The Struggle of Returning to The Other World

Chapter 16 - It Was A Disappointed Expression

TSRTOW Chapter 16: It Was A Disappointed Expression

July 16, 2018

Translated by Shufen

The next day, I decided to take charge of the bento delivery for the first time in a long time.

Noel hasn’t shown up at the training ground since he was there for the inspection.

Well, as you read, I know I’m not in the position to hang around inside the royal palace. If we meet today…I have no choice but to talk to him properly.

When I reached the usual sales area, I can see the soldiers who are waiting for lunch already.

Wow, it’s amazing. To be waiting for it comes, the bentos are famous.

Recently, there are also other restaurants that are starting to advance to the royal palace as well.

However, there’ll be trouble if multiple vendors go and start a sales battle.

The quality of safety management won’t be maintained.

So, it was said that the other shops weren’t given permission.

Let’s be careful in the royal palace.

If I did any action that disrupts the order of the royal palace, they’ll immediately change suppliers.

Maybe Ars-san is also there?

When I first met him at the festival, I remember him saying, “I’m working in the royal palace”. I looked around the training ground in a hurry and didn’t find his dark brown hair.

Are you not affiliated with today’s corps or even a soldier in the royal palace?

What is the work of the servants of the royal palace?

And it’s not because I’m wondering because of Midi.

But, I would like to ask you that the next time I meet you.

・ ・ ・ ・

And then the next day.

It’s the bento delivery to the magic lab.

It has been a little over a week since I last came here to talk to Ordias-sama.

It may be just the right time when I said I would consider my own personal affairs in the near future. Well, I hope I can continue to take care of the meals at the diner.

But, I wonder if I can meet Ordias-sama today.

Thinking about it, Ordias-sama is not a resident of this lab.

Rather, he is a sorcerer who has a status of not moving his legs if it’s normal.

If I weren’t going to the magic lab today, I would be worried about what to do.

At that time, there would be no choice but to ask the magicians to pass him a message.

While carrying the heavy bento boxes, I knock on the door leading into the lab.

Then, as if they were waiting for the bento visit, the door quickly opened.

I was surprised at the speed and stepped back.

“Hello. –What is this?”

It was the magician from last time. His hair was styled more than usual and somehow he has sparkling eyes and blushing cheeks. But, when he saw my face, he became disappointed right away. It was easy to see because he had a lonely expression and his face was lowered.

“Thank you for your time.”

I had a bad feeling from his sad voice.

What is this?

“Is it Sena’s day off today?”

I finally understand the situation.

Aha, I see. It’s because of Sena.

“I’m sorry, Sena and I were supposed to take turn delivering.” (Haruka)

“Oh, that’s right. Isn’t it unusual for Sena to come here several times?”

“Yes, she works at the diner now. So, I think I will be bothering you in the near future again.” (Haruka)

“Oh…I’m sorry. I didn’t introduce myself last time. My name is Collie.” (Collie)

Collie-san seems to have recovered quickly and gave me a smile of relief.

“I’m called Haruka, please take care of me.” (Haruka)

He is easy to understand. I wonder if there are other magicians like this. I still have a rude impression of them because of a certain someone.

We finally introduced ourselves during the second meeting. We slowly made our way to the same corridor as last time. The building must be old but it’s a little different from last time. The thing that is different is the lack of dust. They’ve clearly increased the cleanliness of the place.

“…Did you guys do a deep cleaning?” (Haruka)

“Eh?” (Collie)

“Somehow it’s so beautiful.” (Haruka)

“Oh, you understand it?” (Collie)

Collie looked over with pleasure.

“You know, recently I requested for bentos to be delivered, so woman like you and Sena showed up. I’m sorry to have you come to such a dirty place.” (Collie)

In plain text, I cleaned it for Sena-san.

“Yes, it must be interesting for you. I’ll show you.” (Collie)

While saying this, Collie reached into his pocket and took out something that resembles a marble and started spinning some spells. It’s not a big deal. When the spell ended, it jumped up around. Of course, it’s an effect of magic.

Collie shook the hand holding the marble.

The broom nearby started to sweep the corridor carefully.

“Amazing.” (Haruka)

During my Priestess period, magic was shown in many techniques, but I haven’t seen the art being used in such a practical way. There is hardly any opportunity to see this sort of technique because it’s a magic tool that commoners use. I want to remember this magic.

I want to use it at the diner.

I mean, if I can use this magic.

Of course, if you can use such magic, you should just keep the lab clean at all time.

“Hey, what are you doing?” (Ordias)

I was surprised to hear a voice. Collie and I turned back from looking at the self-cleaning broom.

The owner of that voice is Ordias-sama.

Today you’re at the lab huh.

Ordias-sama, I’ll be going to the lab every day.

“I hear you.” (Ordias)

Ordias-sama hit the nail with his grumpy voice.

Collie quickly paid me as to say “I don’t have time” or something similar and walked away – more like he ran away. Let’s hurry, Ordias-sama is a tough person. He is scary strict to everyone.

“You too, why are you selling oil and not come right away?” (Ordias)

“Sorry, sir.”

It’s the first time I have seen him in a week, he’s suddenly angry.

I follow Ordias-sama into the same room as before.

The clutter in this room remained unchanged.

I’m glad because I prefer this sort of atmosphere.

Well, I don’t know where my favorite person Collie is.

When I put down the bento carrier, I sat down on the chair because of Ordias-sama’s prompting.

“I was in bed with a cold.” (Haruka)

“Are you feeling better now?” (Ordias)

“Oh, yes. Thank you. I’m all right.” (Haruka)

“You’re as soft as ever.” (Ordias)

Are you worried or just want to complain?

While I made a face, Ordias-sama made tea with magic for himself and took a sip.

Uh…aren’t you going to make any for me?

“As for you, there is some concern after all.” (Ordias)

Suddenly we’re at the main issue.

I’m very anxious about it.

What did Ordias-sama say to Noel?

“I didn’t say anything about you to Wood Gray.” (Ordias)

“—Is that right?” (Haruka)

“However, it seems like he noticed you for a moment towards the end. But he won’t be able to tell that it’s Haruatia.” (Ordias)

Oh, I guess. I was noticed.

I want to hold my head.

“I told him it was a young lady who sells bento boxes. If you’re curious, you should go and check it out yourself.” (Ordias)

“So that’s why Noel bothered going all the way to the training ground.” (Haruka)

“It’s good that you came back after a year and a half.” (Ordias)

Ordias-sama somehow seems amused.

I guess that’s taboo…I think the guardian’s mood is weird.

“I ran away when I encountered him last time. When I think about it, I feel that it is better to meet Noel properly.” (Haruka)

“What would you talk about?” (Ordias)

“I’m in this world but I don’t intend to bother Noel.” (Haruka)

“So will that guy agree with it?” (Ordias)

“Well, I know that the sense of responsibility of that person is unusually strong but, Noel should know better than to bothered me in this position.” (Haruka)

“In this position…” (Ordias)

Ordias-sama show signs of hesitation.

Do not give me that strange look.

I stared at him and urged him ahead.

“Surprisingly, you seem to understand things.” (Ordias)

…Thank you for your compliment.

“As you said, it’s not a personal issue with you and Wood Gray, you were the Priestess. The fact is that wherever you are, you’ll always have some sort of effect from it.” (Ordias)

“There seems to be no power of God at all.” (Haruka)

“It’s not about God power, it’s about political and religious powers.” (Ordias)

“…” (Haruka)

“The other day, Wood Gray came to me with a story involving those things.” (Ordias)

A story involving Noel and Ordias-sama with a political and religious problem.

I could almost imagine what kind of case it was.

“It’s a question of God power concerning the current Priestess.” (Ordias)

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