The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness

Chapter 13 - Why Did Second Brother Come?

Chapter 13: Why Did Second Brother Come?

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Feng Xiuyu laughed coldly when he saw that the Third Prince invited sons from prestigious and influential families. The shame that Feng Tianlan was going to experience today would force the Emperor to annul the marriage, no matter how unwilling he might be.

“Big Brother Rong, can you tell me now how you intend to get Feng Tianlan to make a fool out of herself?”

Si Rong glanced outside the carriage to make sure that no one could hear them. Only then did he lower his voice ominously, saying, “I’ve rubbed some Aphrodisiac Powder on her utensils. Within minutes, she’ll feel so hot all over that she’ll strip naked and beg the men present to take her. Once she loses her virginity, she’ll be so disgraced that she could even commit suicide on the spot.”

“That’s too obvious. What if…”

“Don’t worry, I was careful to wipe away every last trace. Since I only used a tiny dose, they’ll never know that it was me. Once Feng Tianlan consumes the powder and it’s gone, even Imperial Physicians can’t detect it,” Si Rong sneered. “This time, I’ll make sure that Feng Tianlan loses all dignity to live and finally annul this marriage.”

How could a worthless, good-for-nothing like Feng Tianlan be worthy of him, a noble prince? Only a young genius like Yu’er could stand by his side. Furthermore, she was Feng’s Xiang’s youngest daughter, whom he doted on most. Only with the Fengs’ support did he have a better chance of becoming the Crown Prince.

Feng Xiuyu nested on Si Rong’s chest like a timid and lovable bird. “If anything happens, Yu’er will take all the blame. Rest assured, Big Brother Rong.”

Hearing Feng Xiuyu’s words, Si Rong felt that she was more endearing than ever. He doted on her more, saying, “There’s nothing to worry. Even if they find out what happened, I’ve made arrangements. They’ll never implicate us.”

“I’ll listen to Big brother Rong,” Feng Xiuyu answered sweetly and obediently.

Si Rong assured Feng Xiuyu a little more before helping her exit the carriage. He looked at the sea of onlookers and flashed a cold, ruthless smile. The crowd erupted into chatter again when they saw Si Rong emerge from the carriage with Feng Xiuyu. Many were disappointed. They believed that, since she’d managed to turn the tides on the young genius maiden, Feng Tianlan’s love life should also be making a comeback. But, in the end, she was still the woman whom the Third Prince had discarded.

Si Rong had booked the entire Fragrance Restaurant and invited esteemed and prestigious sons to the banquet. Once he stepped into the restaurant, his crooked buddies, with whom he usually hung out, came up to him directly. Si Rong scanned the room but didn’t see her. He frowned. It’s almost time, but Feng Tianlan is nowhere to be seen. “Has Feng Tianlan arrived?” he asked.

“Not yet. It’s almost time. Could it be that she’s not coming, after all?”

“How can that be? Everyone knows that Feng Tianlan loves the Third Prince. She even confessed her love to him on the streets years ago and gifted him a pouch, which she always kept close.”

“Might be the same as yesterday, then. Feng Tianlan’s playing hard to get, and it’s all to attract the Third Prince’s attention.”

In normal circumstances, they would’ve scoffed at the sort of banquets held in the Fragrance Restaurant’s hall. However, what had transpired today on the battle ring had long spread throughout the entire South Peace City. Many of them had not seen the events in the battle ring, so they’d all come that night to watch the drama unfold.

Silence fell inside and outside the Fragrance Restaurant as Si Rong pulled out a chair for Feng Xiuyu. At first, the sudden quiet had made him frown, but now he quickly smiled eerily. Feng Tianlan is here! The thought that Feng Tianlan would soon be begging men to ravish her in public excited Si Rong.

He raised his head and said, “Feng…Second Brother?” Before he could finish pronouncing the words “Feng Tianlan,” he saw a man clad in white disturbing the silence by making a grand entrance.

It was his Second Brother, the Wargod who terrified him to no end. Immediately, Si Rong’s expression stiffened. Second Brother never attends banquets of this sort. He walked up to greet his brother, albeit a little reluctantly.

“Second Brother, why have you come?”

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