The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 1459 - Final Chapter: Four

Chapter 1459: Final Chapter: Four

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At that instant, Sheyan fell heavily to the ground. His skin that came into contact with the ground immediately started to hurt, go numb, and finally rot. As if his flesh was being digested, it starting dissolving into liquid, which the ground greedily absorbed. But Sheyan still appeared very calm despite being “digested”. Helooked up and smiled at the dark silhouette.

“Can you take off the mask and let me have a look?”

“Why?” asked the dark silhouette flatly.

“If I’m not mistaken, you should be the fugitive Fang Lin, right? The one who became a murderer when he was only a teenager?” asked Sheyan.

“I am. So what?” Fang Lin asked in a hoarse voice.

Sheyan paused in silence for a while before he replied, “I’m an orphan. My memories before the age of three have been completely shattered, and then sealed away, so I have no idea what my parents look like. Such an experience is extremely cruel for anyone, let alone someone like me who’s about to die! Please let me take a look at your face so that I know what my father looks like. I want to welcome death with a little less regret.”

“Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.” Fang Lin’s laughter was intermittent, but it sounded quite resolute, like a knife that was repeatedly raised and chopped down with firm swings. “If you haven’t mentioned it, even I won’t remember what I look like anymore. It’s been such a long time.”

As he said that, he took off the bronze devil mask on his head. Sheyan inspected his face carefully, but he soon sighed in regret. The face under the mask could no longer be regarded as a human face. It was so deformed that it looked like molten wax instead! The only features on it were three deep, black holes, which were presumably the mouth and eyes.

What’s more, Sheyan also noticed by now that Fang Lin’s back was physically attached to the Realm. He could see an abundance of large blood vessels twisting and winding on the Realm’s flesh wall, and all of them converged on Fang Lin’s back. It appeared that he had indeed become one with this rotten and decaying Nightmare Realm.

“Is this the price you have to pay to calculate the coordinates of the other variations of you in the parallel universes, and to travel freely through time and space?” asked Sheyan softly. “You’ve all but given up on your life and freedom. Is it worth it?”

“As long as I can obtain enough source energy to ressurrect my team members, anything’s worth it! This is all your father’s fault! My team members wouldn’t have lost their lives if not for the sake of killing him!” yelled Fang Lin.

“So my father should have just lain down quietly and let you guys kill him without lifting a hand to fight back?” retorted Sheyan angrily.

“Exactly!” Fang Lin’s words were soft, but his voice was resolute!

Sheyan was speechless. He now knew that the mind of the person in front of him was completely warped. When it came to certain key topics, there was absolutely no way to reason with him.

By now, nearly an inch had been corroded off Sheyan’s entire back, almost deep enough to expose the bones within, like he had been thrown into a strong acid. He could hear a hissing sound and smell a foul odour coming from it.

“Any last words before you die?” Fang Lin asked coldly, “Considering that you’re my son’s peer, I can help you finish any unfulfilled wish that you may have.”

“Nope. Fortunately, I’ve lived a very comfortable life so far,” replied Sheyan as he forced a smile with great difficulty. “But there is one thing that I still don’t understand.”

“What is it?” asked Fang Lin.

“According to your son – oh, wait, he should be your son’s clone – you have no idea I existed at first. You only inferred my existence after realising that I can actually wield Evil Sword Apophis directly, as well as due to Jinkuang’s arrival.”

“But a considerably long time has passed since then. If you’re so eager to revive your teammates, you shouldn’t have wasted even a single second. Why did you wait until now to have Prince Pombaru set up such an elaborate trap?”

At this point, Sheyan’s voice gradually turned louder. His gaze also became sharp. “Why, indeed? The only explanation is that there must be something you’re extremely wary of! And when my Noah Realm swallowed another Noah Realm, I finally knew what it was! You fear the powerful Realm behind me!”

“Correct,” Fang Lin replied unhurriedly, his voice like two pieces of metal rubbing hard against each other. “But so what if you know? You’re now completely enshrouded within our Realm. All your external connections have been cut off and disguised! What can you do if you can’t deliver any signal outside?”

Sheyan flashed a mysterious smile. “You’re right. I can’t transmit any signal to the outside world. But what if my mother Realm takes the initiative to locate me?”

Fang Lin sneered scornfully. “You might fool others by saying that, but not me, who have almost fully integrated into a Noah Realm! A normal, undamaged Noah Realm has thousands of contestants under it, spread across multiple dimensions. Furthermore, merely maintaining its own metabolism requires more than 60% of the calculation ability of a Noah Realm’s in-built bio-mechanical optical computer. If it tries to grasp the position of every contestant under it at all times, the calculation ability required would immediately fry its bio-mechanical optical computer. That’s why, most of the time, a Noah Realm would not even bother checking up on the contestants under its command. Instead, the Nightmare Imprint on a contestant would function as a sub-computer which deals with more than 99% of the matters related to that contestant. The first thing we did was to suppress your Nightmare Imprint and force it into hibernation. The hypothetical scenario you proposed has less than one percent chance of occuring.”

“But most importantly, from what I heard, your mother Realm, Noah Realm C, seems to be in an evolutionary dormant state after consuming another Realm. Dormancy is a very important matter to the Realms, let alone dormancy for the purpose of evolution. Under such circumstances, even if you beg your mother Realm for help, it’ll completely ignore you. At most, it’ll try and get revenge for you after waking up. ”

Sheyan merely smiled at that retort. If Fang Lin was watching attentively, he would see that the vicious erosion on Sheyan’s body had stopped, because a layer of dark-red, skin-like substance had quietly grown over his skin and isolated his body from the erosive digestive fluid. The substance was none other than the flesh armour granted by Noah Realm C to all the contestants! The fact that the flesh armour was actively resisting the erosion of Fang Lin’s Realm obviously meant that he had reconnected back to Noah Realm C, so he could now easily counter the opposition’s mental repression!

“What if I tell you that, not only do I have a way to make my mother Realm pay attention to me and actively reach out to me, I also know the specific time it would wake up from its dormant state? Surely you don’t believe me, right? Well, why do you think I dare to hide my real strength up there and let myself be defeated by Soar so easily?”

Sheyan was not bluffing. At the moment, he had in his possession the fruit of Aladdin’s Magic Lamp, which all the Realms dearly longed for. And he had an agreement with his mother Realm to exchange the fruit of Aladdin’s Magic Lamp for the revival of Mogensha when the Realm woke up!

Considering how urgently all the Realms sought after the fruit of Aladdin’s Magic Lamp, Sheyan could conclude with confidence that it was a matter high on Noah Realm C’s priority list when she woke up. The competition for the fruit was fierce after all, and competition brought pressure. If a woman is being courted by two men, the attention she enjoys must be much greater than if only a single man is chasing after her. It was similar in this case.

Coincidentally, the Realm was scheduled to wake up tonight. Eve had personally told Sheyan this herself. After going through the fights with Bind, Soar and Strive above the Devil’s Throat, it was already past 12 a.m. before Sheyan knew it. Sheyan was sure that the Realm had already realised something was amiss by then, so he hid his strength on purpose in order to get to the truth and discover the culprit behind the scenes.

“In fact, it doesn’t really matter anymore whether you believe me or not,” Sheyan suddenly told Fang Lin in a meaningful tone. “Because she’s already here!! That’s right, my mother Realm, the powerful Noah Realm C, has broken through the dimensional barrier and descended upon this place! She’s just finished devouring a Noah Realm, so I’m sure she wouldn’t mind devouring another defective, first generation Realm!”

As Sheyan’s words concluded, an overwhelming force engulfed everything around them. The iconic tentacle of Noah Realm C tore through the space and the outer wall and penetrated out of the void to block in front of Sheyan. Now that Noah Realm C had completed her evolution, her tentacle had actually turned from a solid state to an energy-like form. The tentacle that had appeared before Sheyan was a giant blue electrical tentacle, but the giant suction cups on it were still vividly visible!

The first generation Nightmare Realm Fang Lin resided in was completely powerless against the newly evolved Noah Realm C. It was brutally ravaged and torn apart all over the place. The tentacles of terror went amok inside the first generation Nightmare Realm, wantonly destroying its mechanical limbs and rotten organic parts into pieces. Most of the parts were so rotten that Noah Realm C did not even deign to touch them; she simply let the dimensional turbulence tear them up.

On the other hand, the first generation Nightmare Realm only created some puppets to fight back out of instinct, but they were quickly blown to smithereens under the furious attack of Noah Realm C. She was completely unstoppable! One attached space after another was violently stripped away from the first generation Nightmare Realm. These things stained with the smell of decay and mutation were completely ignored by Noah Realm C. She had only one goal in mind, and that was the core of the first generation Nightmare Realm. The design contained in that core should 100% reflect the Creator’s way of thinking. Although it was outdated because it had not evolved, it would be very helpful in an attempt to find out, or even to restore, the Creator’s technological context.

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