The Sweetest Medicine

Chapter 493 - An Ambiguous Series Of Lies

Chapter 493: An Ambiguous Series Of Lies

Lin Jiayu opened her eyes wide and said anxiously, “From a biological point of view, homosexuality is a kind of advanced evolution where there is nothing to hide between people. But, Fang Zhihan is already married with a family. You can’t be with him regardless of whether you’re a man or woman, so you should forget about him!”

“What if I can’t?!”

“Lu Xuechen, there are some things I need to emphasize. No matter how much you love a person, you should never be the third person in a relationship. If you bully Gangan, I won’t let you go!!” Lin Jiayu warned.

Yu Gangan was her best friend. She couldn’t let this male-mistress ruin her relationship. Especially when he was her husband.

Lu Xuechen laughed, “Fang Zhihan is ridiculously black-bellied; Dried Fish is no match against him. If I snatch Fang Zhihan away, then that’s equivalent to saving her!”

Lin Jiayu’s gaze fell coldly on Lu Xuechen like a knife as her lips twitched a little, “Please don’t find an excuse to ruin a relationship.”

“I won’t! I promise I won’t!” Lu Xuechen expressed seriously.

After this conversation, Lin Jiayu did not mention moving again. Her attitude also improved and she no longer kept a distance like she did before.

But, why didn’t she treat him as good as the way that she treated Yu Gangan?

Either way, it was better than keeping a distance from him. Although his methods weren’t normal, he did it for his child.

For the sake of his child, he was willing to do it without hesitation even if he put himself at risk of being minced by Lin Jiayu.

So, to be safe, whenever he saw Fang Zhihan after that, he would deliberately flirt with him in front of Lin Jiayu.

Just like today.

For example, the way he told him he had grown more handsome.

And the way he told him not to be heartless after how long they knew each other.

Also, how he said he liked him and asked him to give them a try.

He said all these words for Lin Jiayu to hear. If one wanted to attack, they had to first sharpen their weapon.

Lin Jiayu had observed him for a while. He didn’t have many women by his side and he didn’t really like the women that liked him. Because of this, she had already went from shock to suspicion, so now that this happened, she believed him without a doubt.

Lu Xuechen looked at the woman in his arms. She was so beautiful that she could even steal one’s soul away. Her fragrance wafted into his nose and made his heart race.

Yu Gangan was worried about Lin Jiayu.

Seeing that she and Lu Xuechen hadn’t returned for a while, she went out to look for them.

That was when she spotted Lu Xuechen gently hugging Lin Jiayu. The two of them were whispering something to each other and looked ambiguous.

Yu Gangan opened her mouth in shock.

If she remembered correctly, these two had a contract marriage.

When she saw Yu Gangan, Lin Jiayu subconsciously pushed Lu Xuechen away. Lu Xuechen placed his arm on Lin Jiayu’s shoulder and looked at Yu Gangan, “Dried Fish, why did you come out?”

Yu Gangan held back her curiosity and asked, “Jiayu is your stomach OK? Should I check your pulse?”

Lin Jiayu looked at Yu Gangan gently with a smile, “No need. I’m fine. Let’s go and eat.”

After their meal, Yu Gangan asked Fang Zhihan on the way home, “Do you know what’s going on between Lu Xuechen and Lin Jiayu?”

“I’m not sure.”

“Why do I sense something ambiguous between them?”

Fang Zhihan: “…”

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