The Two-Faced Venerate Emperor

Chapter 1439 – Finale 6

Chapter 1439 – Finale 6

She had even sacrificed her Vital Devil Energy and was completely eliminated and purified.

This Vital Devil energy affects the whole body, damaging it slightly would cause quite some damage to the Sky Devil Empress.

Sky Devil Empress was turning crazy from rage. She never would have thought that this split soul that was sent to the lower realm, was so stupid. It didn’t matter if the split soul died, but she even injured her at such a critical moment!

Book Sage was the first to discover that something was wrong with Sky Devil Empress. His divine sense connected to the lower realm, and soon discovered that the split soul of the lower realm had been eliminated.

A backlash!

Very good. Now is the time! He has been waiting for this opportunity for hundreds of years!

He flipped his hand and a golden Universe Bell flew out; it flew into the air while generating a huge suction force, sucking the Sky Devil Empress into the bell.

Sky Devil Empress struggled hard, trying to break away from the suction force.

But she was eventually pulled by the powerful force into the Universe Bell.

When she got her bearings, she saw Book sage.

The Universe Bell sucked the two of them inside, and only levitated in the air for a while before quickly plunging into the Golden Power of Will.

Sky Devil Empress suddenly felt something was wrong. Inside this golden Universe Bell, her devilish energy seemed to have weakened a lot. Moreover, it was unknown what this Universe Bell was made of, she couldn’t get out with her power.

She angrily grabbed the Book Sage: “What is this? Quickly let this empress out, or do not blame this empress for being ruthless!”

Book Sage calmly pushed Sky Devil Empress away, carrying a hint of sarcasm in his indifferent tone: “This Sage has been waiting for hundreds of years for this moment, the empress should stop struggling and just submit!”

The face of Sky Devil Empress changed for a long time before she seemed to hold back the anger in her chest, and said viciously: “This empress did not investigate this time, and got caught in your schemes. However, how long do you think this broken bell can trap this empress? Ten years? One hundred years? If you anger this empress, this empress will absorb your cultivation and you will die in front of this empress. If you know your place, let this empress leave as soon as possible. Seeing that you are a talent, this empress will spare your life, how about?”

This was already a rare concession for the Sky Devil Empress.

Being caught by the schemes of a little Sage from a low-level plane was already really embarrassing, and it was an insult to Sky Devil Empress herself to swallow her pride and negotiate with him.

Her main body now was a cloud of mist, and she was not afraid of her intentions being seen through by this little Sage. Secretly determined in her heart, she built up determination for when she got out; she must shatter the Book Sage into pieces to vent her hatred.

The Book Sage’s expression was cold, that attitude and expression from his handsome yet indifferent face, made the Sky Devil Empress absent-minded. It was as if she had seen…

“The empress shouldn’t be delusional. Since this Sage had accompanied the empress in. Naturally, I have no plans to go out alive. I shall ask the empress to accompany this Sage on the road!”

After speaking, a trace of blood flowed out from the corner of Book Sage’s mouth while Spirit Energy within his body started climbing gradually. His robes moved without wind as the muscles all over his body began to bulge.

This was self-destructing!

Sky Devil Empress immediately realized that she had no way to survive the blast in this small space!

The man in front of her was a lunatic! A madman!

Seeing Book Sage’s calm and indifferent eyes, the Sky Devil Empress felt fear for the first time!

She could not help trembling all over, her voice trembled while trying to convince Book Sage: “Don’t be impulsive. At most, this empress signs a contract with you. How about not interfering with each other?”

Book Sage only answered her with silence.

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