The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Greedy snake wishes to swallow an elephant!

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[ T-750 Terminator (Basic model) ]

[ Basic measurements: ]

[ Body height: 184Cm

[ Body weight: 200 Kg

[ Strength: 20 points,

[ Agility: 10 points

[ Intelligence: 5 points ]

[ Spirit: 0 point ]

[ Charm: 3 points ]

[ Physique: 10 points ]

[ Perceptive sense: 0 point ]

[ Supporting power source: Manganese and silicon ion battery ]

[ Time duration: 10 years ]

[ Sustainable battle duration: One year (Normal battle) ]

[ Sustainable battle duration: 40 days (Intense battle) ]

[ Maximum movement speed (land): 60km/hour ]

[ Maximum movement speed (Underwater): 28km/hour ]

[ Explosive jumping length: 7 Metres (With running) ]

[ Explosive jumping length: 4 Metres (Without running) ]

[ Power: 520 horsepower ]

[ Base HP: 1200 points ]

[ Innate ability: Steel, resisting any damage from anything by 10 points. ]

[ Innate ability: Armoured, increasing HP by additional 400 points. ]

[ Weapon measurement (T-750 CPU processing capabilities only allows it to choose one form of weapon system to load when assaulting) ]

[ Weapon: Cobalt steel alloy exoskeleton (Already equipped) ]

[ Weapon: Cobalt steel defence shield (Unable to pass through space-time convergence, not equipped) ]

[ Weapon: Nickel and chromium grade rifle (Unable to pass through space-time convergence, not equipped) ]

[ Weapon: Laser pistol (Unable to pass through space-time convergence, not equipped) ]

[ Weapon: High pressure xenon pulse, Submachine gun combination (Unable to pass through space-time convergence, not equipped) ]

[ Weapon: 105mm line multi-capability cannon (Unable to pass through space-time convergence, not equipped) ]

[ Weapon: M16 landmine (Unable to pass through space-time convergence, not equipped) ]

[ Weapon: 442-rt model magnetic absorption system (Already surpassed calculating ability limit unable to equip) ]

[ Defence capability: (T-750 power source energy transmission limitation, only able to select the following protective equipments) ]

[ Protective equipment: Heavy Cobalt steel body armour (Unable to pass through time-space convergence, unable to equip) ]

[ Effects: Movement speed decreased by 33%, capabilities increased by 300%, Absorb 45% of external damages. ]

[ Protective equipment: Ammonia hydroxyl thick dermis (layer of flesh) (Already equipped) ]

[ Effects: Absorb 15% of all damage. When equipped: unable to equip other protective equipment, able to support battle procedure: Close combat battle ability. ]

[ Protective equipment: point to point “support” Artificial skin (not yet equipped, able to increase energy limits) ]

[ Effects: Able to absorb 50% of long distance damage, no effects on close combat damage. When equipped: unable to equip other protective gear, able to support battle procedure: proficient in light firepower weapons. ]

[ Secondary installations: ]

[ Simple warm facial appearance (Already equipped, prepared with dark vision effect) ]

[ Satellite navigation system (Already equipped, lack of relevant support system unable to utilize) ]

[ Light armament tracking system (Already equipped, able to search for light firearms and ammunition within 200 metres radius) ]

[ Automatic data calculation installation (Unable to pass through space-time convergence, not equipped) ]

[ Battle programming: (T-750 computer microchip processing limitations, only able to select one battle program to equip) ]

[ Close combat battle ability (Already equipped) ]

[ Firearms combat ability (Not equipped, microchip processing limitations) ]

[ Proficiency in light firearms (Pistol/ submachine gun calibre) (Not equipped, microchip processing limitations) ]

[ Battlefield set-up abilities (Landmines explosives etc) (Not equipped, microchip processing limitations) ]

[ Machine personal defensive capabilities (Not equipped, microchip processing limitations) ]

[ Emulation of voice/sounds projection and enunciation tools (Not equipped, model of Terminator unable to support capabilities) ]

Observing this T-750 model detail information, Sheyan felt that the T-750 Terminator was just a model number and not a fixed construction. Just like how a car has several components in terms of stability, horsepower and others, but would still be able to upgrade or change the specifications.

The T-750 had different equipment specifications, additional tools as well as battle programming. Programming had 4 big classifications namely – close combat, long range, explosive and defensive kinds.

The one that Sheyan encountered was the close combat class T-750 terminator, its programming and equipments were all suited for close combat. He could now understand why the Terminator did not utilize any firepower; it was not programmed with the specifications of utilizing firearms or explosives, therefore, using it would simply be a disaster!

“Then…” Sheyan’s thick black brows jumped as he suddenly recalled something. That was, the other T-750 terminator that he witnessed. Its gun skills had such precision, naturally, Sheyan was able to deduce that its programming was a proficient in light firearms one. Also, that T-750 Terminator was not really hindered even after receiving an assault from the Delta anti-terror task force, which meant that he should be wearing the point to point “Support” artificial skin!

Therefore, its threat towards Sheyan was extremely low. Once Sheyan could draw in, he could totally destroy a Terminator that wasn’t programmed for close combat.

Sheyan was extremely decisive, he knew that ‘knowing thyself and thy enemies’, would lead him to triumph in a hundred battles. Lavished with such leverageable information, it was impossible to stop him; as he discarded all thoughts of leaving. Instead, he started plotting.

His only concern was this – whether the T-750 Terminator was equipped with a light armament tracking system. If it was able to scan within a 200 metre radius for any light firearms or ammunition, and was able to locate a hi-power pistol like the M500/ Desert Eagle and prepared for it, then, it would be extremely disadvantageous for Sheyan.

In all things, there will always be probabilities. Right ahead was the northern district of Los Angeles, which was also acclaimed as the upper class district. The streets were safe and civilian living conditions were all exceedingly orderly. The crime rate was 20% lower here as compared to the southern, gangster plagued district.

America had a freedom of firearms policy, and it was virtually impossible for the people living here did not possess a gun. However, under the law coupled with such a peaceful and safe environment, possessing a light firearm with higher lethal potential was still a possibility.

Furthermore, the police as well as the Delta anti-terror task force had already consumed a great deal of the Terminator’s ammunition. That was the main reason Sheyan once again decided to tread on dangerous muddy waters!

After a short moment of resting and simple medical treatment, Sheyan’s condition had recovered to about 80% of his fullest potential.

His good regeneration was attributed to his high points of physique, and the second reason, was that all his wounds were purely superficial. If one’s wounds were extremely serious, it would influence the body’s regenerative capabilities. Listing a simple example, if Sheyan had suffered a huge fracture in battle, he would have needed more than an hour to recover.

Within these few minutes, Sheyan had also heard distant shootings and explosions which signified that the battle against that T-750 terminator had not yet ended.

Casually putting on a set of clothes he found in the kitchen, he immediately headed off on his motorbike towards the ruckus.

From a distance of 2-3 km, Sheyan could see from afar, groups of terrified civilians screaming and fleeing. Some were only wearing their underwear. There were also several roadblocks set up by the Los Angeles police. The primary intention of those roadblocks was to keep away all external parties from entering the hostile zone. Simply speaking it was to prevent any sort of movements between regions. Charging in now wasn’t a problem, it was just that he had no way of avoiding conflict with the police.

Nevertheless, Sheyan had already anticipated this situation, and parked his motorbike afar. Wearing his sunglasses, he frantically ran forward while raising both hands in a frenzied manner, as he shouted at the top of his lungs.

“Oh noo! You bastards! Let me in! My poor Billie is still stuck at home! That crazy lunatic will surely kill him!”

The policeman raised his brows at Sheyan. It was indeed hard to handle or negotiate with such agitated civilians, especially under such horrifying circumstance where an outburst could trigger a large scale panic and riot.

America was a country that valued the rights of every citizen, therefore, the two policeman immediately rushed to calm Sheyan down. However, they had never expected Sheyan to possess such strength and power.

With a cry of anger, Sheyan easily shoved them aside, before breaching the road block and running into the chaos.

Met with such a scene, the policemen looked at each other helplessly. At the end of the day, that guy only wishes to go back to his house, how could they shoot him in the back? Pursuing and capturing him would be a better idea, but this guy was like a madman with insane speed. In the blink of an eye, he was already so far away….

The few policemen looked around, and then changed their gaze in unison as they decided to ignore what just happened.

Sheyan could easily tell, from the bullet holes on the floor, that both sides were using a 9mm calibre gun. Looking at them, Sheyan felt extremely blessed with his innate skill, Endurance, which caused these impossible to dodge gunshots to be much less threatening.

At this moment, a low groan echoed out from the nearby building, followed by a sound of “Ge Ge Ge!”

That sound was gentle and fleeting to his ears. Ordinary people would never notice it, but Sheyan was always more cautious than others; as though he walked on thin ice all the time. His heart skipped a beat, as he unconsciously headed into the nearby building with large strides.

As he neared the building, Sheyan could smell a rich stench of fresh blood, fuelling his heart to become more on guard. His natural high perceptive sense could sense danger ahead by a few seconds, thus, he wasn’t the least bit anxious. He gently crept closer to the entrance, and abruptly without any notice, pushed open the door.

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