The Struggle of Returning to The Other World

Chapter 34.2

Chapter 34.2

I was so surprised so I just stood there and looked at him seriously.

Despite my strong gaze, the other party wasn’t fazed.

Ars-san isn’t wearing his usual rough clothes. He has on form-fitting dark green jacket and black pants. It’s a set of clothes I knew well.

--Is he a knight?

“It’s been a long time, Harutia-sama.” (Hamuti)

Hamuti-sama welcomed me in.

“Yes.” (Haruka)

I was so shocked that any words of greeting are blown away. Rather, for a moment I forgot about Hamuti-sama’s existence.

What is this?

Why is Ars-san here?

Is Hamuti-sama’s subordinate?

Was it his instruction to follow me?

“Please have a seat.” (Hamuti)

I could not get out of my confusion so I sat down on a nearby sofa. Hamuti-sama also came over and sat across from me.

“I’m sorry for having you come all the way here. Oh, don’t worry about him. He’s my guard, but for this situation he’ll be here as well. I’m sure you already know him.” (Hamuti)

“Hah…” (Haruka)

No, no more. My head isn’t working.

Perhaps that is Hamuti-sama’s goal.

“I have protected you from the shadows. So far I have asked you to stay at the diner but just in case there was someone to protect you. You may have been disrespectful with your attitude but everything was to protect you without revealing the circumstances. (Hamuti)

Hamuti-sama continues to explain indifferently.

But all I could hear were excuses.

Even with my head not working, I’m aware he said some contradictions.

“Hamuti-sama, please wait. I would like to ask you one thing.” (Haruka)

“Okay, what is it?” (Hamuti)

“Well Hamuti-sama, who summoned me?” (Haruka)

I don’t care about greetings or recent reports.

When I went straight to the point, Hamuti-sama narrows his eyes slightly.

“-No, this is amazing. It’s not true but why would you say that?” (Haruka)

I said what I thought slowly while organizing my mind.

“The first time I met Ars-san was when I came back to this world. At that time… not just Hamuti-sama or even before I met Ordias-san again. The key point was that was the period where I didn’t tell anyone I was the former Priestess. In other words, Ars-san has been guarding me since that time. There is only one person who knew I was already in this world.” (Haruka)

I smiled while Hamuti-san groaned low as if he were impressed.

The other party didn’t think I’ll figure that out.

“It was certainly before I could speak to you in person Harutia-sama. There was a bit of a situation but I’m not the one who summoned you.” (Hamuti)

I couldn’t trust Hamuti-sama’s words at all.

“As I mentioned when I met you before, we are investigating the perpetrator who re-summoned you. I can’t tell you everything but I will report back to you whenever it’s the right time. I will protect you so please wait.”

Hamuti-sama concluded his words.

No no. Wait a minute.

“When is the right time?” (Haruka)

“It is a matter of judgment made based on the circumstances at any given time. I can’t exactly say when.” (Hamuti)

“But it’s been four months since I came here. Isn’t it strange that the ‘right time’ hasn’t come yet? Hamuti-sama is the Prime Minister of this country. The re-summoning of the Priestess is supposed to be a big deal that could shake this country. After so long, how can Hamuti-sama not understand the situation?” (Haruka)

“I see.”

Hamuti-sama nodded indifferently.

“Certainly, as Ars's reports said, you seem to be very agile for your age. In this situation you’ve probably thought about it a lot.” (Hamuti)

No, I would rather have the answer to my question.

Hamuti-sama continues speaking at a quick pace.

“But I’m worried. I wonder if the obedient Harutia-sama who came here alone could be harmed by someone because of her hard work and frankness.” (Hamuti)

“What do you mean?... “ (Haruka)

I have a bad feeling about this.

“Harutia-sama. Let us protect you in the future.” (Hamuti)

“What protection? Isn’t it imprisonment? (Haruka)

“That’s ridiculous. Protection is protection. I hope you’ll be closer to us for your safety.” (Hamuti)

“Wait, we’re not talking about that right now.” (Haruka)

“Your safety is important, isn’t it?” (Hamuti)

Wow, I can’t say anything at all.

You have no intention of listening to my opinion.

It’s a setup. If I were to become frustrated by his remarks, he’ll confine me. Ah, Ars-san is here to capture me. … You’re too much Hamuti-sama.

“I want to go back to the diner.” (Haruka)

“Don’t say that. You’re going back to your original world eventually so you shouldn’t invest too much of your emotions to them.” (Hamuti)

But…the feelings have already changed.

If Hamuti-sama have his eyes on me, it would be useless.

If I leave Hamuti-sama and return to the diner, he’ll surely cause trouble for the diner.

I feel my blood being drained.

I don’t know what to say.

Hamuti-sama seems to have accepted my silence as an agreement.

He nodded happily.

“Don’t worry, I’m thinking of letting you stay at Otland-dono's private residence. He is someone familiar so you’ll be able to relax.” (Hamuti)


Oh, Otland-dono is also his subordinate.

Ah… what should I do?

“Now, Ars. Take Harutia-sama to Otland-dono’s residence. Don’t be rude.” (Hamuti)

“Yes, sir.” (Ars)

Ars-san, who had been waiting in the corner of the room opened his mouth for the first time.

He’s different from the person I knew. His eyes turned down with an expressionless face. He didn’t make any useless movement as he walks over to my side. He held his hand out for me.

I stood up myself, ignoring the hand that was held out.

Ars-san made a slight ‘oh’ face but it soon disappeared.

“Harutia-sama, please follow me. I’ll prepare a carriage in a moment.” (Ars)

Thus, I’m placed under confinement and protection at Otland-dono’s private residence.

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