The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness

Chapter 2 - Your Lives Are Mine

Chapter 2: Your Lives Are Mine

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The wind howled while the azure sky instantly darkened. Stormy clouds churned overhead. Thunder cracked, and rain spilled from above like a heavenly river overflowing.

In a run-down courtyard, a ragged woman was bleeding all over. Battered by the punishing winds and brutal rain, not a soul cared if she was alive. The rain washed away the blood, surrounding her with red puddles. In the midst of the storm, she barely breathed, yet began to move a finger. Shen Qingdai felt something beating her body down, yet something stronger seemed to squeeze into her brain, tearing her mind apart.

“Feng Tianlan, you’re trash and a slut. Don’t you know your place? How dare you call yourself the Third Prince’s betrothed.”

“You’re not even fit to lift Yu’er’s shoes. Calling you a b*tch is a disservice to the world’s female dogs. I, Si Rong, have just one stain on my entire life, and that’s taking you as my betrothed.”

“Yu’er, we’ll sell her into the brothel once we annul the engagement. A slut like this will only pollute the earth if she dies. If she’s alive, she can at least please filthy men with her body.”

“Make sure that the slut remains alive after the beating. Otherwise, we cannot annul the marriage, and you will simply be my second wife.”

“Avenge me and take back what was mine. I want them to suffer a fate worse than death!”

Shen Qingdai’s last sentence resounded torturously in her mind like a vengeful ghost filled with anguish and torment. The words were like formless hands trying to rip apart her mind.

She groaned softly, “Avenge you, and take back what was yours. Make them suffer a fate worse than death.”

The agonizing cry in her mind disappeared the moment she uttered those words. She blinked into consciousness. Shen Qingdai snapped open her cold, gleaming eyes, and watched the raindrops falling and bursting in front of her. The heavens had decreed that it was not time for her to die! Shen Qingdai’s soul was reborn!

She was reborn into South Winds Nation of the Guiyuan Continent, into the body of the Feng Family’s First Miss, Feng Tianlan. While the Feng Family had no titles in the South Winds Nation, their nobility was second only to the Imperial Family. The Fengs ranked top among the three most prestigious and aristocratic families in influence and power.

The body she’d been reborn into was now undergoing something similar to the one she’d left behind. They were both good-for-nothing First Misses, but Shen Qingdai had possessed the most exceptional talent for cultivation. Still, she had been unable to absorb the Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth due to a physical defect. Feng Tianlan, meanwhile, had now received the best body for cultivation, but there was no one to guide her training. She had absorbed Spiritual Qi severely tainted with impurities, and so remained at the sixth level of Gathering Spirit.

Feng Tianlan had been betrothed to the Third Prince since she was young. However, the young prince was in love with her third sister—Feng Xiuyu. To please his sweetheart, the Third Prince accompanied Feng Xiuyu to whip Feng Tianlan, bully, and torture her. He’d even threatened to sell her to a brothel after annulling their marriage. A plaything for the filthiest of men.

Her father did nothing but stand aside and watch. He’d only speak up if they were about to go too far, saying that they should let her live. Otherwise, Feng Xiuyu would only be the Second Consort, not the First.

All of this was happening because his father had married into the Feng Family. Now that he’d finally flipped his fate, he flaunted his gains like all petty man. Feng Tianlan’s existence continually reminded him that he was a son-in-law who’d married into his wife’s family; she was his humiliation. Her father had burned the Feng Family’s ancestral hall right after her mother had died. When he’d rebuilt it, he’d no longer included the real Fengs of the past, effectively stealing the Feng name so that he could enjoy the family’s esteemed status in the South Winds Nation.

Since Shen Qingdai had been granted rebirth as Feng Tianlan, she would live well and powerfully. Those who bullied and humiliated and dragged her through the mud would have their reckoning. She was going to seize everything they’d robbed from her.

“Feng Tianlan, from this day on, we will no longer be stepped on. We will stand on top of the world, and everyone who tormented us will kneel in front of us, begging for forgiveness!”

Feng Tianlan’s body stood still like a ragged cloth. Standing firm, she raised her slender chin and revealed a face of unrivaled beauty, even wounded. She let the pearl-sized raindrops pound her body.

Messy strands of hair stuck to the wound on her face, which was as long as a finger, and her blood-stained lips slowly lifted into a devilish and bloodthirsty smile. She stuck out her tongue and slowly licked the rain from her lips. As she parted her lips, blood-stained teeth could be seen. “Second Uncle, Shen Yunya, I promise to return victorious!”

She turned around. Dragging her body, which could fall at any moment, she slowly trudged toward the battered house.

“The Feng name is my mother’s.”

“Feng Manor is my mother’s.”

“The treasures of the Shen family are mine.”

“Your lives are mine!”

She repeated that sentence with every step, again and again, like the Grim Reaper’s promise. She trailed blood, turning and winding, like a bloody path leading to hell.

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