The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 20

Chapter Twenty Refusal

The first step to becoming a cultivator was extremely difficult. They had to be able to go into the depths of their body and feel the energies in their organs. An ordinary person had to completely calm down and forget themselves.

After becoming a cultivator, the higher realms were increasingly difficult.

The basic condition to being admitted to the inner school for many schools and receive the teachings of famed teachers as well as resources was to become a realm one cultivator. They only had to reach realm three cultivation before they could leave the mountain and have the freedom to travel outside.

Realm three, Vital Energy Realm. It sounded easy.

But this realm blocked countless cultivators from leaving the mountain.

All cultivation places had many old white-haired Physical Energy Realm people who only did chores.

To reach realm three from realm two, the best way was to feel the primal energies of the universe, and to find and absorb the primal energies of the universe which were suited to one’s vital energy.

Most people could not become cultivators as they could not feel the minuscule parts of their body and comprehend the energies inside the body. Most cultivators would be unable to touch the primal energies of the universe which were larger yet emptier and had less of a connection to one’s body than their own energies.

Many cultivators had enough vital energy, but could not feel the primal energies in the world. They could not feel that new power they could use and were stuck at this obstacle until they died.

They knew there was a mountain up ahead, but they could not see the mountain. This was the tragedy of many cultivators.

To come to the mountain, to feel and see this mountain, and then to ascend this mountain, this was the so-called realm breakthrough advancement.

Each person’s realm breakthrough was different in length. Some people needed several years while others took a whole lifetime.

Chen Moli’s true age was twenty-seven but his cultivation was already realm four.

Nangong Caishu, Xie Changsheng and the others knew that this kind of realm breakthrough speed was extremely fast.

They could almost say, according to their present cultivation situation, and the records of their sword schools … … they would be unlikely to reach realm four before twenty seven.

At similar ages, you cannot reach my cultivation.

This was the true meaning in Chen Moli’s words.

Xie Changsheng slowly raised his head. His eyes turned icy as he looked at Chen Moli’s gentle features.

Most cultivators all appeared young.

After reaching Vital Energy Realm, one’s body would change and their longevity would increase. Many cultivation methods could keep one’s body and appearance young as though time had stopped.

The youth of Zhao Zhi and the Fourth Mister Zhao had surprised that cultivator from True Fire Palace. This kind of youth was only relative.

Because thirteen years ago, First and Fourth Mister Zhao were famed in the world.

Their true ages were much greater than they appeared.

But Chen Moli was truly young.

“Go!” Xie Changsheng spat out a single word and called everyone to leave together.

He lost, and he completely accepted his loss. He could afford to lose.

Everyone remained silent and left with him.

Ding Ning’s brow furrowed deeply.

While these students had done well in his opinion, this kind of development had ruined his plan.

Chen Moli looked at the backs of the students, and his mood grew heavier.

With the Qin’s personality and practices, they would desire to win back those six hundred square miles of fertile land and to win back their previous defeat.

The Chu Dynasty had been strong and prosperous for many years, but compared to these Changling youths, the talented nobility of Chu seemed much more fragile and lacked ferociousness.

He took a deep breath to calm his expression and mind. Then he looked at Ding Ning.

He even felt this ordinary common youth was extraordinary.

The autumn wind blew and moved Ding Ning’s hair.

Before Chen Moli spoke, Ding Ning said, “My aunt ignores you not because she is rude, but because I oversee many of her affairs, including the business of this shop. So if you have any matters, discuss with me.”

Chen Moli thought for a moment and said, “Alright, I have come because my master wants to meet Miss Zhangsun.

Chen Moli was a retainer of Li Lingjun.

His master of course referred to the famed and legendary Li Lingjun, this important person that all the cultivators in Changling looked differently at.

Yet hearing his words, Ding Ning interrupted, “Since your master wants to meet my aunt, why have you come, and not him?”

Chen Moli stilled.

He had not expected Ding Ning would say this.

Because Li Lingjun was not on the same level as a wine shop woman. Did Li Lingjun have to personally ask to meet a wine shop woman with his status?

But how could he answer Ding Ning right now? He could not directly state this illogical but basic truth.

The conversation seemed to become deadlocked.

At this time, a burst of soft clapping came from the grand carriage parked at the side.

“The youth of Changling are worthy of respect.”

A voice even warmer and elegant than Chen Moli, and even more pleasing to hear came from inside the carriage.

There was a kind of indescribable magic a person could have. Even if he wore the most ordinary clothing, even if his features were extremely ordinary, even if he was among a crowd of thousands on a battlefield or in the midst of a noisy market, if he appeared, he would attract all eyes and then cause people to feel as though he was shining.

The young person who walked out of the carriage was so.

He wore only ordinary blue satin without any adornment and no weaponry. His features were ordinary, and his hair was tied up behind with a cloth ribbon just like ordinary Qin people. However, as he slowly walked under the shadows of the parasol trees, he seemed to give off wondrous light.

He was like a god.

The spectators, even the most ordinary hawkers who did not know his identity, could see his extraordinary nature, and felt that he was born as an important person who attracted everyone’s gaze.

Chen Moli respectfully moved to the side, his eyes flashing with true respect and even reverence.

The only one who could make him like this was his master, the legendary Li Lingjun.

Li Lingjun, who looked to be in his twenties, slowly walked in front of Ning Yi and stopped at a comfortable distance away.

Because he was much taller than Ding Ning, he even considerately did not stand completely straight.

Then he smiled gently and bowed shallowly to Ding Ning. He said, “Mister is correct. I should not have come here and stayed in the carriage. I should come and ask to see Miss Zhangsun. I thought too highly of myself.”

Some of the spectators in the distance had guessed his identity. Hearing him say this, those spectators were stunned and full of admiration. They thought, Li Lingjun was as the rumors said and not an ordinary person.

The words were polite, and honest. When people heard the words, they felt that Li Lingjun was honest and open.

Ding Ning’s expression was calm. He raised his folded hands up in a greeting and said, “Since that’s the case, Master, please speak your intentions.”

Li Lingjun looked at the calm Ning Yi, his eyes flashing with light. He did not hesitate, and said humbly and sincerely, “This one has come to ask for Miss Zhangsun to enter my establishment.”

When the words were said, all were stunned.

Every person in the alley who would hear this were extremely shocked and thought they heard incorrectly.

While Li Lingjun was a hostage from the Chu Dynasty, he was still a prince. He had lived in Changling for so many years. He had proven his own abilities and his strength, and become a true lord.

In the eyes of many far-sighted people, Li Lingjun was not any different than the princes and marquises in Changling.

Those that had seen Zhangsun Qianxue’s appearance knew that she was devastatingly beautiful, but she was a wine shop woman with low status and no background to speak of.

A person like Li Lingjun would take the noble ladies of important families or daughters of generals even if he was just getting a concubine. Yet a person like this was publicly stating he wanted to marry a wine shop woman?

In shock, the spectators all looked at Ding Ning.

Everyone thought that Ding Ning would be overcome and unable to refuse.

Countless matchmakers had stepped over the doors of this wine shop in the past and failed. Everyone felt that the people who had hired those matchmakers did not have good enough backgrounds so Ding Ning and Zhangsun Qianxue felt there would be better choices.

Yet at this moment … … no one of higher status than Li Lingjun would come propose.

This was a one in a thousand chance to turn from a sparrow into a phoenix.

Some of the spectators even started to feel envy.

Maybe after today, they would not be able to drink that sour wine, and see that astounding beauty.

Yet unexpected to them, Ding Ning smiled and then seriously refused, “Thank you, Young Master, for your intentions, but I cannot agree.”

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