The Struggle of Returning to The Other World

Chapter 8 - How About a Lovely Packed Lunch?

TSRTOW Chapter 8: How About a Lovely Packed Lunch?

The training ground was a stone throw away from the entrance to the royal palace.

When I was the Priestess, it was an area I’ve never set foot in. The training ground was larger than I thought. It was about the size of a baseball field in my original world. There are dozens of soldiers here and they’re training in several groups.

They are working hard and there weren’t a lot of things to block out the sunlight.

I stood quietly in the shade next to the training ground so I don’t get in the way while waiting for the training to be over.

“Oh, Haruka! You’re here!” (soldier)

While I was carelessly lost in my thoughts, training ended. A few of the soldiers who are regulars at the diner notice me and started walking over.

“Hi, I really came!” (Haruka)

“Excuse me, can I buy one?” (soldier)

“Thank you!” (Haruka)

I took the cloth that was covering the basket off with delight. The square bento boxes and the rice balls wrapped with leaves that resemble those from bamboo. When I reveal the interior, the soldiers said “Oh!” with a happy voice.

“Wow, there is a lot of stuff.”

“The color looks beautiful and looks delicious.”

This is a meal that was clearly made by a woman because it’s carefully balanced with nutrients.

“What’s wrapped within those leaves?” (soldier)

“It’s rice with delicious ingredients stuffed inside.” (soldier)

“Oh, I see. It’s perfect when you’re not too hungry.” (soldier)

“This container looks pretty nice. I should take it back home at the end of the meal.”

“Oh no. I will leave this basket here so please put the containers back in here after you finish eating. I will come back tomorrow; I will take them back to wash.” (Haruka)

There’s no point for customers to buy the bento and return the container themselves. In reality, I wish there were disposable containers but it doesn’t exist in this world.

“Well then. You’re going to have to sell them all if you’re going to leave the basket here.” (soldier)

“I bought a cloth to wrap up the unsold bentos to bring back but I want to sell them all if possible.”

Where we were talking, more soldiers came over.

Oh, they’re quite young. What is this? The soldiers look young and innocent.”

“Teo-san, what are you doing?” (soldier)

“Oh, a familiar diner has made a business trip. How about selling me one?” (Teo)

“Oh, it sounds nice. I’ll get one too.” (soldier)

Thank you very much!

With this, I’ve already sold six bentos and three rice balls.

Thankfully, this is going well.

After that, I watch the soldiers talk about their bento. Some of them like the bento and rice balls a lot so they came back to buy another one. I’m glad they enjoy it.

In less than thirty minutes, everything was sold out.

This is a nice feeling. I thought that fifteen bentos were too much but it looks like I’ll have to prepare more tomorrow. No…I wonder if it sold well because it’s the first day.

“Would this be here again tomorrow?” (soldier)

One of the soldiers asks me when he returns the empty bento.

“Yes, that’s right. We are doing trial runs so I’m not sure how long this will last.” (Haruka)

“I don’t like the dining halls in the royal palace at all and it’s troublesome to leave the palace so I don’t get to eat lunch properly. The bento is very delicious; I plan on buying this again the day after tomorrow. I’ll advertise it for you too!” (soldier)

“Thank you!” (Haruka)

Does the ground of soldiers alternate their training day? If so, should I continue to use the same menu for a few days?

“Oi Cedor! Are you hitting on the young lady?” (soldier)

The joke came from another soldier from the distance. Guys…please stop. I’m touched by this precious young man.

・ ・ ・ ・

The bento delivery operation continued very strongly after this.

As time goes on, we should be seeing interesting trends.

A lot of the regulars are still visiting the diner.

As for the bento business, it is unexpectedly popular with young soldiers.

There are a lot of young people working in the royal palace living alone. For them, the bento box was full of the taste of home cook meals. It gives them a healing reminiscent feeling with the taste of home. Do bentos have such an effect? But, I understand. I also like the meals cook by the husband and wife.

In addition, the price was cheaper than other shops and it’s easier to buy.

Recently, soldiers aren’t the only people in the training ground. People were coming from other departments in the palace to buy the bentos. Unfortunately, there was only a limited amount of bentos I can bring to the palace. I’m only one person who is weak so I cannot carry much. I’m sorry for those who cannot buy any because we sold out quickly.

Since I started selling the bentos, I was away from the diner so the couple seems to be having a hard time.

Recently, they decided to hire a new part-time worker.

What a delightful thing because the new part-time worker hired is a woman! Onee-san brings back a happy atmosphere.

When she gets used to the shop, Sena and I can take turn selling bento boxes.

Sena, thank you very much~

And another big change.

The royal palace asked us to expand the sales of the bento boxes.

The new sales destination is the Magic division.

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