The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness

Chapter 1567: First Time Touching a Girl

Chapter 1567: First Time Touching a Girl

The setting sun dyed the horizon orange. The warm sunlight shone through the window and landed on Feng Yunsheng's discolored Phoenix eyes. Su Jingfeng was still lying on her body.

She wanted to push her down, but she felt a sharp pain in her body as if someone had broken her bones. It was hard for her to even move her fingers.

He was like a crazy person, but also like a ferocious beast. He did not care about her feelings at all. He wanted her again and again, venting his anger on her body. He was calling Yun'er, Feng Tianlan, but it was not her, Feng Yunsheng.

Tears silently fell from the corner of her eyes. She did not blink. The warm sunset fell on her body, and she felt cold.

She did not seem to hear the knocking on the door, nor did she hear the sound of the door opening. It was just a figure blocking the light of the setting sun. The shadow made her feel even colder.

"Miss Feng." Su Xue bent down and called out gently. Seeing that she did not respond, she did not speak again. Instead, she pushed su jingfeng away through the blanket and helped Feng Yunsheng, who was like a wooden figure without a soul, to take a bath and wash her body.

"Do you hate him?" Su Xue looked at her fair and tender skin, which was covered with ambiguous purple and red marks.

Feng Yunsheng sat in the bathtub with her hands crossed on her knees. She looked absent-minded. In fact, what made her the most painful was that he was running around on her body while calling out the names of other women. She hated herself even more.

Why did such a thing happen? She did not hate him. She was still wondering why he had become like this. What made her even more ashamed was that under such circumstances, her body was happy because of him.

She was the most hateful one.

"Hi Highness has been very irritable recently, as if he had changed into a different person. I can't explain that feeling, but I guess it might be related to the wound on his hand. That wound has never recovered."

She wanted to persuade Feng Yunsheng, but she did not know how to do so. She also wanted to say that His Highness had changed recently, but she did not know where to begin.

Feng Yunsheng blinked his red and swollen eyes and said in a hoarse voice, "Go and see him first. I'll be alone for a while."

Su Xue looked at her worriedly. She hesitated for a moment before nodding in agreement. "Your subordinate is outside. If you need anything, just let me know."

She turned around and took a step before stopping and saying, "Actually, this is His Highness's first time touching a girl. Even Yun Yi, he has never touched her before."

Hopefully, this would be able to comfort Feng Yunsheng.

Feng Yunsheng's face sank into the water. At this moment, she did not do anything. She did not think about anything. She just wanted to act as if nothing had happened, or she wanted to die just like that. She did not need to worry about him, she did not need to hate herself, and she did not need to be afraid of Biling threatening her.

If she was alive, perhaps she would die. Biling's soul would have no place to rest, so she would die, and her sister would no longer be a threat.

Therefore, thinking about it, if she died, everyone would be happy. Everyone would be fine. If she died for the right reasons, she would be superfluous in this world.

"Why? Do you want to die just like that?"

Biling's voice rang in her ears, causing Feng Yunsheng to pop his head out of the water. She saw Biling sitting beside the bathtub with her arms crossed over her chest. She was calm and even looked at her with ridicule.

"What are you doing here?" Feng Yunsheng gnashed his teeth. She hated Biling to the core.

"Do you know how long Su Jingfeng has been injured?" Biling did not wait for her reply and said herself, "Nineteenth is three months. He is already a demon in his heart. Now that he has the demonic qi, it is even easier for him to become a demon. What happened today is just a sign."

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