The Struggle of Returning to The Other World

Chapter 2 - I returned to the different world

Ch 2: I returned to the different world

No, I definitely said it was nostalgic!

I am standing here feeling annoyed and angry.

Where am I? What happened? …Well, the imagination is about to start.

I am alone and standing in the middle of a large forest.

It randomly happened on my way home from the school’s summer classes while I was silently walking down a long hill.

I felt dizziness and intense nausea. A sense of a powerful force squeezing my body. Both are symptoms I experienced before. Nonetheless, I was unable to be calm in such a usual situation. I cannot hear anything while I crouch over and embrace my spinning head.

Painful…someone please help.

My hands are numb. My body felt stiff and it seems like I am about to become unconscious. But, just before that happened, all the symptoms disappeared; as if it was swept away by the breeze. Again, I have experienced this before.

…Fearfully I opened my eyes and got up slowly.

The front of my eyes is still seeing blinding lights. I cannot see anything. However, that will go away eventually.

Soon I became calm and slowly looked around.

Everything about the scenery meant I was lost. I saw dense tall trees and low bushes that was untouched by humans. The slope of asphalt burnt in the summer sun was nowhere to be found.

My heart was wavering in this sudden change of event.

But at the same time, I felt this tight feeling in my heart.

This…it can’t be.

The different world summoning.

I came to this conclusion easily but, I am still confused.

If this is to be the same as the summon I experienced a year and a half ago, the situation is too different from that time.

At that time, the place was done by the team of magicians from the Royal Palace. Many people were with the team summoner and they surrounded me while they observed my appearance.

Nevertheless, I am alone.

I look down on my shoulder length hair. Straight black hair without anything fancy added to it. This is funny because my black hair was changed to a dazzling blonde hair when I was summoned the last time. At that time, it was something like God’s protection. On top of that, I felt a mysterious power inside my body.

But now I felt nothing. Perhaps the color of my eyes is just my normal black eyes.

Indeed, it is a body of an ordinary school girl.


Still, it is a priority to grasp the situation quickly. This situation is very similar to the last time I was summoned but I May be in a completely different position. I don’t understand or know why.

At least it seems like the possibility of someone coming to help me are extremely low. Let’s walk first while I search for other humans.

I had a hard time getting through the forest.

I learned this later but the forest wasn’t large but I was walking around in circles without a sense of direction. It was natural that I could not get out easily.

I was relieved when I finally found an opening after walking around breathlessly.

There was a small hill with a small town. And even further back, there was a bigger city with the Royal Palace.

No doubt about it. I know this scenery.

This is the scenery from the different world I visited. I was staying at that far off Royal Palace for a year.

“Haru-chan, please bring this to table 3!”


To the powerful female voice, I quickly replied.

It is currently peak hour at this restaurant.

All the seats are filled with customers. Thanks to the loud cheerful voices of the guests, we cannot hear each other unless we shout at one another.

It was nice to be a part-time waitress experience from my original world.

I lightly move between the crowded seats and pleasantly delivered dishes to the guests while moving the empty plates to the pile in the kitchen. I wouldn’t have turned to this restaurant if I had to. Since I was often praised that dishes are coming out faster, the motivation to continue kicks in.

Even if it wasn’t true, I was indebted to the owners of this restaurant.

It was three weeks ago that they hired me as a live-in waitress. Two days prior to that, I arrived in this world. To be honest, it was mostly me wandering around lost before arriving here.

Of course in the beginning, I was determined to go to the Royal Palace for help.

When I was summoned here last time, I was treated very well and lived a life of a princess. I believed that if they knew that the Priestess from that time came back to this world again, they would surely accept me again. This time I was not asking for a princess level hospitality. Anyways, I thought if I was provided with food, clothing, and shelter I would not die.


It was sweet. I had completely forgotten my position.

A daunting girl who is just like one of the commoners. That is now, no it is just me. There are many people who have black hair in this world. The appearance of a Japanese person is not rare. The ‘me’ now have an appearance that is seen everywhere.

When I suddenly walk up to the Royal Palace and demand to meet the country’s headhanchos, I was naturally thrown out of the entrance without any further questions.

Still, I think that it was a matter of life and death so I cannot go down easily.

Somehow, listen to my story, I did not lie and I am not crazy.

I am coming here genuinely with sanity.

However, I look different.

Once I lost God power, there is absolutely no way I can prove I was a Priestess. At the very least, if a lower rank soldier or servant had an acquaintance, the story may have worked but, I only knew people who were super-first-class that supports the country.

Ultimately, I had no choice but to give up.

This is why I went back to the small town.

It’s fun. My leg hurts. My body feels sticky with sweat.

I want to take a hot shower and jump into a fluffy bed right now.

Even this wish was in vain.

That evening I was made to think carefully.

Perhaps I wasn’t needed when I was summoned again.

There is some sort of misunderstanding because I wasn’t welcomed by anyone. It must be a different world summon this time.

If not, I wouldn’t have been summoned alone in a forest. If I had simply missed by landing site, the Royal Palace staff should have been searching for me. But the Royal Palace I visited was quite peaceful.

It seems to me that it would be better for everyone to not know that the former Priestess returned to this world without any reason. While thinking about this, I was holding my knees on the cold cobblestone.

It was only a year and a half ago when I was sent home. It was only a year and a half, isn’t it? It’s pretty bad, and I was even summoned back…and yet I was downgraded to a simple girl.

…Oh no, I absolutely do not want anyone to know.

Besides, I have done one more thing.

I still have to confront my escort knight.

Fair enough, yes, if you could accept my feelings, I would secretly hold onto my hopeless expectation to transfer my residence here. But, because the escort knight rejected my feelings…

After all that, I definitely do not want to meet them.

Especially Noel, my former escort knight

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