The Sweetest Medicine

Chapter 4 - Did You Think I Was Trying To Kiss You?

Chapter 4: Did You Think I Was Trying To Kiss You?

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Yu Gangan felt her heart tighten.

Was he planning to kiss her?

He better not dream of taking advantage of her!!


Just as their lips were about to collide, Fang Zhihan tilted his head and whispered beside Yu Gangan’s ear, “What were you thinking? Did you think I was trying to kiss you?”

His voice was deep, sexy and mellow, as though he was having an ambiguous conversation with his lover.

Yu Gangan’s face turned from red to black and from black to red; it was quite a sight to be seen.

She then glared menacingly at Fang Zhihan. Where did this evil son-of-a-b*tch come from? And why wasn’t a priest there to exorcise him instead of allowing him to wreak havoc upon a young woman?

Fang Zhihan freed Yu Gangan from his restraint.

He then stood up straight and took a couple of steps backwards, “Rest well, I’ll pick you up when you’re discharged from the hospital.”

Fang Zhihan seemed to be in a good mood as he turned around and left.

As she watched the back of the man disappear out the door, Yu Gangan’s forehead was lined with creases; she couldn’t seem to calm down!

o(# ̄— ̄)

Half a month ago, Yu Gangan attended a seminar on Western medicine with her teacher.

While she was retrieving some documents, she got into a car accident and fell into a coma.

But, now that she had woken up in the hospital, why was the closest person to her, her teacher, nowhere to be seen?

Her auntie claimed that she had lost her memory, but why didn’t she forget anything except for her fiance, Yang Tianyou?

Yu Gangan was adopted by Grandfather He at the age of 7. Grandfather He had two sons: her teacher, He Shigui, was the younger son, while the older son was called, He Jingtian. Her auntie belonged to the family of the older son.

Yu Gangan had lived in the He Household for many years, so she naturally understood the nature of her older uncle’s family. Furthermore, her memory was clear and she did not lose it, so she was certain that her auntie was putting on an act!

But today, a man called, Fang Zhihan, suddenly appeared, claiming to be her husband!!

Did these people have ulterior motives? Or was there actually something wrong with her brain??

For example, did the car accident result in selective memory loss, causing her to forget everything related to her love life?


That wasn’t possible!

She refused to believe that Fang Zhihan was her husband, nor did she trust her uncle’s family and her so-called fiance.

Yu Gangan’s classmate/best friend, Song Chabai happened to be interning at the hospital that she was staying in.

So, after she woke up, Yu Gangan asked her friend to find information regarding her hospital admittance.

In the end, Song Chabai found some spare time in the afternoon to visit Yu Gangan and handed her the information that she found.

“Gangan, you were brought to the hospital half a month ago. During the car accident, you received multiple wounds to your body and quite a bad hit to your head. That’s how you fell into a coma. During this entire time, your older uncle’s family took care of you while your ‘Master Handsome’ was nowhere to be seen.”

Grandfather He was an old doctor of Chinese medicine.

But, not only did he adopt Yu Gangan, he also passed all his medical skills and knowledge to her.

Yet, he didn’t let her refer to him as her teacher. Instead, he made her call his younger son, who was also learning from him, her teacher and allowed her to grow up by his side as though she was his actual granddaughter.

He Shigui was handsome and only 7 years older than Yu Gangan, so Yu Gangan often called him ‘Master Handsome’.

Yu Gangan flipped through the information in her hands, one page at a time.

“According to what’s been recorded here, I was hurt on the day that I was attending a seminar with Master Handsome. So, my memory’s definitely intact; I couldn’t have forgotten anything. In that case, why does Auntie insist that I have a fiance?? And even stranger, why did a man show up claiming to be my husband?!”

Song Chabai looked at her friend in surprise, “When did you get married? Why don’t I know about it?”

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