The Supreme Lord Donghuang

Chapter 306 - Return to the Guiyao planet

Chapter 306: Return to the Guiyao planet


After killing Chai Menghu, He Jin put his Primordial Soul power away. At the same time, he had on an expression of wonder. “I just entered the early Divine Transformation stage recently, but yet I’ve managed to reach such a high level of power. Once I’ve stabilized my training methods, does that mean I will become even more powerful?”

On the other hand, Zhou Donghuang was not surprised at all at He Jin’s showcase of power. After hearing He Jin’s monologue to himself, he smiled and replied casually, “Valley Head, do not forget, the method you are using to train is the Deity’s Tribulation practice method, which is the most elite of methods in the entire universe!

“This training method is usually only employed by those at the peak of the top tribes of the planets and of the most powerful sects.

“This is why the early Divine Transformation adepts of the top families of the planets and of the most powerful sects would probably be able to defeat any mid Divine Transformation adept of the Hengliu galaxy.

“After all, do not forget that your added powers only came about after you transferred to the Thousand-Star Sword Technique.”

Once Zhou Donghuang had spoken, He Jin was then reminded that the Thousand-Star Sword Technique, which had switched to, was an elite practice method that the entire universe would acknowledge.


All of a sudden, Zhou Donghuang’s facial expression became slightly more grave. “Valley Head, if you don’t intend to create trouble for yourself, you should try not to demonstrate your full power to others.

“Just from the fight that just took place, many could already tell that although you are at the early Divine Transformation stage, you demonstrated powers that exceed that of a mid Divine Transformation adept… Under such a situation, they would immediately first assume that you had switched to an extremely high-level practice method.

Zhou Donghuang did not see a need to continue speaking words of caution as he knew that He Jin was probably aware of these facts as well.

After all, He Jin was a Valley Head of the Lightning Sword Sect, and he was extremely experienced and had seen much in his life.

“This time, I was truly too careless.” He Jin nodded. “However, it is lucky that they all died so that they would not be able to spread the word after returning to the Qi Dynasty.

“Give me some time to familiarize myself with my powers. Next time, when I launch an attack, I will be able to control my abilities better.”

Now, He Jin was sweating out of fright as well. Once news that he had transferred to a high-level practice method had spread, it would be hard to control the gossip within the Alliance, much less the two Transcendental Forces of the Hengliu galaxy. They would definitely find trouble with him.

After all, it was shocking that a new practice method allowed He Jin, a mere early Divine Transformation adept, to be able to have powers that exceeded that of a mid Divine Transformation adept.

Even the best practice methods within the two Transcendental Forces of the Hengliu galaxy, the Qi Dynasty and the Guangling Academy, were unable to do so.


Zhou Donghuang nodded his head before turning to He Jin. “Valley Head, let’s continue heading towards the Guiyao planet.”

This time, before heading out, Zhou Donghuang had paid a special visit to He Jin.

He had visited He Jin to request that he escort him on his journey to the Guiyao planet. After all, he had previously turned down offers by the two Transcendental Forces of the Hengliu galaxy, and it was likely that they would find trouble with him as he traveled.

After traveling for thousands of years in his past life and having many experiences, that would not surprise him at all.

In any case, although Zhou Donghuang had requested for He Jin to escort him on his journey to the Guiyao planet, he had not travelled alongside He Jin. He had instead requested that He Jin keep the furthest distance possible while travelling in the same direction as him.

Through the previous series of events, it was clear that Zhou Donghuang’s precautions had not been in vain.

The Qi Dynasty had really taken action and had even sent three ultimate Primordial Soul adepts to kill him.

“Yes,” He Jin replied favorably, and the duo hurriedly continued towards the Guiyao planet. This time, He Jin directly travelled alongside Zhou Donghuang.

“Donghuang, the Qi Dynasty really viewed you as a genuine threat… After all, just to kill you, they actually sent three of their ultimate Primordial Soul adepts on this mission.”

Along the way, He Jin glanced at Zhou Donghuang and smiled bitterly.

Although He Jin had agreed to Zhou Donghuang’s request as he had understood Zhou Donghuang’s fears, he had merely assumed that the Qi Dynasty and the Guangling Academy would probably only send one or two typical Primordial Soul adepts at most to kill Zhou Donghuang.

He had not expected that the Qi Dynasty would actually send three ultimate Primordial Soul adepts on this mission!

Against the trio of ultimate Primordial Soul adepts sent by the Qi Dynasty, if He Jin had not switched to the Thousand-Star Sword Technique before crossing over to the Divine Transformation stage, he definitely would have been doomed, much less Zhou Donghuang.

“I had not expected that either.”

Zhou Donghuang smiled lightly and seemed to display little emotion on his face. However, even as his eyes narrowed, internally, he took note of this fact as well.

This was the first attempt by the Qi Dynasty to get rid of him and they had been serious in their attempt.

Furthermore, it had been a direct order by the highly regarded seventh prince of the Qi Dynasty at that.

In that case, he would then choose to remember this grudge against the seventh prince of the Qi Dynasty. Since he had chosen to attempt to kill him once, he would attempt to kill someone of the Qi Dynasty as well. This target would then be the seventh prince of the Qi Dynasty.

He Jin was oblivious to Zhou Donghuang’s train of thought. If he had known that Zhou Donghuang intended to kill the seventh prince of the Qi Dynasty in the future as revenge for this assassination attempt, he would definitely get a shock.

One had to know that the seventh prince of the Qi Dynasty was definitely one of the top candidates in line for ascending the throne of the Qi Dynasty.

He could even be said to be the top choice.

To the Qi Dynasty, they would rather sacrifice 100 mediocre princes like the fourteenth prince instead of losing the seventh prince.

“I’m afraid this is only the beginning.” He Jin smiled bitterly.

“This time, the Qi Dynasty sent out three ultimate Primordial Soul adepts on this mission, and they were all killed. The Qi Dynasty will definitely not take this well.

“Even if they do not demonstrate this indignation directly, they will definitely feel it.

“This time, they already sent three ultimate Primordial Soul adepts… The next time, the assassins will definitely be Divine Transformation adepts.

“Donghuang… Will you consider going into hiding for a period of time?”

After speaking, He Jin could not help but suggest the option of going into hiding.

He Jin was confident that as long as the mid Divine Transformation adepts sent out by the Qi Dynasty weren’t too strong, he could guarantee Zhou Donghuang’s safety. In fact, he was confident even against mediocre late Divine Transformation adepts.

However, just as Zhou Donghuang had cautioned, he had to be careful not to reveal his true powers as well.

Once his powers were revealed, the fact that he had switched training methods would be revealed as well, and it would be chaotic for He Jin!

Furthermore, there were several Divine Transformation adepts of the Qi Dynasty who were definitely stronger than him. If these Divine Transformation adepts launched an attack, even the two other Divine Transformation adepts would not be able to protect Zhou Donghuang, let alone He Jin!

He felt that it would be suitable for Zhou Donghuang to go into hiding for the time being.

“Valley Head, do not worry. I have plans in mind.”

Zhou Donghuang smiled casually and did not seem to be too affected by the attack from the Qi Dynasty. This time, his journey to the Guiyao planet would be his last moments spent in the Hengliu galaxy.

After his travels to the Guiyao planet, he planned to leave the Hengliu galaxy to visit other galaxies where he could steal the rare treasures that others would gain in the future, ahead of time.

Formerly, when he was at the Primal Core stage, he had made use of the memories from his past life to obtain several treasures, and they had provided many benefits to his training.

However, those items were only useful for his old practice method.

As for better treasures, with his past level of training, he was unable to obtain them.

Now, the four Dharma Powers within him had all crossed over to the Primordial Soul stage. His powers had already exceeded that of a typical Primordial Soul adept, and he was confident in using better treasures now.

At the same time, he wished to return to the Ziyun planet.

He also planned to visit Earth.

In this life, he only had a singular goal, which was to upgrade himself at the fastest speed possible in order to change the fate of all his loved ones and save his biological parents!

In his previous life, the death of his parents was one of his biggest regrets.

In this life, given the chance and opportunity, he would not let this painful scenario repeat itself.

“Donghuang, what are you planning to do on the Guiyao planet? Previously, I thought you were heading to the Guiyao planet to lure out the attacks by the Qi Dynasty and the Guangling Academy… However, now that the assassins of the Qi Dynasty are already killed and I can confirm that no members of the Guangling Academy are lurking around, why do you insist on heading for the Guiyao planet?” He Jin asked doubtfully.

“Valley Head, I’m heading to the Guiyao planet to confirm a few suspicions for myself,” Zhou Donghuang said.

“Of course, if you are interested, you could accompany me in confirming these suspicions. If not, you could remain outside of the planet to train while waiting for me.”

“I shall just wait outside for you.”

He Jin shrugged as he did not have much interest in the Guiyao planet.

To He Jin, the Guiyao planet was merely a strange, isolated planet that was home to many beasts. However, none of these beasts had managed to cross over to the Primordial Soul stage, as if there was some kind of magical barrier preventing these beasts from doing so.

Many had been curious about this fact and had wanted to enter the Guiyao planet to investigate this matter. This included people of the Alliance as well as of the Qi Dynasty and the Guangling Academy. However, they had all done so with no answers.

Over time, the number of people still interested in this matter gradually dwindled.

Now, He Jin assumed that Zhou Donghuang was headed towards the Guiyao planet over the same matter. However, he suspected that it would not be easy to get to the bottom of things.

It was rumored that even the late Divine Transformation adepts of the Qi Dynasty and the Guangling Academy had traveled to the Guiyao planet in the past to explore its uniqueness and its secrets, but to no avail.

With such knowledge in mind, He Jin thus did not see any point in following Zhou Donghuang into the Guiyao planet and instead chose to wait outside.

“Be careful.”

After speaking, He Jin regretted his words as he suddenly remembered that within the Guiyao planet, even the strongest beast was only at the ultimate Dharma stage.

Those beasts had been inferior to Zhou Donghuang even one year ago.

Within a year, Zhou Donghuang had also successfully managed to cross over to the Primordial Soul stage.

This point had been observed by He Jin long before he had agreed to follow Zhou Donghuang to the Guiyao planet, merely through the progress of Zhou Donghuang’s training.

As of now, the beasts within the Guiyao planet were definitely no threat to Zhou Donghuang.

“I hope I will be satisfied with my results from the planet.”

After responding to He Jin, Zhou Donghuang went forth and entered the Guiyao planet.

Now, the Guiyao planet’s defense formations were not activated, and he could travel in and out of the planet with ease.

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