The Strongest System

Chapter 16: Unlocking Professions

Chapter 16: Unlocking Professions

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The next day…

Lin Fan walked around the vicinity of the Saint Devil sect’s outer sect. Today was the outer sect disciple examination and could be considered one of the more important occasions of the Saint Devil sect. Many other outer sect disciples also went to the venue to observe wanting to see just who would become their fellow brothers and sisters.

For Lin Fan, these matters had nothing to do with him. Since the majority of the outer sect disciples went to see the examinations, there was no one left to play with him.

“Ah…” Lin Fan sighed, “So boring.” Not knowing where he walked to, Lin Fan suddenly felt that the smell of coal was strong there.

‘Dong Dong…’

Lin Fan heard the sound of striking iron and glanced around. Rows of houses were lined up, and on top of the roof of one small house, a chimney was spewing out thick black smoke. Lin Fan frowned, these guys were completely damaging the environment. Though Lin Fan thought that, he still bounded forward happily; this was after all the weapons forge of the outer sect disciples.

Each month, every outer sect disciple had a chance to receive a new piece of equipment. Furthermore, these blacksmiths were specially-trained by the sect. For a sect, aside from strong martial powers, it also needed talents from various areas, a blacksmith being one of them. Of course, the weapons used by the outer sect disciples were of the lower grades, but even these lower grades were considered top tier weapons amongst the dynasties.

Being able to cut through iron like clay, able to split single strands of hair… weapons of this caliber all actually existed.

He had been in the sect for some time now but still didn’t possess a single quality weapon. Since he was already here, naturally he would go and obtain one. Lin Fan stood there and inadvertently thought of something. ‘When I leave the sect, I will wreak havoc … no, I meant, be heroic.’

With a sword behind his back, long hair flowing clean and tidy light robes… fighting against evil and saving damsels in distress would also be a rather nice thing.

‘Dong Dong…’

The sound of hammering entered Lin Fan ears, and he suddenly woke up from his daydream, hurriedly going inside with a huge stride. Upon entering inside, Lin Fan discovered a buff looking blacksmith with a hammer in one hand and a metal plate in the other, currently vigorously pounding away. Those sturdy looking muscles made Lin Fan jump in surprise.

Strong, definitely very strong… This was totally a humanoid monster.

Realizing someone had entered, the blacksmith looked towards the emblem on Lin Fan’s waist, “Look for yourself the kind of weapon you want.” The blacksmith's voice was husky but also natural, as if he were already used to this sort of thing. Lin Fan looked at the blacksmith and smiled, “you won’t have the kind of weapon I want. Also, you won’t be able to make it.”

The previously calm blacksmith was startled after hearing Lin Fan’s words. His rough hands quivered slightly, and then he stopped his hammering.

“Are you perhaps here looking for trouble?” The blacksmith looked in a disgruntled manner at Lin Fan and asked.

“No, just being honest.” Lin Fan said.

“Hmph, I have never seen an outer sect disciple with a mouth like yours. Fine, you do it then. If you can make a weapon I have never seen before, then I will give you my most prized possession.” The blacksmith said in annoyance.

An outer sect disciple that talked big like him, he really did never see before in the decades he had been at the Saint Devi sect. The weapons he had made were uncountable, only he knew best a hundred kinds of weapons, and at this point, someone had told him he didn’t know how to forge weapons. This made the blacksmith very unhappy.

“Alright.” Lin Fan smiled and slightly glanced at the blacksmith, ‘Should I perhaps tell him that his past hobby was actually blacksmithing?’

The blacksmith put down the hammer and stepped aside, his intentions obvious, ‘If you can do it then go ahead.’

Lin Fan also went forth, holding the large and heavy hammer with his hand.

“Haha, you don’t even know how to hold the hammer properly, and you say you can forge weapons… utterly laughable.” An expert could tell right off the bat if one was experienced or not. As soon as Lin Fan held the hammer, the blacksmith started laughing. Lin Fan then rolled his eyes, “This is a secret household technique, understood?”

“Hmph, you are obviously a complete novice. Blacksmithing is a type of skill, impossible to master without decades of training. You won’t be able to make a single decent weapon like this, you should…” In Lin Fan’s eyes, this blacksmith was yet another wordy person, currently just endlessly explaining, as if he were trying to show off his knowledge in front of Lin Fan.

Lin Fan generally held in disdain these type of people; these type of people who only knew how to show off and weren’t the slightest bit humble, completely detestable.

‘Ding… unlocking profession, blacksmith.’

‘Ding… level one blacksmith (0/10).’

‘Blacksmith: an expert at forging, able to craft anything seen before into various weapons.’

At this moment, Lin Fan was stunned, ‘What’s this situation? What’s with this profession, just picking up a hammer and then hearing this show off blacksmith say a few words was enough to unlock a profession? This…this…’ At this point, Lin Fan didn’t want to say anything more, there was a feeling of being cheated.

“Get lost…just randomly pick a weapon and hurry up and leave.” Seeing that Lin Fan was just a beginner, the blacksmith didn’t want to say anything more and rushed Lin Fan to leave. “I know how to forge.” Seeing that he had become a blacksmith, Lin Fan immediately refused and retorted.

“Hurry up and leave, don’t bother me.” The blacksmith picked up his hammer once again and started pounding away, not paying any attention to Lin Fan.

“Hmph, just watch me make an unparalleled legendary weapon.” Lin Fan grimaced while saying.

“Hehe, just you…” The blacksmith said disdainfully. Lin Fan glanced at the blacksmith, “Hehe…”

After leaving, Lin Fan hurried on back to his house. Lin Fan was very curious towards his new profession, ‘What’s with this blacksmith? Was it possible that if someone just stood beside him and explained a bit, he could then learn their profession?’


Lin Fan opened his data panel and clicked on the blacksmith profession. Suddenly, a huge furnace appeared within his mind.

‘This thing… Lin Fan held his chin, experiencing a need to carefully research this. Lin Fan looked left and right, not seeing a single good material.


At this moment, Lin Fan realized that in the corner of the courtyard were some abandoned bricks. He then hurried forth, grabbing a few bricks and throwing them into the furnace.

‘Ding… congratulations on crafting a pile of useless clay, experience + 1.’

At this point, a pile of useless sticky black clay appeared in Lin Fan’s hands. He then laughed with contentment. Even something like this could level him up! After that, Lin Fan eagerly picked up another brick.

“Ding… congratulations on crafting broken tile piece, experience + 1.’

‘Ding… congratulations on crafting a pile of useless clay, experience + 1.’

‘Ding… congratulations on leveling up, level two blacksmith (0/50).’

‘Ding… congratulations on crafting slightly broken tile piece, experience + 1.’

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