The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness

Chapter 24 - The Eccentricities of a Wargod

Chapter 24: The Eccentricities of a Wargod

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When they’d pledged Feng Tianlan to the Third Prince, the Fengs had handed over their family treasure as a token of the engagement. Feng Xiang didn’t know what the secret treasure was, but it was definitely impressive enough to astound a country. To get his hands on it, he must either get it back after the wedding or annul the engagement, in which case the Emperor would simply return it. These were the only ways he could possibly obtain the token. Anyway, since Feng Tianlan was useless and dumb, it would be easy to swindle her.


Although the Wargod had helped Feng Tianlan today, his stance on the matter remained to be seen. If he chose to intervene, it would be impossible for them to lay a finger on Feng Tianlan. Therefore, they must not let the Wargod think favorably about Feng Tianlan. They should make him hate her.

Feng Tianlan returned to the dilapidated courtyard with Chuling in her arms. As soon as she reached the gate, she saw a white figure standing in the yard. In the moonlight, it was like a dream, as if God had suddenly descended from the heavens. She frowned slightly. Hadn’t the Wargod left? Why was he in her run-down yard?

“Are you hurt?”

Si Mobai lifted his gaze. She stood like a bamboo shoot, despite being petite. Her legs were trembling, but she was carrying someone tall in her arms. A loyal and resilient soul. One look and he was reminded of grass stubbornly growing through stone cracks. They were both tenacious and resilient.

Feng Tianlan’s ears tingled at his intoxicating, mellow voice. She nodded blankly and replied, “Wargod, please come back another day. I have something more urgent to attend to.”

I thought he keeps his distance from women because he’s a misogynist. Why would he come to my wrecked yard in the middle of the night?

Si Mobai watched Feng Tianlan walk straight past him into the house. He followed her in and watched as she carefully laid Chuling on the bed. She checked on her injuries like she had done it many times before.

“Allow me,” Si Mobai’s offered, seeing her sweat-drenched back.

Feng Tianlan looked up. Before she could say anything, a shallow stream of Spiritual Qi flowed out from Si Mobai and touched Chuling lightly. If Spiritual Qi were not that gentle, Feng Tianlan would have thought that he was going to attack Chuling.

Si Mobai stood in front of her. There was only an inch of distance between them. On his outstretched palm balanced a porcelain vase. His deep, moving eyes gazed piercingly into hers as he said, “Nurturing Pill.”

Feng Tianlan looked at Si Mobai’s elongated fingers and spaced out for a second. On his right index finger, he wore a semi heart-shaped ring, inlaid with beautiful silver crystals. A larger silver crystal nested in the middle of the band.

That crystal…The long fingers waved in front of her eyes, and she snapped out of her daze. Feng Tianlan took the bottle and out rolled an emerald pill. Judging from its color and fragrance, she could tell that it was a Grade 5 Nurturing Pill. Nurturing Pills were the best medicine for healing. Broken bones typically took a hundred days to mend, but with a Grade 5 Nurturing Pill, they could recover within two weeks.

In the South Winds Nation, a Grade 9 Nurturing Pill cost 1,000 gold coins while a Grade 8 Nurturing Pill cost 3,000 gold coins. There was no fixed price for the Grade 5 Nurturing Pill. There was much demand but no supply, so they could only be found in auctions.

“Thank you. Put the money for the medicine on my tab. I’ll pay you back soon.”

Feng Tianlan fed a pill to Chuling and swallowed one herself. There was no need to be concerned about appearances. Healing their injuries was her top priority right now.

“No need.” Si Mobai looked at her small, outstretched arms, thin and branch-like. He saw an old scar on her slightly exposed wrist. He found this detail mildly glaring. Si Mobai paused, then said, “left hand.”

Surprised, Feng Tianlan silently chastised him in her heart: Why would you refuse to receive things from my right hand and insist on taking them from my left? What kind of eccentricity is this?

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