The Sweetest Medicine

Chapter 21 - A Slap As Fast As A Tornado

Chapter 21: A Slap As Fast As A Tornado

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The sudden voice was weak and raspy, but it surprised everyone, including Yu Gangan and Mrs. Yu.

“Haohao, what did you say?” Mrs. Yu asked as she furrowed her brows with a heartbroken and worried expression. Her son didn’t like interacting with strangers, so why did he suddenly speak up and say that he wanted this woman to treat him?

Unless…they knew each other?

With this thought, Mrs. Yu’s gaze suddenly turned cold.

She was afraid that Yu Gangan was a person with an evil motive that deliberately tried to get close to her son with sneaky tricks.

Mrs. Yu wanted to send both Yu Gangan and Dr. Jin away so the hospital director could confirm the diagnosis first before she decided how to go ahead with the treatment.

But, Haohao’s little hands started to twitch again. In a panic, Mrs. Yu asked, “Why is he twitching again?”

Yu Gangan looked at Song Chabai and asked, “Did you bring the silver needles that I gave you?”

Song Chabai immediately nodded her head and pulled out an acupuncture box from her pocket, “Yes, I brought it. I’ve been keeping it in my pocket since you gave it to me.”

Yu Gangan received the box and pulled out a small needle from inside. She then focused in front her and found the Neiguan acupuncture point.

After that, she gently motioned her hand, allowing the needle to slowly move downwards…

The room was extremely quiet as everyone held their breaths and watched this scene.

Mrs. Yu felt her heart tense up as she stared at Yu Gangan’s hand, afraid that one false move would hurt or wound her son.

As the needle moved downwards, the child’s twitching began to slowly ease.

“He’s not twitching anymore!” Mrs. Yu said gleefully. As though a bucket of water had been tipped on her head, Dr. Jin’s expression changed dramatically. She was both shocked and surprised.

The hands beside her body began to tremble…Did she really misdiagnose the child’s condition?

After Yu Gangan was finished with her acupuncture, the child’s complexion improved a lot.

Yu Gangan looked at Mrs. Yu and said, “Mrs. Yu, your son won’t twitch for a while, but the cause is still in his body. He must take medicine to recover!”

Mrs. Yu looked at the young woman in front of her with surprise. How was her acupuncture skills so good at such a young age?

Acupuncture wasn’t a simple kind of medical treatment, it depended on a technical set of skills.

If someone wasn’t proficient in it, they could even mislocate an acupuncture point.

Perhaps, this young woman was indeed worth a try…

Seeing that Mrs. Yu’s interest had been piqued, Dr. Jin began to panic. So, she forced herself to remain composed as she yelled at Yu Gangan, “Who let you act recklessly? If you treat him incorrectly, you won’t be able to handle the responsibility…”

But, before she finished her sentence, Mrs. Yu glared at her coldly and said, “Shut up!” She then turned and looked at Yu Gangan, “Go ahead and write up a prescription.”

Yu Gangan smiled and nodded her head. She then picked up a pen and paper, wrote out a prescription and signed her name at the bottom.

After that, she handed the prescription to Mrs. Yu, “After three doses, we will need to change the prescription.”

Dr. Jin stood to the side as her face turned purple from anger.

She was the head of an entire department, yet she was face slapped by a witless brat.

How was she going to hold any authority from now on?

She couldn’t allow this…Even if she misdiagnosed the child, it didn’t necessarily mean that Yu Gangan was right.

So, she looked at Mrs. Yu and said, “Mrs. Yu, acupuncture only stopped the twitching temporarily, but it doesn’t mean it can cure your son. If you believe in Chinese medicine, we have a really good and experienced doctor in our hospital. We can ask him to check your son. This prescription can’t be trusted. After all, medicine can’t be taken recklessly.”

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