The Strongest System

Chapter 2: A Bunch of Trash Come Hit Me

Chapter 2: A Bunch of Trash Come Hit Me

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“What did he say?”

“Trash… how dare he call us trash?”

“Damn it, we are Saint Devil Sect’s outer examination disciples. As long as we pass the examination, we can become outer sect disciples. A mere punching bag dares to say that to us? Despicable!”

“Which one of us isn’t a dragon amongst men, descendants of nobility. This puny punching bag dares to insult us! My fellow brothers, don’t worry, I will teach this ignorant fool a lesson.”

At this point, these outer sect examination disciples were completely infuriated. They never would have thought a person of the lowest category in the sect would dare defy them. It was essentially seeking death.

At the same time, the hearts of the battered punching bags were filled with gratitude after hearing those hate seeking words.




Lin Fan stood there watching the person draw near, “Brat, you are far too arrogant. Even though I won’t take your worthless life, I will still let you understand that arrogance is wrong.”

These outer sect examination disciples, even though they had yet to learn the Saint Devil Sect’s martial arts, the strength they possessed was impressive compared to average people. Although it wasn’t at the point of cracking metal and splitting stone, they could still destroy trees of the thickness of a bowl with one punch.

“Ah.....” Prepared to teach Lin Fan a lesson, the outer sect examination disciple took a stance and let out a cry, attacking with full force.


Lin Fan looked at the person in front of him as his lips curled into a smile.


As expected, this guy is stronger than the previous on… Not bad, not bad.

“Oh, I said you guys are trash, and you all wouldn’t believe me. Completely useless! Can’t you use more power?” Lin Fan stood there brushing off his chest in disdain.


“Brat, don’t get cocky, eat this!” The outer sect examination disciple was unwilling to believe this outcome.



At this point, the outer sect examination disciple had both hands shaking, and was heavily gasping for breath, as his forehead began dripping with sweat.

“What’s up, can’t continue?” Lin Fan smiled while looking at the guy in front of him. ‘Not bad, not bad… He gave me around a hundred experience. Even though the attacks, later on, became powerless and didn’t really increase experience, the initial attacks were still okay.’

At this moment, the outer sect examination disciple looked up at Lin Fan with his eyes filled with utter disbelief. This guy, was he possibly made of steel or something?

“You......” Seeing the guy before him acting so arrogant, the outer sect examination disciple could feel his heart filled with indignation, but he was unable to do anything. He then roared out,

“Brothers, beat him to death......”

Lin Fan was awaiting this very moment. To achieve the 5th level of the 《Titanium Grade Demon Body》, he would need to rely on these guys. Who knew just how many levels this 《Titanium Grade Demon Body》 had. Currently, the attacks of this group of outer sect examination disciples on his body already felt like nothing. If he were to raise the 《Titanium Grade Demon Body》 to the 100th level, then wouldn’t he become invincible?

“Haha, come at me trash, bring out all your strength.” Lin Fan laughed out loud. At this point, countless numbers of fists rained down upon Lin Fan’s body.

“Brat, don’t get so cocky.”

“Today we’ll let you know our power.”





At this moment, Lin Fan saw a guy’s fist land on his body without giving any experience, and yet he stood there taking up space and acting like he was doing something. This greatly displeased Lin Fan.

This guy was essentially standing there doing nothing, and thus he immediately kicked him aside, making room for others.

Seeing the experience for 《Titanium Grade Demon Body》 continue to skyrocket made Lin Fan feel incredibly pleased. ‘As expected, with more people, the experience also rises quicker.’

The hearts of the surrounding punching bags, who were collapsed on the ground, were further overwhelmed with gratitude seeing Lin Fan being beaten by a group of people.

“Big Bro, rest in peace. After you die, we will continue to remember you.”

“Wuwuu...Why do I feel like crying seeing this? From now on, you are our Big Bro.”

The outer sect examination disciples continued to attack mercilessly, all blows accurately hitting the mark.

“Brat, let’s see you be cocky now. Today, we will beat you until you beg for mercy.”

“Hmph, how dare you challenge us. If we don’t punish you today, you won’t know the difference between heaven and earth.”

At this point, in order to receive the blows more efficiently, Lin Fan was directly lying face-down on the ground. According to Lin Fan’s analysis, whether it be toes or fingers, as long as the blow was strong enough, the experience would increase.



“Just 150 experience points left. Please give a little more effort.’

As for after reaching the fifth level, who knew if these guy’s attacks would give 《Titanium Grade Demon Body》 any further experience.

‘Originally, at the first level, these outer sect examination disciples’ hits could bring ten experience points. But with each increase in level, the amount of experience began to decrease more and more. After reaching the fourth level, it was essentially one-two points per hit. Sometimes, there were even no points. Seems like after the level rises, a new method will be needed.’

“Oh crap! Who kicked my butt*ole?”

“Hey, don’t get too ahead of yourselves, or I will get mad.”



‘《Titanium Grade Demon Body》 has risen to the fifth level.’

“Ding… Activation startup of ‘The Strongest Upgrade System’ met… Entering adjustment state…will fall unconscious for 24 hours.”






“Entering unconscious state… ‘The Strongest Upgrade System’ entering activation mode.”

At this point, Lin Fan had lost all consciousness, but he was really looking forward to the capabilities of ‘The Strongest Upgrade System’ after its activation.

Currently, the outer sect examination disciples had long exhausted all their energy. They were angry, but as for the punching bag that dared provoke them, it was likely that he had long died already.

“Everyone stop, this guy is likely dead already.”

That moment, a fairly sturdy looking outer sect examination disciple, with his face completely beet-red and forehead full of sweat, called out.

“Hey, he’s completely motionless. It looks like he actually died.”

“Even if it were an ox, it wouldn’t be able to withstand all that beating.”

At that moment, a disciple came forward and checked Lin Fan's breath, then suddenly exclaimed, "Hey, he is still breathing! He’s not dead yet!”

“This guy is a monster, even after all that, he’s still not dead.”

“Hmph, we have shown him what happens to people who act arrogant. If he dares to insult us again, we will take his worthless life.”

“That’s right, it’s getting late. Three days later is the outer sect examination. We still need to train some more and go all out.”

“Let’s go!”

When the outer sect examination disciples left the training grounds, the punching bags that had been hiding afar all hurried over.

“Hurry, bring Big Bro back and take care of his wounds.”

“Big Bro is a real man! I, Ergou-dan, have never in my entire life looked up to anyone, but I respect Big Bro.”

“What can those outer examination disciples do. In the end, they had to group together to defeat Big Bro.”

“Big Bro must have trained the 《Titanium Grade Demon Body》 to the third level. Those so-called outer sect geniuses are nothing.”

“Enough nonsense, hurry up and carry Big Bro back.”

“Right, Big Bro you must hold on!”

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