The Strongest System

Chapter 7: Senior-brother, You are a Gracious Person

Chapter 7: Senior-brother, You are a Gracious Person

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“Why, can you still stand?”

“I, Ni Mingyang, entered the sect at age four. For the past eighteen years, day and night, with non-stop training, I finally attained the eighth level precelestial stage, becoming an outer sect disciple. Why can’t I defeat a mere disciple that hasn’t even yet reached precelestial stage…Why?”

Lin Fan watched as two teardrops rolled down from the corner of Ni Mingyang’s eyes, his heart unable to bear the complete result. He seemed to have left a profound impact upon Ni Mingyang.

Even though Saint Devil Sect was a devil sect, but in his year here, Lin Fan had never seen those type of cruel things happen before. Even though punching bags would die time to time, it couldn’t be blamed upon others; since they became a punching bag, they must have had this kind of determination.

Lin Fan sighed again, as his hand rested on the shoulder of Ni Mingyang.

“Senior-brother Ni…”

“Don’t say anything, I can endure… When a genius appears, a person like me who can only use my sweat and tears to replace pure talent cannot stand against him.” Ni Mingyang wiped his tears while saying.

This kind of thing for anyone would be like a bolt out of the blue.

“No, senior-brother Ni, I just wanted to say one thing. I was just hoping you wouldn’t get too mad.” Lin Fan looked at Ni Mingyang while saying, in Lin Fan’s eyes, Ni Mingyang was actually not that bad. If he had known this person was not so bad, he wouldn’t have gone so far. After all, being knocked down to the ground was not a big deal.

But now saying anything was too late.

“From now on, you and I are brothers of the same sect, no need to be so distant. Those so-called righteous path sects, although they demonize our devil sects, if you continue on you’ll discover that our devil sects value friendship much more compared to those so-called righteous path sects.” Ni Mingyang said with emotion.

“Alright, senior-brother Ni’s words are very gracious, to the point that this junior brother is moved. In that case, please excuse me.” Lin Fan was moved to tears upon hearing this, ‘This is exactly what a sect should be like.’

What was this about cheating amongst each other, about one’s cultivation base being stronger than others’ and therefore others must die, as depicted in novels; they were all complete lies.

“I am gracious, so even if you offend me, I will not get mad. When I bring you to see senior brother and initiate you into the sect, you will also be considered my junior brother.” Ni Mingyang stood tall and prideful looking at Lin Fan with an atmosphere a senior brother should have, like a wave surging forth towards Lin Fan.

“Alright, with senior-brother Ni’s words, I also feel at ease.” Lin Fan’s expression was full of joy.

“No worries…”Ni Mingyang smiled and waved his hand dismissively. With these words of self-comforting, the almost collapsing heart had now turned over rapidly.

But at this moment...the world changed…

Ni Mingyang suddenly realized that even though the sun in the sky was ever so shining brightly, in front of his eyes was pitch darkness, unable to see anything. Only a single phrase traveled to his ear.

“《Monkey Steals Peach》.”

That moment, at an extremely fast speed, the 10th level 《Monkey Steals Peach》 was instantly activated by Lin Fan.

At that moment, between heaven and earth, it seemed as if no peach could withstand against Lin Fan’s pair of demon hands.

The action, fast and straightforward…Bent over, reached out and grabbed the peach.


At that moment, an unbeatable powerful sound wave traveled forth. This sound wave contained immense strength and power, making it an unstoppable power. This sudden roar was from the mouth of senior brother Ni.

At the moment, Ni Mingyang’s face had turned pale, his trembling hands clutching his crotch while he was collapsed on the ground and foaming at the mouth. Lin Fan looked towards Ni Mingyang, his heart feeling even more guilty. But whatever the case might be, since he already made senior-brother Ni experience a blow, another blow should be no significant matter.

‘Ding…《Monkey Steals Peach》+ 200’

‘Ding… congratulations on defeating eighth level precelestial stage Ni Mingyang, experience+20000.’

‘Ding… congratulations leveled up’

‘Ding… congratulations leveled up’

‘Ding… congratulations on unlocking precelestial, entering the precelestial stage.’

At this moment Lin Fan’s heart was full of joy. He finally ranked up to the precelestial stage.

Name: Lin Fan

Level: 11 (Second level precelestial stage)

Experience points: (0/50000)

Martial Skills: 《Titanium Grade Demon Body》 18th Level (0/1000000)

《Monkey Steals Peach》 10th level (1200/10000)

Lin laughed crazily. Who knew that with the temporary sacrifice of senior brother Ni, he would gain such an immense amount of experience; such utter bliss.

“You...You...” Currently, the Ni Mingyang that was collapsed on the ground with one hand clutching his crotch and one hand pointing at Lin Fan, had an enraged expression, as if he were about to get up and fight Lin Fan to death.

“Gracious...senior-brother Ni, you are a very gracious person. This junior brother of yours just merely wanted to experiment a little.” Lin Fan innocently said.

“You...” Ni Mingyang even had the desire to die right now. He stood up with incredible difficulty, the peach below in a tremendous, indescribable pain that made his teeth chatter.

“Gracious… your senior brother is a very gracious person… Junior-brother is still young and playful… your senior brother understands.” Ni Mingyang recovered with great effort. If any other area of his body had received any other kinds of massive injuries, Ni Mingyang would have definitely not been in the state he was right now. But that area was a weak point for men; receiving such a severe blow and still being able to stand was also because of his deep cultivation base.

“I just knew senior brother is a very gracious person.” Lin Fan said while smiling.

“Alright then, come with me.” Ni Mingyang swore to the heavens that after this business was finished, he would never ever meet with this guy again.

Dangerous, it was far too dangerous…

“Senior-brother, where are we going?” Lin Fan could tell that Ni Mingyang was not a treacherous kind of person, so he directly asked.

“I will bring you to see senior-brother Meng. After that, senior-brother Meng will recommend you and let you become an outer sect disciple.” Ni Mingyang frowned slightly as if the pain in his eggs had still not disappeared.

“Huh…”Lin Fan jolted with a bit of disbelief, ‘he wasn’t here to harm him?’

Ni Mingyang saw Lin Fan’s expression, and lightly said afterward, “Did you think that I was here to harm you?”

“No…”Lin Fan said hastily, ‘These novels are going to get me killed.’

Ni Mingyang obviously didn’t believe what Lin Fan said, “Those types of treacherous actions are rarely seen inside the Saint Devil Sect. The Saint Devil Sect has experienced prosperity and failure since it’s creation, understanding that infighting will always be an utter disaster for a sect.”

“I understand it, senior-brother Ni. But technically, I could just participate in the outer sect examination in two days.” Lin Fan said.

“You’re a genius. When he reported it, senior-brother Meng didn’t believe it, and neither did I. But now, I am even further convinced that you’re a genius, and any genius is considered a valuable member of a sect. That’s why those type of time-wasting exams are merely an ordinary person's threshold.” Ni Mingyang said.

Lin Fan nodded his head, the initially oppressive atmosphere at this moment had completely vanished.

“Senior-brother Ni, then what is our threshold?” Lin Fan asked.

Ni Mingyang looked at Lin Fan, then murmured, "Entering the precelestial stage is one step, postcelestial is a small step while pericelestial is an even bigger step. For a sect, out of thousands of people, if even one is able to achieve the pericelestial stage, it is a joyous occasion. In the future, you will begin to understand. It’s getting late, senior-brother Meng likely cannot wait any longer.”

"What about him?” Lin Fan pointed towards the collapsed pretty boy.

“He has merits for recommending a talent, so I will reward him in the future. Come.” Ni Mingyang said. Lin Fan heard this and was startled, ‘Seriously, so in the end, I was merely a treat…Forget it.'

Seeing Ni Mingyang smiling expression, it seemed as if he would also get a reward. The previous guilt in his heart had completely vanished at this point. And if he were to enter the outer sect, in the future…‘Hehehe…’At this moment, Lin Fan smiled perversely.

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