The Strongest System

Chapter 20: Professions, I will fight you to the death.

Chapter 20: Professions, I will fight you to the death.

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When night fell, the area where the Saint Devil sect’s outer disciples lived would become very silent. The quietness was to the point where it actually got somewhat scary. But at this moment, there was one person in the darkness creeping about the houses of various outer sect disciples.

After all, since Lin Fan couldn’t find a way to level up in the outer sect, he decided to put all his efforts on his professions skill. Lin Fan was rather stubborn, his blacksmith profession was already level four, yet he still couldn’t make a single decent item. This made Lin Fan quite dissatisfied.

In between all the houses of the outer sect disciples was a small channel, and these channels were Lin Fan’s hiding spot. When Lin Fan went about looking for targets, he didn’t just look around randomly. Instead, he would go about looking for disciples that had already turned the lights off and gone to sleep.

At this point, Lin Fan successfully found a target and prepared to attack. Lin Fan then took a brick from an area of the wall that was already loose, and tossed it into the furnace and began forging.

‘Ding… congratulations on crafting broken tile piece, experience + 1.’

Today’s first shot was unsuccessfully fired. Lin Fan gave a small cackle, ‘Mocking me? I see. Then, I will see how long you can keep this up. I dare you to keep giving me trash.

Without another word Lin Fan began his hard work; picking up a brick, tossing it into the furnace.

‘Ding… congratulations on crafting a pile of useless clay, experience + 1.’

‘Ding… congratulations on crafting broken tile piece, experience + 1.’

‘Ding… congratulations on crafting broken tile piece, experience + 1.’

With the passage of time, Lin fan's heart was about to explode.

‘Are you serious? Can’t you just give me a somewhat decent item already?’ Lin Fan felt flushed, his eyes flashing as he muttered about. At this time as Lin Fan was focusing on his path to forging, inside a separate house, Fang Han lied on his bed without a single breath.

Fang Han obtained the Devil Emperor’s heritage, so his starting point was higher than anyone else. His cultivation method was also of course seemingly peerless.

What Fang Han was currently cultivating was the Devil Emperor’s exclusive martial skill 《Demon Dimension》. Just slightly cultivating this martial skill could allow him to open a monstrous demon realm, where he could then gather demon energy and at the same time summon numerous kinds of powerful demons.

But now, Fang Han was at the most crucial moment, sealing himself away and cultivating the Demon Dimension’s seed, unable to sense anything that was going on outside. Even if there were a person causing a ruckus next to him, he still wouldn’t be able to sense it.

Currently, Lin Fan’s expression was becoming more and more livid. An entire wall of bricks had already been thrown into the furnace.

‘Ding… congratulations on crafting broken tile piece, experience + 1.’

‘Ding… congratulations blacksmith leveled up, rank + 1.’

Lin Fan, whose heart was about to collapse, after hearing the level up notification suddenly smiled. The blacksmith skill was already level five, it couldn’t possibly still give trash, right?

Lin Fan stopped and rubbed his hands, his good fortune was coming. The shot of a level five, it definitely would succeed. Lin Fan then picked up a piece of brick and tossed it into the furnace.

“Come now, my little companion.” Lin Fan’s insides screamed, his eyes bright, awaiting for his legendary weapon to appear.

‘Ding… congratulations on crafting slightly broken tile piece, experience + 1.’

“F*ck......” Lin Fan, who was originally full of expectations, suddenly felt like sh*t as his expression changed and a desire to just die emerged. ‘The blacksmith skill is already level five, can’t you at least give me a little bit of hope? Do you really have to fight me to the death?’ Lin Fan went crazy at this moment.

“Alright, I refuse to believe that you won’t give me a legendary weapon.” Lin Fan’s heart roared. Not caring about anything anymore, he started tossing brick after brick into the furnace

‘Ding… congratulations on crafting slightly broken tile piece, experience + 1.’

‘Ding… congratulations on crafting a slightly better pile of useless clay, experience + 1.’

‘Ding… congratulations on crafting slightly better tile piece, experience + 1.’

Lin Fan’s vision was completely lost with only bricks within his eyes. Wherever the bricks were, Lin Fan’s pair of demon hands would also be there. After an unknown amount of time, as the sky became a little lighter, Lin Fan could be seen gasping for breath.

In a single night, his blacksmith level had gone up three levels. The bricks he crafted ranged into the thousands, but this detestable profession, in the end, didn’t give him a single useful weapon.

If it weren't broken tile pieces, it would instead be piles of clay.

Lin Fan wiped away the sweat from his brow, ‘Alright then, since you want to play, Yours Truly will play with you to the death. I refuse to believe my luck is this bad.’


At this moment, Lin Fan gasped, ‘Isn’t that junior brother Fang? Just why is junior brother Fang sleeping outside?’

Lin Fan was enraged, ‘What bastard could be this cruel and force junior brother Fang to sleep outside? As his senior brother, I must investigate. I can’t let my junior brother suffer this injustice after all.’

“Junior brother Fang, wake up.” without another thought, Lin Fan ran forth and started slapping Fang Han’s face. But Fang Han didn’t even move the slightest as if he were dead. And just when Lin Fan was about to perform his heroic deed of saving his junior brother, he suddenly froze up.

“This isn’t right…” Lin Fan was stunned, then he stood there stupidly while glancing around.

‘This is…this is…’ At this point, Lin Fan suddenly realized and without another word ran off as fast as he could. ‘Damn it! Yesterday, I was too focused on my work and ended up dismantling my junior brother’s house. If junior brother wakes up and sees that his house is gone, he will definitely try and fight me to the death.’

‘So the best choice at the moment is to immediately retreat and just act like the rest of the ignorant masses.’

After returning to his house, Lin Fan then blocked the door with his back while gasping for breath, as if he had done something bad. ‘Looks like I need to be more careful. Dismantling a house even by accident is a rather immoral thing. For tonight’s operation, I must keep my composure.’

Currently in the morning...

Fang Han, who was lying on his bed opened his eyes, his mouth revealing a trace of a smile.

‘Success! The Demon Dimension’s seed has been successfully cultivated, my future cultivation path will be easy now. As long as nothing happens, the future Devil Emperor will be I, Fang Han.’

As for the current Saint Devil sect, Fang Han didn’t even consider it anything. When he became the Devil Emperor, a mere Saint Devil sect like this will also be worshiping him.

‘Because I, Devil Emperor Fang Han, once stayed here after all.’

After Fang Han had adjusted his mentality, he prepared to get up and go eat at the dining hall, but at this moment Fang Han froze.

“How is it so bright in my room, the air is also very fresh, huh…?” Fang Han gasped and immediately sat up. When he saw the scene in front of him, he was utterly dumbfounded.

‘What the f*ck happened?’

Currently, multiple outer sect disciples were outside of Fang Han’s house pointing curiously.

Fang Han’s expression turned cold, he then got dressed. “Damn, who did this?” Inside Fang Han’s cold eyes, a raging fire burned forth. If he ever discovered who did this, he would make them pay dearly. ‘As for those ants that are laughing at me, when I achieve my full cultivation, I will send you all into the deepest depths of hell.’

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