at the point of completion for the story, right when the Infinite Worlds were being crafted out, the endless spacetime was disturbed, causing an endless amount of Wills to gush forth. From there, the biggest change that happened was none other than the System, which infused itself into your body. In a way, you may have been that biggest change in itself, or perhaps, it might have been the change that completed you instead. Regardless, the fall of the Boundless Future Buddha Lord should have been the final chapter of things. However, due to all the changes, he was no longer the same variable he was. The first time it happened, Your Lord had entered the story personally, using every single bit of my powers to try and fight the changes from within. However, Your Lord failed. Even though we managed to take down the Master of Chaos eventually together with the Buddha Ancestor, the two of us fell as a result. As for the Master of Chaos, his body was sealed in a place none other than the…depths of the Buddha Pool Abyss…”

Listening to everything that Heavenly Lord Xin Feng said, Lin Fan felt that his mind was about to be blown. What the f*ck? This and that? Nothing made sense to him at all!

You’re the one writing your own story, so what the f*ck has it got to do with you? Even if it goes wrong, why should it concern you?!

However, there was one thing Lin Fan understood from it — the System. Heavenly Lord Xin Feng knew about the existence of the System as well!

However, whether he was the System in itself or whether the System was him, that was something that even Heavenly Lord Xin Feng himself did not know for sure.

As for Lin Fan himself, there was no way he could know it himself then.


Right at that moment, an extremely horrifying power drifted over from the void far in the distance. Compared to the Boundless Future Buddha Lord, this power was more frightening by at least a million times.

“This…!” Lin Fan’s heart tightened up, unable to believe everything at all.

Heavenly Lord Xin Feng looked at Lin Fan. “Your Lord does not know whether you are a creation of the Source of Your Lord directly, or that you are the System in itself and was born by borrowing the powers of Your Lord’s Source. There is probably no way of knowing that. However, the Master of Chaos is about to be born right now. If you wish to take down the Master of Chaos, you will have to absorb the Source of Your Lord into your body completely and accomplish your Dao of the Heavenly Lord…”

Lin Fan waved it off with his hand. “Say no more. That’s impossible! No matter how strong this Master of Chaos you speak of is, I will never ever sacrifice all these people around me.”

“They are you, and you are them. If you live on, they will live on. Should you die, they will all die. Everything… Every, single, thing, shall perish, and from this day forth, there will be not a single person left within this entire world other than pure Chaos.” Heavenly Lord Xin Feng replied.

Wang Xiaoming looked at Lin Fan with a confused look. “Uncle Lin, what is he saying? Why can’t I get any of it at all?”

Lin Fan waved it off dismissively once more. “Don’t bother about his words. He’s an intellectually retarded f*cktard!”

Looking at Lin Fan, Heavenly Lord Xin Feng’s eyes shone with a tinge of worry. “Don’t choose to disbelieve in my words. The Master of Chaos isn’t someone you can handle at all… He is more frightening than the Boundless Future Buddha Lord by a million times. If you do not ascend to become a Heavenly Lord, you will stand no chance of winning at all.”

Just as Lin Fan was about to reply with something more, a figure suddenly appeared before them.

“That’s right, Kid Xin Feng has it all right. Unless you turn into a Heavenly Lord, you will never ever be my match.” At that moment, a black robed figure appeared in the face of the world.

Heavenly Lord Xin Feng raised his head warily with a guarded expression on his face. Right now, he was nothing more than a Consciousness Projection, as his main body had fallen a long time ago. Against this Master of Chaos, he stood no chance at all.

When Lin Fan looked at that black robed figure, his heart sunk down and blood curdled. Even though there was no aura emanating from this figure, there was an invisible force being exuded out and giving him an impossible amount of pressure. He felt like nothing more than an ant in the face of this entity.

The black robed figure removed his hood and revealed his true face.

When Heavenly Lord Xin Feng caught sight of that person, his face changed. “Heavenly Lord Dao Comprehension…”

The voice of the black robed figure was deep and gruff, “Kid Xin Feng, who is this Heavenly Lord Dao Comprehension? I am but the Master of Chaos…”

With that, Heavenly Lord Xin Feng snapped to a realization. “I see… so that’s the case. Back then, I took you down together with the Buddha Ancestor. However, I could sense that there wasn’t a single trace of consciousness within that shell of a body of yours. So, you had long taken over Heavenly Lord Dao Comprehension by then.”

The black robed figure roared out in laughter, “You’re wrong, hahaha! I didn’t take over him… He gave it up on his own accord. Heavenly Lord Dao Comprehension was indignant that he was nothing more than a character in a story written by THE Heavenly Lord Xin Feng. He wanted to escape his own fate, to wield control over everything. Didn’t you fall as well after entering into a story that you wrote yourself back then, Kid Xin Feng? You wanted to take control over the factors that would cause the changes, but it’s a pity that you must have never ever imagined that you yourself would fail as well and fall completely. Look at all of these pitiable living beings… They must have never expected that they would be nothing more than mere characters in a story written by you, huh? They will never, ever have a destiny of their own, and it’s all because everything… every, single, thing… has been crafted out by YOU!”

“Oh, right! I’m really rambling on too much by now. My True Body should be coming soon. Later on, I’ll just have to devour all of you up. At that moment, I will be the one and only Master to control every single thing…”

Far in the distance, a single black blob of meat seemed as though it was devouring everything on its way. Looking like the origin of darkness, it was just swallowing and destroying everything in existence.

“Also, I’ve really got to say, the story written by you is simply way too lousy and filled with all sorts of loopholes. That’s the reason why all these changes are occurring. Perhaps, you must have never imagined that things would come to this. Entering it personally to try and fix the loopholes, who would have thought that you would fall instead!” Heavenly Lord Dao Comprehension roared out in laughter as his eyes were filled with an endless mockery.

Toward the great changes happening before them, all of these people who had just come out of the Secret Ground were left totally stumped. Under this imposing might, they were just shivering uncontrollably — this was probably what the feeling of Doomsday must be like.

“Just what in the world is going on?”

“We’re just characters in a story? How could that be!”

“Impossible! This is definitely impossible!”

Lin Fan looked at everything that was happening right now and could not help but feel at a loss in his heart, not knowing what he should do. That humongous black blob of meat was occupying the world while approaching them slowly. With that, Heavenly Lord Dao Comprehension slowly flew over toward the blob of meat.

Suddenly, his body exploded out as his consciousness fused into that blob.


A boundless aura erupted forth from the blob of meat, rattling the entire Heaven and Earth down to its core.

Heavenly Lord Xin Feng spread his palm open and grabbed that Secret Ground. The Infinite Worlds within it bolted out and fused into his body.

An extremely resounding and malevolent voice boomed out across the entire world, “Kid Xin Feng, what use would it be for you to absorb all of your Source? You are nothing but someone who has fallen. Do you really think that you can take me on with just that single trace of consciousness?”

Heavenly Lord Xin Feng swept his robes, and the time of the entire world seemed to have frozen over immediately. That Master of Chaos came to a halt as well. However, a clean, crisp sound still drifted out from the side of the Master of Chaos nevertheless.

At that moment, Heavenly Lord Xin Feng looked at the countless of living beings that had come out of the Secret Ground. “All of you are characters that were written out by Your Lord. The Infinite Worlds that you reside in is also created through the Source of Your Lord, and all of you are none other than living beings created from the same Source. If this Master of Chaos is not erased today, all of you shall vanish for all eternity. As for the final shot at life, it will be to give the Source in its entirety to Him.”

These words of Heavenly Lord Xin Feng had everyone completely frozen over. It was as though they were unable to pull themselves out of the massive news that were sinking into their minds right now.

Thereafter, Heavenly Lord Xin Feng looked at the Master of Chaos that was blanketing the entire sky right now. “Master of Chaos, you are an existence of the errors.”

“An insect trying to block a vehicle, you’re truly overestimating your own strength.” The Master of Chaos had no mouth, no eyes, and no hands…

Nothing… He was just that blob of meat.

But, when Heavenly Lord Xin Feng flew out and struck at the latter, a feeler suddenly grew out of that blob of meat, appearing before him as though it had passed through everything!

Heavenly Lord Xin Feng was stunned and did not have the chance to react to it at all!


With a single slap, he was turned into dust.

“Weak! Simply way too weak!” A shrill laugh came from the Master of Chaos. However, that was a laughter that sounded even more terrible than crying itself.

As Heavenly Lord Xin Feng turned into dust, it turned into a ball of Source that returned into Lin Fan’s body. However, Lin Fan had just been standing there blankly and stupidly, not knowing what he should do at all.

All of a sudden, a sound drifted over that knocked him back to his senses.

All the Utmost Powerful Beings and Demonic Gods of the Ancient Saint World were rearing their heads into the skies and laughing out.

“HAHAHA! To think that at the end of the day, it would be nothing but someone else’s dream. What meaning is there to that…”



One by one, they turned into Power of Source and fused into Lin Fan’s body.

When Lin Fan caught sight of that, he yelled out right away, “Don’t do that, guys! It’s not real…!”


Lin Fan looked over and saw Zhang Ergou with a face full of smiles. However, he could tell that that was a smile of farewell.

“Actually, I could understand everything that was said. Even though I don’t know whether everything that fella has said is real or not, I know that the pitch black blob of meat is real for sure. He is really strong, so… you must win, alright? After all, you are none other than Zhang Ergou’s Grandmaster!” Zhang Ergou smiled out happily, and right before Lin Fan’s expression of disbelief, disappeared entirely from existing moments ago.

“YOU GUYS… DON’T DO THAT! P-PERHAPS IT’S ALL JUST A LIE…!” Lin Fan bellowed out. However, it was to no avail.

Wang Xiaoming looked at the Destined Children within the group. “All of you bunch of trashes, you have been whooped down by Your Daddy here for dozens of years now! I’m going to give you guys a chance right now… Let’s see who can return to the Source the fastest!”


Wang Xiaoming looked at Lin Fan. “Uncle Lin, I actually feel that the fella’s words are right. That’s why you must win!”



In a flash, balls of Power of Source fused into Lin Fan’s body freely.

Xuan Yunxian laid in Lin Fan’s embrace quietly. “Being able to see you once more is more than enough for me. Perhaps, this is just our destiny…”

The Fire Water Empress looked at Xuan Yunxian, “Let’s go together, shall we sister?”

Zhiqiao and You Jiuling called after, “Matriarch, wait for us!”

Lin Fan grabbed after them immediately as he clenched down on his teeth, grinding them furiously while snarling out with a deranged expression in his eyes, “NO! I’LL NOT LET YOU GUYS TURN INTO SOURCE!”

Xuan Yunxian merely shook her head, “It’s of no use… this is providence at work. There is no escaping it. You must persevere on, alright? While he may be strong, we believe in you.”

“Cuckcuckoo…!” Chicky rubbed onto Lin Fan’s cheeks before eventually hopping down reluctantly.


Under Lin Fan’s distraught gaze, he witnessed those familiar smiling faces disappearing one after another.

The Master of Chaos spoke. “That’s truly a touching scene at its best, eh? Why would I say that something is touching? Ah, right, I am the Master of Chaos, and I encompass every single emotion with me. Look at how sad you are right now. Since that’s the case, let me help you with that then.”


Suddenly, the Master of Chaos roared out and the world was filled with a shrill, sharp voice. Wherever this sharp voice passed, everything turned into nothingness. Unable to resist a power of that level, all the living beings exploded out before turning into the Power of Source and fusing into Lin Fan’s body.

The Master of Chaos surveyed everything. “Ah, that’s the way. Everything is way quieter now, isn’t it? Kid Xin Feng said that you’re the Savior that is going to save everything… I refuse to believe that. Your strength is just simply far too weak. You can’t even hold out against a single sneeze of mine!”

Watching everything happening before him, it was as though Lin Fan was just frozen. He then cast his sight toward the Master of Chaos. “YOU’RE TIRED OF LIVING, AREN’T YOU…?”

‘Ding… Congratulations on leveling up.’

‘Cultivation State: Heavenly Lord state.’

‘Ding… Sufficient Power has been accumulated: Awaken.’

However, Lin Fan could hear nothing at this moment. He merely bolted out to kill at the Master of Chaos.

Looking at the aura exuding out of Lin Fan, the Master of Chaos remarked immediately, “Ah, you’ve grown quite a bit stronger. But, that’s still far from enough.”

The feeler that had grown out of the blob of meat swung out at Lin Fan once more.



“So weak, really now.” As the feeler of the Master of Chaos swung down furiously, Lin Fan’s body exploded completely. Even if the latter had broken through to the Heavenly Lord state right now, he was still not a match in the face of this frightening strength of the Master of Chaos. In fact, all it took was a single move for him to be slapped into oblivion.

“That Kid Xin Feng is really only good at disappointments. Return to Source? Ascending into a Heavenly Lord? What use was that? Still dead with one slap nevertheless.”

“Hais! There’s going to be no more living beings in this world from now on. Everything shall just be me, the Master of Chaos.”

“Eh? What’s that?”

At that moment, the Master of Chaos looked over at the distance and caught sight of a small spot of light, seeming as though it was skipping.

Extending his feeler, he grabbed out at the spot of light. However, as the feeler approached the spot of light, a tremendous power propelled out in a flash and disintegrated it into nothingness.

The Master of Chaos was alarmed. “How could that be…!”


The thud of a heartbeat resounded.

In the next instant, that spot of light suddenly turned into a heart. Thereafter, something else grew out of it, and it gradually took on the shape of a human figure. When the Master of Chaos caught sight of that face, he was slightly taken aback.

“This guy isn’t dead yet?”

Lin Fan opened his eyes as he looked at everything around him.

“Where is this place? Am I Lin Fan? Am I Heavenly Lord Xin Feng? Oh, right, right…I’m the System…I’m Lin Fan, as well as the System!”

“I am a series of endless Wills that have gathered. I am Lin Fan.”

At that moment, a brilliant glint of light shone out of Lin Fan’s eyes.

“I am Lin Fan, neither Heavenly Lord Xin Feng, nor his reincarnation. I’m not a character written in his story either. I am THAT greatest factor.”


With those words, an unprecedented aura burst out of Lin Fan’s body.

When the Master of Chaos sensed that aura, he was astonished. “S-So strong! So darned strong…! I want to leave this place…!”

At that moment, Lin Fan had awakened completely. Regaining his true sense of self, he cast his gaze at the Master of Chaos. “Damned blob of meat! How dare you put me through such humiliation?”

A punch.

It was a casual, relaxed punch, without any power or aura attached to it. However, the power contained within that punch was the most harrowing one in the entire world.

The dimensions collapsed.

The world collapsed.

The universe collapsed.

All it took was the blink of an eye.

Lin Fan looked at everything before him. It was pure darkness, without any light nor sound.

“Oh! Has my strength gotten this strong already? Have I destroyed everything with a single punch and arrived at the era of nothingness once more?”

Lin Fan stood there without moving at all as though he was trying to sense out for something.

There was no concept of time here, so he did not know how long it had been.

Ten years.

A hundred years.

A thousand years.

Ten thousand years.

Hundred thousand years.

A million years…

By the time Lin Fan stretched out his hand, that patch of nothingness no longer existed, and a majestic Sun appeared in the void.

Then appeared a spot.

A bright moon appeared.

A one dimensional universe was formed.

A two dimensional universe was formed.

A three dimensional universe was formed.

“Heavenly Lord Xin Feng seems to love writing novels. Since that’s the case, let him continue writing novels forever then.” Lin Fan pointed out with his finger. In that three dimensional universe, an azure blue planet appeared; He then infused a stream of aura into it. As time passed, humans were gradually formed.

After a long time… A really, really long time…

The time arrived at the twenty first century as a young man came into Lin Fan’s peripheral vision. Sitting quietly in front of his computer, he was typing out his novel silently.

Lin Fan smiled as he continued creating the universes until it reached the tenth dimension.

At that instant, an infinitely huge planet appeared.

Lin Fan closed his eyes gently, as though he was reminiscing about something. By the time he reopened his eyes once more, living beings appeared one after another.

On that particular planet, among many sects out there was a single sect named Saint Devil Sect that existed.

Within it was a young little servant disciple whose name was Lin Fan.

In another sect was a female disciple with a peerlessly beautiful face; her name was Xuan Yunxian.

Somewhere in a Forbidden Ground, a woman reigned over the world with a renowned reputation. She was called the Fire Water Empress.

After a really long time, Lin Fan no longer knew how many of those micro universes he had created.

He was starting to feel bored now as he finally fell asleep in an endless space of nothingness.

Time slipped by just like light did.

The first time he woke up, he disseminated a trace of his consciousness, which carried with it a small part of the System’s powers.

The second time he woke up, he disseminated yet another trace of his consciousness, which carried yet another small part of the System’s powers.

After a really, really long time, he discovered that there would always be a legend within all the worlds that he had created.

And the name of that legend was… Lin Fan.

After everything was done, Lin Fan’s gaze peered through the endless multiverses out there.

Yunxian, Fire Water Empress… Let me accompany you guys properly till the end of the universes as we slip off to disappear in the long rivers of time…

The End.

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