The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Temptation

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“Sorry…” Said Sheyan in a low voice, while locking the door behind him.

The two policemen did not understand, and asked curiously. “What?”

Sheyan inched closer to one of the policeman. Suddenly, he smashed his knee into the policeman’s belly! That policeman groaned in pain, however, his training had allowed him to withstand the pain; counterattacking, he swung a punch at his enemy’s chin.

Normally, the receiving party would cover his face and dodge backwards. However, the cruel reality was, his enemy merely shrugged his head lightly upon impact, before immediately smashing down on the policeman’s head; instantly knocking him unconscious.

Although Sheyan could still be considered a rookie in combat with full of openings, his innate ability allowed him to ensure his enemy’s close combat abilities were greatly weakened; thereby giving him an unfair advantage!

After realizing something was wrong, the other policeman immediately pulled out his pistol.

However, Sheyan swung his left leg; kicking a nearby stool, it flew with such impact one could hear the whirring sound of wind. The policeman immediately dodged as the stool crashed onto the wall and smashed into several bits. Nevertheless, the policeman swung back into a steady posture as he took aim with his pistol. In spite of that, Sheyan had already arrived in front of him, before using his hand to strangle the policeman, and forcefully pinned him onto the wall!

Soon after, the policeman slumped down onto the ground like mud. Learning a lesson from Cazider, Sheyan did not dare to strike a killing blow, contented to just knock the two policemen unconscious.

The loud happenings inside the room had startled the policemen outside. Furiously alarmed, they retrieved their pistols, and starting banging against the door. Fortunately, they did not dare to fire off for fear of the bullet ricocheting and hitting their allies. Hence, the locked door gave Sheyan at least 10 seconds of buffer time.

Sheyan had already calculated and played out every move in his mind a few times. After knocking the policemen out cold, he wasted no time in rushing to Cazider, and suppressing his right hand. At this point, Sheyan’s intrusion was still playing out perfectly.

The blanket covering Cazider suddenly moved, as something hit against Sheyan’s face. The heavily injured Cazider actually still had the strength to resist, and his trembling right hand held tightly onto an extremely sharp dagger!

Before they arrested Cazider, the police should have already conducted a strict full body search, Since the point he changed into his hospital garments, no one knew where he had acquired this vicious weapon!

Faced with the sudden chaos, Sheyan only grinned without trying to dodge or escape, he continued pressing down fiercely on Cazider’s wrist. The sharp dagger pierced through his skin, penetrating into his flesh but was stopped in its track when it encountered rock solid bone.

“Clank!” The dagger broke! This vicious stab was totally negated by Sheyan’s innate ability. To Sheyan, the heavily injured Cazider without a firearm was not even a threat.

At this time, Sheyan’s hand was already pressing down on Cazider’s right wrist, using strength to further pressure it down. Cazider released a miserable scream, as his right wrist was being slowly fractured!

Sheyan then swiftly proceeded to break Cazider’s other wrist. Afterwards, he forcefully teared apart the handcuffs binding Cazider’s wrist, ripping apart a chunk of flesh at the same time. Cazider’s bleeding and deformed wrists were simply unsightly.

Yet at this moment, the locked room door was forced open by the flustered policemen. In a matter of seconds, 5 pistols were aimed at Sheyan. Three of them were fuming and demanded Sheyan to place both his hands onto the wall.

In response, Sheyan suddenly burst into a fit of crazed laughter. Raising the broken window by Cazider’s side, he proceeded to jump down from the third floor! His powerful strength allowed his character of decisiveness and inherent intuition to be on full display.

Simultaneously, gunshots arose as the smell of gunpowder filled the room. At least 7-8 rounds landed on his back but were completely negated! Sheyan had already experienced resisting the firepower of these small revolvers that the police used. Although his back looked as though it was bleeding excessively, his injuries were merely superficial, as a huge bulk of the projectiles only penetrated an inch beneath his skin. They were then forcefully squeezed out.

In contrast to the concentrated gunshot wound on his back, Sheyan suffered more damage from his freefall from the third floor while carrying Cazider. Sheyan rolled to counter the impact when he reached the ground, but still felt a shooting pain in his legs, as his HP dropped wildly by 30 points.

Beforehand, he had already scouted out his escape route. While dragging an already half dead Cazider, he fled. He then pulled into a nearby police car, before hurriedly starting the engine, and sped off into the main road.

When the fuming policemen chased down from the third floor, they realized all other police cars had their wheels punctured. Thus, they could only suck it up and report the matter.

At present, it was approximately 5 am in the morning, and people were still in a deep slumber. Therefore, it was nearly impossible to invoke a perfect and efficient response.

After circling the road for a few rounds and ensuring he wasn’t followed by any policemen, Sheyan drove into a small remote street.

The environment was eerie and streams of polluted water flowed everywhere. Initially, several druggies could be seen lighting their cigs, yet after seeing a police car pulling up, they immediately dispersed frantically.

Sheyan ignored them, turning around to Cazider as he laughed menacingly. His shiny white teeth was glaring under the dimly lit light.

“Do you wish to live or die?”

Cazider was still freezing and trembling from the pain, his facial muscle twitched. At first, he wanted to bite his tongue and commit suicide without saying a word, but could not bring himself to do it. In such close proximity, Cazider would not even be Sheyan’s match even at full strength, what more with both his hands crippled?

“What difference will it make, if I choose life or death?”

Sheyan coldly whispered.

“If you wish to die, I can easily throw you onto the streets. If you wish to live, you better honestly answer my questions.”

“Then ask.” Cazider was already forced to a dead end, he did not have much options yet he spoke with a flickering gaze; obviously still thinking of something.

“The police searched you, and even changed your clothes to a hospital gown. Where did you retrieve the dagger that you used to stab me just now?” Sheyan asked his first question.

“After completing your first mission, your nightmare imprint will unlock a small interspatial storage. You can freely access it, only, it has certain space and weight constraints. As your nightmare imprint rank increases, the interspatial space will increase accordingly.”

When Cazider spoke till here, he saw that Sheyan’s eyes still radiated with malicious intent, and immediately continued his sentence.

“While entering this world you should have received this notification – this world has a natural peaceful setting, contestants killing each other will not trigger a drop loot. Unless a contestant is willing, it is impossible to be able to retrieve an item from the other contestant’s interspatial space. Killing me will not give you any benefits.”

Sheyan’s lips curled up, then he continued whispering.

“I know the injuries on your body are inflicted on by yourself. They must be serious or you wouldn’t have fooled the doctor’s eyes. Your goal is to escape by allowing yourself to be captured and entering this hospital. In the hospital you are placed under heavy 24 hours surveillance, your body’s healing will not escape the notice of the monitoring equipments. Therefore, surely you have a method of allowing your body conditions to rapidly recover its fullest potential, which would then allow you to escape under the strict surveillance.”

“What I want, is this secret method of yours!”

Cazider was caught off guard by Sheyan’s words, he lowered his head as he resisted verbally.

“How would I know you won’t kill me?”

Sheyan coldly spoke:

“If you don’t tell, you’ll die immediately. If you tell, you will not die now.”

Trying to strengthen his persuasion powers, Sheyan’s hand was already tightly gripping Cazider’s throat. Cazider took a deep breath, by his side suddenly the M500 hi-powered pistol appeared along with a black shotgun. Obviously they came out from Cazider’s nightmare imprint interspatial storage.

When Cazider was lying on his patient bed, it wasn’t because he did not want to use these firearms, but it was because the recoil was simply too high and he could not withstand it. Already heavily injured, in addition to his handcuffed hands, this sort of situation caused him to be incapable of operating his guns.

More importantly, Sheyan did not give him ample time to do so. When Cazider had noticed his intrusion, Sheyan was already within a 2-3 meters proximity. A firearm’s effectiveness was not better than a dagger in this distance.

Looking at these two weapons, Sheyan loosened his grip before a slight smile appeared on his face.

“I finally see some sincerity in you. Actually, you don’t have to be so nervous, did you consider your personal value?”

Cazider desperately took in huge breaths of air as he looked at Sheyan in astonishment:

“What do you mean by this?”

Sheyan laughed:

“Haven’t you discover that our capabilities are very compatible?”

At this moment, the police car engine produced a grunting sound, as Sheyan switched it off. Walking out from the police car while supporting Cazider up, he brought him into a nearby limousine. He then dragged the confused driver out of the driver seat. Taking the driver’s eat, the car’s engine roared to life.

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