The Strongest System

Chapter 18: Senior Brother Licks Crazily

Chapter 18: Senior Brother Licks Crazily

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Lin Fan was a bit disappointed. The sixth level precelestial Wang Tianfeng beat upon him and merely increased his experience by ten points. Just what was he supposed to do in the future? Though there were many outer sect disciples and ones with higher cultivation base than Wang Tianfeng did exist, the difference was merely one or two levels. Just how much experience could they give?

“Hehh…” Lin Fan gave a soft sigh, displaying his helplessness. Lin Fan didn’t feel that he really belonged in the Saint Devil sect. After all, as a modern person, he didn’t concede to anyone. But there were still some people inside the Saint Devil sect that Lin Fan had a good impression of.

For example, both senior brother Ni and senior brother Yin.

Lin Fan walked aimlessly on the path then stopped, standing in front of a house in surprise for a moment. Wasn’t this senior brother Han Lu’s place? As for senior brother Han, Lin Fan felt really disappointed. He had previously used 《Monkey Steals Peach》 in the hope that senior brother Han would play the senior role and bring a wave of people to beat him up. But in the end, who would’ve thought that senior brother Han instead just acted like nothing happened.

‘This was far too lenient.’

Now that 《Titanium Grade Demon Body》 had upgraded to 《Eternal Demon Body》, the fourth level precelestial senior brother Han wouldn’t be able to bring any experience to Lin Fan. But Lin Fan felt that since he was already here, he might as well talk with him and improve their relationship or something. Lin Fan clenched his hand and gave a smile. To be truthful, his main goal was still to steal a peach and increase the experience of 《Monkey Steals Peach》.

‘I will do it,’ Lin Fan tidied up clothes, felt his hair and brushed his hands in a satisfactory manner, preparing for an uninvited surprise.

Inside the house…

Han Lun was currently continuing his cultivation. Day and night, aside from resting five hours each day, Han Lu didn’t waste any of his time. He had entered the sect late and missed out on the prime opportunity for training. At the same time, his qualifications were very average. Upon his entrance, this had already been determined, and he had not made much progress since.

But Han Lu didn’t give up, for he had the “Holy Jade Bottle”. He believed that as long as he had this treasure, he would most definitely become a top notch warrior. He had been stuck on fourth level precelestial for a month now, but tonight, Han Lu was prepared to break through to become a fifth level precelestial. Han Lu was a low-key person and very enduring. He would never act too high and mighty until his cultivation base had reached a certain level.

At this moment, Han Lu picked up a porcelain bowl. Inside was a mysterious liquid that gave off a nice scent. Han Lu smelled the scent, his mouth twisting into a smile. The liquid inside this bowl contained the monthly “Circulation Pill” given by the sect. Han Lu worked hard and accumulated two months worth of it before grounding it into powder and adding hot water, then finally adding in a drop of “The Dew of the Gods.” With this, maybe he could even break through to the sixth level precelestial.

Han Lu excitedly clenched his fist. As long as his cultivation continually rose in the future, he would definitely catch the attention of the higher-ups. And as long as he caught their attention, he would be able to attain much more resources, and wouldn’t have to be as sparing as now.

The “Cultivation Pill” was a low-quality medicinal pill, but Han Lu still needed to carefully save it every month. Han Lu held his months worth of hard work and brought out the Holy Jade Bottle, dropping a single God’s Dew inside. The previously already enticing aroma become even more enticing after that. Han Lu nodded contently, then carried the bowl to the door and looked outside at the night sky through the door’s peephole.

“I will definitely become a dragon amongst men, awe-inspiring, and let the entire world worship me, Han Lu.” Han Lu passionately spoke about his future dreams, then held up the bowl, preparing to drink it in one gulp.


“Senior brother Han, I came unannounced today in hopes we could improve our relationship, do you have time?” Lin Fan directly pushed open the door and gave a smile while shouting, as if he were entering his own house.

“Hm…senior brother Han, where are you?” seeing that the room was empty, Lin Fan was suddenly confused. Where did senior brother Han run off to? At this time, Lin found that his feet were a bit wet. When he looked down, he realized that the floor was completely wet with numerous water stains.

“Senior brother Han, why…why are you behind the door?” Lin Fan was startled. He pulled aside the door and discovered Han Lu standing stupidly behind the door, both his eyes dull as if he had lost all hope. Han Lu’s body began trembling, his dull eyes glanced at the water stains on the floor. His months worth of medicinal pill…

Lin Fan squinted, ‘judging from senior brother Han’s expression, it seems like he lost something precious to him.’ Lin Fan then realized he perhaps had done something bad. Not knowing what to do, Lin Fan then rubbed his head, “Oh, it seems I came to the wrong house. Senior brother Han, I thought this was my house. So please excuse me, I will take my leave now.”

Not waiting for Han Lu’s response, Lin Fan hastily opened the door, preparing to close it and quickly retreat.

“Stop.” But just when Lin Fan was preparing his retreat, Han Lu spoke up. Lin Fan looked towards senior brother Han and gave a foolhardy smile. “Senior brother Han, is there something else?” Lin Fan asked.

“No, you can leave.” Han Lu’s body trembled violently, but he tried his best to keep his composure. Lin Fan, who was watching this, became a bit scared. When people tried to bottle up their anger, it could sometimes be rather bad for their body. Lin Fan immediately retreated without another word


When Lin Fan left, Han Lu then closed the door. But the moment the door closed, Han Lu exploded.


Han Lu knelt down, tears streaming down his face, as he looked at the puddle of water on the floor. “Just what have I, Han Lu, ever done to deserve this sort of thing? Lin Fan, if I don’t kill you in this life, then my life would have been in vain.” At this moment, Han Lu's expression changed, becoming ferocious yet grim, his grievances piercing through the heavens.

Han Lu stood up, his face filled with tears, then slightly opens the door and carefully looked outside. After confirming there was no one there, he immediately shut the door and instantly crouched down on the floor. At this moment inside the silent room, only the sound of slurping could be heard. If Lin Fan were still here, he most definitely would cover his eyes in disbelief.

Dirty, it was far too dirty.

“The medicinal powers, the medicinal powers are still there…” The previously grieving Han Lu let out a crazy smile, then began frantically licking away. His licking was completely earth-shattering. The floor seemed as if it would give away to his licking.

It wasn’t until after the floor was completely dry did he then instantly got into a lotus position and began his cultivation. Half the medicinal powers were lost, so a sixth level precelestial was out of the question. But there was still a glimmer of hope left for a fifth level precelestial.

Lin Fan returned to his house and lifted his legs, his two hands behind his head as he lied down on the bed.

“It seems senior brother Han isn’t an easy opponent.” Lin Fan said to himself.

The puddle of water on the floor gave off an enticing aroma. As long as one wasn’t a fool, anyone would realize that it must be valuable. And Lin Fan knew what it was, he understood that it definitely wasn’t something a regular outer sect disciple could obtain.

Just how did senior brother Han get it then? Lin Fan wasn’t too sure about that point. But for Lin Fan, this wasn’t that important a matter. He was more than overpowered enough since he already had his own system.

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Chapter 19: This Junior Brother is a bit Cold

Translator: Kaos Editor: Hitesh

The next day, in the morning…

Lin Fan always believed in this one saying.

The early bird gets the worm.

In an outer sect where the competition was this intense, Lin Fan needed to make use of every second and minute.

Morning, noon, afternoon.

Every day, Lin Fan could only utilize these times to go observe the outer sect disciples. The rest of the time, the outer sect disciples would hole themselves up in their own homes to train. To Lin Fan, he felt that the houses were cramped to the point one would easily catch a disease from being in there too much.

Lin Fan wandered about in the dining hall, his bright two eyes glancing all about the surroundings. But at this moment, Lin Fan’s eyes lit up as he discovered his target. In front of him, two people were bitterly quarreling away as if any moment a fight could break out.

“My fellow two brothers, calm down. If there is any issue, just talk it out. Don’t ruin your relationship.” Lin Fan immediately stepped forward and said. “Junior brother you came at just the right time. Hear this, last time he borrowed ten of my “Circulation Pills” saying that he wanted to raise his current cultivation base, and that next month he would give me ten extra “Circulation Pills.” But, he now refuses to pay up, isn’t this despicable?” The person talking didn’t look particularly strong. His expression was angry, but the moment Lin Fan appeared, it gave him an opportunity to vent out his anger.

The other outer sect disciple was unable to hold back upon hearing this, “You are completely lying, I never said I would give you ten extra pills. Junior brother, don’t listen to him! I only said I would give him one extra pill.”

Seeing what the two persons were arguing about, Lin Fan gave a slight smile. Who would’ve thought that within the sect there would be loan sharks?

“My fellow two brothers, listen to me. So any of you have a written testimony?” Lin Fan asked with a serious face.

“No, I trusted him, that’s why I gave it to him. Who would’ve thought he was this kind of a person?”

“You are just making stuff up. What do you mean this kind of person? It was decided beforehand I would only give one extra pill for this deal…”

Seeing the two once again starting to argue, Lin Fan hastily grabbed the two people, “My fellow two brothers, please just listen to me.”

“Alright, junior brother go ahead then.”


Lin Fan looked at the two people, “My fellow two brothers it seems as if both of you were friends correct?”

“Hmph! That was the past. We’re not friends anymore.”

“I also don’t want a friend like you.”

Lin Fan smiled and said very seriously, “My fellow two brothers, becoming enemies over something like this, don’t you think it’s quite a loss?”

After hearing Lin Fan say this, the two people both paused for a moment.

“If he gives me my ten medicinal pills, then we’ll still be friends.”

“Impossible, if you admit you’re wrong, then I’ll continue being your friend.”

After that, the two people began arguing again. Lin Fan gave a sigh and flexed his hands, “My fellow two brothers, don’t argue. This issue, just leave it to me to handle. I will definitely make sure you two become friends again.”

The two looked at Lin Fan suspiciously, not understanding just what this junior brother was trying to do. But the next second, they both instantly experienced it.

“Monkey Steals Peach.”

‘Ding… congratulations《Monkey Steals Peach》experience + 300.’

‘Ding… congratulations《Monkey Steals Peach》experience + 300.’

‘Ding… congratulations on defeating fifth level precelestial disciple, experience + 400.’

‘Ding… congratulations on defeating fourth level precelestial disciple, experience + 300.’

Lin Fan then looked down towards the two people who were crouching down while clutching their crotch in pain, gave a wave and then went on his merry way. For Lin Fan, he felt that if these two people had a common enemy, they would surely become friends. So, in order to allow these two people to rekindle their pure friendship, so what if he played the role of the bad guy?

Who could blame him since he was such a good person who was determined to help others?

Along the way, Lin Fan ran into several problems, and each time, Lin Fan would be the first to step up to resolve the issue. Even though this made the other parties hate him, none of this mattered to Lin Fan. Because what he was doing was for their own good, so one day they would come to surely understand it.

“Oh, senior brother Han…” At this time, Lin Fan saw Han Lu and remembered what happened last night. Lin Fan then began feeling a bit guilty about it. Han Lu seemed to be in a good mood today. Yesterday night, he had successful attained fifth level precelestial. Although he couldn’t make it to sixth level precelestial, at least he made a good start.

But at this moment, Han Lu heard someone call him and looked around puzzled. But when he saw the person calling him, his expression immediately changed. He lowered his head and quickened his pace, pretending he didn’t see this person.

Because Han Lu feared that he wouldn’t be able to control his emotions and would try to mercilessly kill the said person.

“Senior brother…Senior brother.” Lin Fan shouted out a few times, but upon seeing Han Lu ignore him, he let out a sigh. That senior brother was far too stingy. Lin fan then went back to business as usual, continuing his ‘good deeds’ solving the problems of his fellow sect brothers.

After Lin Fan’s continuous efforts, the experience of《Monkey Steals Peach》 rose quickly.

‘Ding… congratulations《Monkey Steals Peach》level up.’

Lin felt immensely joyful at this point. His 《Monkey Steals Peach》 leveled up. He wondered what 《Monkey Steals Peach》 would become like after it was upgraded.

With Lin Fan’s continuous use of 《Monkey Steals Peach》, he then realized this underhanded martial skill, if raised to a certain level, would be a powerful existence. It seemed that the world’s martial skills all started from simple to advance, even the top tier martial skills were also created by others.

The origin of these creations most likely also started from the basic. Only through continuous experimenting and continuous cultivation did they finally become top tier martial skills.

《Monkey Steals Peach》 only had one move, so the only person able to master it to such an extent and raise it to beyond its original level was most likely only Lin Fan. Even the creator of 《Monkey Steals Peach》 couldn’t compare to him. Lin Fan had one dream at the moment, which was to raise the underhanded martial skill 《Monkey Steals Peach》 to a top tier martial skill.

When Lin Fan walked into the dining hall and looked around, he realized that there were several people gathered in the vicinity. Lin Fan’s heart leap with joy, ‘All right! It seems another big incident is about to happen.’ Lin Fan then immediately bounded forward. But when Lin Fan saw the situation inside, he lost all motivation.

‘Wang Tianfeng, this ten experience points guy again?’ Currently, Wang Tianfeng had found yet another weakling.

The person who had his food stolen was likely a newly initiated junior brother, but this junior brother was a bit strange. His face was very calm, but Lin Fan sensed an immense anger burning within this junior brother’s eyes. And the anger wasn’t the average type of anger, but instead a killing intent kind of anger.

The surrounding people whispered about.

“Fang Han is quite unlucky.”

“Yeah, only just entering and having to deal with this, it’s rather sad.”

“You can get lost now.” Wang Tianfeng looked at Fang Han and said disdainfully. Wang Tianfeng recently had been through a lot of failures, so picking on these weaklings felt really good to him.

At this point, Fang Han clenched his teeth while looking at Wang Tianfeng. He understood that the person backing up Wang Tianfeng was Yi Zhongyu, so he could only endure. In the future, he definitely would obliterate this scumbag. Even Yi Zhongyu was merely a small stepping stone towards his future.

And what gave Fang Han this much confidence was the fact that he possessed the heritage of the Ancient Great Devil Emperor of the Devil’s Way. Lin Fan looked at the current situation unfolding in front of him. Seeing the newly initiated junior brother being bullied by Wang Tianfeng, he felt that since he was a senior brother, he should also act like one.

Lin Fan coughed a few times lightly, “Wang Tianfeng, do you want to eat peaches again?”

At this moment the still very arrogant Wang Tianfeng heard this sentence and was stunned for a bit, then turned around and saw Lin Fan. His expression slightly changed as he felt his crotch become chilly.

Then without saying a word, he placed the meal back on the table, turned around and walked away. Upon seeing Wang Tianfeng leave, Lin Fan also didn’t bother to stop him. After all, he was merely a scrub that was only worth ten experience points, what else was there to say.

"Thank you, senior brother.” Fang Han coldly said then took his meal and left.

“Oh, so he’s also a bit cold. Not bad, not bad…” Lin Fan smiled. The more attitude a person had, the better because a person with more attitude would also grow better in the future, and become his experience farm.

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