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Chapter 425 - Side Story Chapter 45 - 1400 (1)

Side Story Chapter 45 – 1400 (1)

‘Can’t we go back to the old house?’

‘Jirji, we’ve already moved. From now on, we have to live here.’

It was an old memory.

After moving to the city, everything was awkward.

He moved from a small town with fewer than two hundred villagers to a city with countless citizens.

It was only natural that a country boy who had to live in the largest city on the planet could not adapt.

There were a lot of differences between life in his hometown and life in the city.

What he wears right now has changed, and what he eats has changed.

The people he met have changed, and the time and places to spend time have also changed.

The boy had to adapt.

‘Jirji Cantabia? It’s tacky, how can a name be so tacky? You must have been born tacky from birth.’

There was also the subtle disregard and bullying of children of the same age.

The boy was embarrassed by many things, but he began to adapt to them one by one.

He had to use public transport to go to school.

He had to go to the academy with his friends to keep up with the class.

As he got older like that, he made new friends, and soon he was able to adjust to the city.

He missed his hometown, but he no longer wanted to go back.

A boy named Jirji Cantabia became used to city life.

Unfortunately, his family did not.

His father often came home smelling like alcohol.

What day was it?

There was a day when Jirji’s father came home with a bottle of wine in one hand.

When his father returned home, he screamed and continued to drink.

That day was the starting point.

His father started drinking at home.

That was the beginning

The precariously maintained home began to shake violently.

Jirji watched his father’s drunken days over and over again.

No matter how late he went home, he had no choice but to watch because he had to sleep at home.

His father forgot day and night, spending all his time drinking alcohol.

The only time he was quiet was when he fell asleep drunk.

Jirji always started wishing his father was asleep.

“Damn superhuman bastards!”

Jirji’s father often shouted that.

Jirji knew why his father hated superhumans.

Because they were always talking about it in the news.

The superhumans who prevented abnormalities lost their work.

They were respected superhumans, but they could not remain in society without work.

superhumans began to appear in normal society.

Society also encouraged it.

With the exception of superhumans who occasionally become criminals and the superhumans who stop them, superhumans also began to find work for themselves and find employment in companies.

That was the beginning of the misfortune.

Superhumans could do the work of a hundred people alone.

Jirji’s father lost his job just like that.

His mother always said that he could get another job soon because his father was a capable man.

His father couldn’t.

Some companies wanted skilled workers, but none of them wanted alcoholic workers.

It became more and more frequent that his father scolded Jirji.

Beyond the harshness, Jirji was hurt and frightened.

His mother took his sibling and left the house.

All that was left in the house were his father, Jirji, and the bottles.

Then one day,

Jirji became a superhuman.

He acquired superpowers which was an extremely rare event.

It may be that the time he spent with his father affected his awakening.

Jirji was delighted.


The boy was very well aware of the status and value of superhumans in this society.

He ran to his father.

He believed that as much as he was pleased with himself, his father would also be pleased with him.

What returned was the alcohol bottle.

The sticky liquor ran down his cheeks.

A sharp piece of glass was felt on his skin.

He wasn’t hurt.

There were no injuries either.

His superhuman was the strengthening of his body.

But the bottle made him feel a lot.

The shards of glass in the broken bottle were cold and creepy.

He felt malicious, he felt murderous.

He was bewildered, but he left behind his father who was already so drunk that he couldn’t even get up.

Jirji left the house.

His father hated superhumans.

Because superhumans took his job.

Because the superhumans were more powerful.

Jirji thought that his father would welcome his awakening.

Because his father loves him, his son.

It was a stupid idea.

Jirji found out that the premises he had taken for granted were wrong.

Jirji, who had expected that his father would gain strength and shake off the alcohol due to his awakening, just disowned his family.

It was easy.

He became a superhuman and had to be separated from his family when his compulsory education period began.

After a year of training to control his abilities and improve his morals and social skills, Jirji had neither seen nor contacted his family.

When Jirji finished his education and returned to the city.

He hadn’t seen his family in a very long time.

It was nice to see the face of his family after a year, even with all the wounds.

It was also nice to see the scattered families gathered in one place.

The family asked him about the cost of living.

They claimed that those who raised him had a stake in the money that Jirji would earn while living as a superhuman.

Jirji left them again.

But his family pursued him tenaciously.

One day, Jirji impulsively called the police.

After receiving the report, the police rushed to the scene and immediately pointed an electric club at Jirji’s family.

Jirji’s was startled.

As he tested its performance several times during his superhuman training, he knew just how powerful the electric club was.

It was a weapon that could easily take the lives of ordinary people.

He didn’t know that the police who was dispatched was such crazy violent policeman.

Jirji stopped the police.

The police looked back as if asking why.

She was smiling so brightly.

“Is there a problem?”

The family ran away.

The police even gave him her number, telling him to call her anytime if necessary.

Jirji knew that she had a crush on him from her smile.

It took less than five minutes for the police to return, and for Jirji to flush the note with her phone number in it down the toilet in a complicated way.

Having returned to society in that way, Jirji learned that his superhuman problems were not confined to his own family.

The whole society was groaning.

The cycle of discrimination continued without end.

The incompetents were demeaned, and the superhumans were despised.

Jirji remembered his hometown.

There was also a superhuman.

He was Jirji’s friend.

He was a friend who made ice by hand, and he was so talented that he could make ice in the shape of flowers.

Everyone envied the boy and gathered around him.

Jirji liked the friend.

He’s like all the other kids.

There, the superhuman was a mysterious and notable person.

He was not the object of envy.

Even that superhuman child did not ignore nor looked down on others.

He felt that he wanted to return home.

He couldn’t.

Everything has already changed for him.

Jirji began acting as a superhuman.

Instead of getting a job at a company, he started working as a civil servant.

His superhuman work was also tough for him.

Jirji, who had physical abilities and acquired abilities, was an object of subtle humiliation and contempt.

His seniors would quarrel with him for no apparent reason.

He didn’t do a good job.

“No, what the hell is the problem! How can you miss the bastard you’ve caught!”

“…Ha, but if I had rushed in there, that person would have been seriously hurt. Besides, I still don’t know who the real culprit is.”

His senior was very angry.

“Who cares if they get hurt? It doesn’t matter if they get hurt or not. We have immunity during the investigation, immunity. You, aren’t you trained? And you’re not trying to find out when you don’t know if he’s the real culprit.”

There was a difference between Jirji’s common sense and his seniors’ common sense.

“Ugh, that’s why those born with incompetence are like this.”

As he listened to the words that followed, Jirji hoped that the words of his senior would not remain in his mind and pass without being remembered.

Jirji was assigned to the local police support department.

There was only one superhuman from the support department, who was perceived as a chore due to the poor salary.

He adapted slowly but steadily to the work.

When there is an accident.

When a superhuman was urgently needed to intervene.

However, in an ambiguous situation that did not require violent suppression, Jirji was dispatched.

His role was usually to reconcile people and sort things out.

It was hard work.

He rarely used his power.

He did that because he had to keep facing people and keep an eye on their conflicts.

Jirji was getting busier.

No matter how much he tried to solve it, the problem persisted.

Things became more and more dangerous.

The problems of discrimination and inequality that were latent in society created hatred for each other.

That hatred was so evident that it could at any time lead to violence and murder.

He looked at the sky

A huge asteroid was floating in the middle of the blue sky.

An extraterrestrial asteroid that fell to a planet.

The last anomaly solved by superhumans.

The great superhuman sacrificed himself and sealed the asteroid.

It stopped in the sky just like that.

The existence of that great superhuman was treated like a god.

To the hero who saved the world, people prayed and paid tribute to him.

Jirji grew up learning the story of that superhuman.

But now that asteroid was no longer seen as a symbol of honor and sacrifice.

That was a symbol of injustice.

It symbolizes and maintains superhuman supremacy.

It was the end of the year.

It is the period when the general meeting of the superhumans is held.

During this period, superhumans were summoned on a day to hold a meeting, but in fact, only a few top superhumans were able to participate.

The rest are just spectators.

Jirji sat in the front row of the B-class.

In fact, there was nothing strange about his ability being treated as an A-class.

However, he was not able to rise to the A-class as he had the disadvantages of a physical ability.

There was a clear line.

Unsurprisingly, the agenda of the General Assembly was about the great superhuman.

There were only things like to rescue him, who must have already died, to retrieve his remains, and to build a memorial.

The agenda items to be dealt with at this meeting were not that.

How serious is the problem of superhumans in our society?

Only the superhumans themselves could solve those problems.

But they weren’t interested in the matter.

Jirji, who took the matter seriously, did not even have a say.

The meeting has ended.

A week later, he received a call asking him to attend the general meeting again.

This is why he hates the end of the year.

Jirji muttered like that and headed to the conference room.

Someone sat down next to Jirji.

It was the first time

In the general meeting seating, seats are always seated in order of rank, so sitting next to Jirji means that he is of the same level as him.

He has an A-grade level of power, but for one reason or another, he is a very vaguely-ranked person with a B-grade ability.

He felt a strange sense of unity.


“Uh, 1400”

It was just as Jirji had thought.

A thousand four hundred.

That was the score.

The man asked how he knew his score.

Jirji was puzzled.

Usually, they probably don’t know the meaning of 1,400 points.

He guessed the situation.

He was born with superhuman powers, but if he hides his abilities like an incapable person and later joins the society of superhumans, he may not be so ignorant of common sense.

Jirji quickly finished guessing.

“It seems like it’s the first time you’ve been to the conference room.”

Jirji explained the composition of the conference room.

“Why are you explaining it so hard? It’s just that you’re sitting in order of the strongest.”

As the man said that, he looked at his seat and the seat next to him, Jiji.

“You and I are on the same level.”


It was a useless curiosity, and it was a joke.

Perhaps he was overly excited because of the sense of unity he had felt in a long time.

So Jirji made a little childish joke.

“If we’re the same grade. I’ll be much stronger though.”


Jirji made eye contact with the man.

He was about to laugh at him, who was passionate about jokes, but suddenly his body stiffened.

He felt terrified.

He felt a sudden chill, and Jirji had to panic.

Soon it was proved that his embarrassment was not in vain.

The madman sitting next to him hurriedly slammed his fist towards Jirji’s side.

For the first time since he became a superhuman.

No, for the first time in his life

Jirji had to feel the pain of dying.

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