The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness

Chapter 1740 - Feng Tianlan Imperiously Kidnaps the Groom (5)

Chapter 1740: Feng Tianlan Imperiously Kidnaps the Groom (5)

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Regardless of whether it was true or not, he had to be prepared. He wanted Lan’er to be fine, to do her things with no regrets.

“Oh?” The black figure looked at Si Mobai. When he saw the Demonic Qi circulating within Si Mobai’s body, he could not help but raise his voice, “Including making you die?”

“Yes.” Si Mobai’s answer was straightforward, without the slightest bit of hesitation.

Hearing Si Mobai’s answer, the black figure was very interested. The fact that this person had Demonic Qi on his body interested him even more. In addition, that divine power that Si Mobai had in his body made it an excellent body for awakening.

“That is the Biling Pearl. It is a legendary artifact and has Divine Qi. Although it has already fallen, I don’t have a permanent solution. I can only make her leave for an hour.”

“Sure.” Si Mobai nodded. An hour was enough for him. He had enough power to kill Bi Ling and help strengthen Feng Yunsheng’s soul to her body. That way, even if he didn’t manage to kill her… Bi Ling wouldn’t have the chance to take over her body ever again.

This way, he could be considered to have fulfilled his promise to Lan’er, protecting the people she wanted to protect.

“If that’s the case, I would like to place some Demonic Qi on your body.” He wanted Si Mobai to be possessed by the devil. Once he was possessed, he would have the opportunity to invade his body with all of the Demonic Qi.

“Sure.” Si Mobai replied straightforwardly. When he sought for the Devil, he had already thought it through and intended to fulfill all of his requests. He had been prepared for this, so at this moment he did not hesitate.

The Devil looked at Si Mobai. He raised his hand and waved his Demonic Qi, reaching straight to the glabella. A ball of Demonic Qi, about the size of a football, seeped into the glabella and quickly vanished.

“When do you want to do it?”

Listening to this question, Si Mobai seemed to be able to see his smile. However, this kind of feeling was a little creepy coming from a figure without facial features.

“Follow me in secret today. Wait for me to give you the command, then you make the move.”

He wasn’t sure what would happen today, so he could only make preparations beforehand. He had even agreed to marry Bi Ling, which was just a last resort to delay things. If he could resolve the matter without having to get married, it would be best.

Because the only wife that he acknowledges in this life was Feng Tianlan.

The Devil snickered and his figure instantly disappeared. A god like this was really interesting. If he had met him earlier, he wouldn’t have come out only now.

Si Mobai pinched the bridge of his brows. The Demonic Qi had begun to intrude into his sea of consciousness, which gave him a headache. That was Demonic Qi. Compared to before, he was afraid that he would be more easily possessed by the devil.

But so what? He doesn’t care anymore.

“Domain leader, the bridal sedan has arrived outside the palace.”

Si Mobai frowned. Not waiting for him to speak, the subordinate continued, “She said, if you do not go outside to fetch her, then she will break one condition.”

Si Mobai glanced at him coldly. After some consideration, he finally lifted his foot and walked out. It was only a short distance, so he had to go and welcome her. After all, he had already come this far, he could not give up now.

Bi Ling was sitting in the bridal sedan. When she heard the sound of the sedan being kicked, she could not help but raise her eyebrows. He had finally arrived.

Huo Mingchengg kicked the sedan and stretched his hand to help Bi Ling out. He looked helplessly at Si Mobai who had just walked out and stood beside him. This brother really did not hesitate to give him orders. He even wanted him to take over the marriage ceremony. Si Mobai nodded and let Huo Mingcheng lead Bi Ling in. He followed by his side..

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