The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Extortion and blackmail

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The next day, Sheyan woke up early and had a sumptuous breakfast before heading off to 11th main street where the Cyberdyne computer company was located. Initially, the traffic was pretty smooth, however, once Sheyan was about to reach his destination, he experienced the full force of a Los Angeles super heavy traffic jam. It was worst than a typical jam from Sheyan’s previous world.

The helpless Sheyan had to note down the Cyberdyne’s exact location and get out from the cab to walk. The company’s building infrastructure was constructed extravagantly, and was magnificently superior than the average Los Angeles high rise buildings. From afar, one was able to identify the building easily even from its massive logo, getting lost was impossible.

After leaving, Sheyan sensed an overwhelming danger in his heart. That feeling was like standing at the pinnacle of a high rise building without a railing to stop you from falling; causing Sheyan to feel very cautious. As he progressed on, the dangerous feeling became thicker…..

The good thing was that his destination wasn’t the dangerous hotspot, the Cyberdine company, but the Bassaterre Steakhouse that was about a hundred plus metres away from the company. This steakhouse’s environment wasn’t very prim and proper. It looked old with oil stains everywhere, even the seat cushions were wrinkled and torn. Fortunately, their food was fantastic which attracted a large crowd, as Sheyan waited for half an hour before getting a seat.

Sheyan was having a humble cup of coffee, if he had to narrate what he was thinking into words, then there was simply not enough words to do so. After 30 seconds, Sheyan noticed that the bald headed male with a brandy nose, sitting 3 persons away from him was his target – Engineer Vincent. He also knew that he had some time before Vincent would finish his breakfast.

Vincent’s appetite was fantastic, several empty plates were already piling up on his table. When Sheyan looked over, he was currently tackling a thick three-layered thick meat sandwich. In addition to that was a hot glass of oatmeal cereal drink, as he contentedly munched away at his food.

Waving his hand, he settled Vincent’s bill along with his. However, this behavior did not warrant a friendly reaction as he wanted to. The confused vincent flashed a suspicious look at Sheyan while wiping his mouth, as he rudely commented.

“I will not be friendly with you just because of that bill. Brat! Nobody can show off in front of me.”

That engineer’s character was indeed described accurately by the mission pointer. However Sheyan kept his composure, sincerely looking at Vincent and replied:

“Hey, I have no interest in the work you do in Cyberdyne. 5 Minutes, Mr Vincent, I just need 5 minutes of your time. If you still decide to leave, then i will personally escort you out to leave.”

As Sheyan spoke, he noticed Vincent’s yellowish fingernails and casually offered a cigar to him. Naturally, that cigar worth a hundred dollars managed to convince Vincent to sacrifice a moment of his time. Snorting, he lighted up the cigar. A cigar had an underlying impression of showing one’s power and wealth. He happily puffed on the cigar, letting the wonderful aroma linger in his nose and then breathing it out. He closed his eyes in pleasure as he spoke:

“Then speak up.”

Sheyan paused for a moment, giving one an impression of sincere reflection on what he was about to say.

“I’m a civilian that lives near that 77 street – which is the location of the fateful criminal assault on yesterday’s news.”

Vincent nodded his head, understanding what he was saying as he coldly muttered:

“4 minutes.”

“Near my house there was an explosion, at that moment i was having an afternoon nap. The windows and glass are shattered, and instantaneously the place was surrounded by policemen. After the policemen settled the assailants, I found this while tidying up my house.”

After speaking, he opened widely his palm to reveal something that looked ordinary. However, it was radiating strange light blue electric currents. It was the mission objective – the Master CPU microchip (Damaged)!

Vincent originally shut his eyes while enjoying the cigar, however, when he opened his eyes to look at the object in Sheyan’s hand, his eyes popped wide open. Following that, his expression became very stern as he reached forward to snatch that item over.

Vincent was a skillful engineer, even one of the important personnel of the company itself. However, he was normally stubborn, along with his explosive personality he offended many, thus, was gradually shunned by his superiors over the years.

Although that was the case, Vincent heard information yesterday that the FBI had found a huge deal of extremely advanced technology, and had returned them to the company. (Following the movie’s plot estimation: Skynet expanded greatly because of the T-800 deadly microchips and body flesh technology advancement). A meeting was already called last night, and decided to pass all these goods to Miles Dyson, very obviously ostracizing Vincent. He knew what yesterday’s meeting meant, yet he knew all these stuffs were in no way beneficial to Sheyan.

After snatching the microchip, he examined it closely as his expression turned into that of a madman, as he started muttering:

“This method of linear conduction… how could it have a carbon composition? The resulting electrons variant will exceed greatly! Shit, what did my eyes just witnessed? Wireless capabilities, how is this possible, Raphael, quick hurry up start up the electric software, Raphael, Ra….”

At this time, Sheyan acquired a new notification from the nightmare imprint.

[ You successfully handed over the master CPU microchip (damaged) to Vincent. ]

[ Side mission: Interact (Complete) ]

[ You can now select the following options and acquire your rewards. ]

[ A: Give the microchip to Vincent, and gain (10-25) Friendship points but lesser reward bonus. The fixed amount of friendship points gained has a direct link to the contestant’s charm. ]

[ B: Sell the microchip to Vincent, lowering friendship points by (30-50 points), Medium reward bonus. The fixed amount of friendship points lowered has a direct link to the contestant’s charm. ]

Vincent who was currently lost in his thoughts suddenly got a grip of himself, because Sheyan had retrieved back the microchip that was in his hands. Smiling slyly, Sheyan said.

“Now, Mr Vincent should have enough time to discuss certain relevant terms right?”

Vincent paused and suddenly scolded:

“What!? What terms?”

Sheyan laughed:

“The terms of passing to you this microchip.”

Vincent’s expression became extremely ugly, lowering his tone as he glared at Sheyan.

“How much do you want? A thousand, two thousand? Ten thousand, damn you! Don’t go overboard. With one sound, those cute policemen would rush in and arrest your greedy ass.”

“But the police will similarly not handover this microchip to you!” Sheyan had a cheeky expression, yet his glare was extremely intense. Although he didn’t know Vincent’s status, but his intuition actually hit the nail on the head!

“Also, Mr Vincent, please understand, I have already confirmed the value of this object from your reaction. I know that there will be others that want this. If your terms do not satisfy me, then I believe the other Cyberdyne engineers would be delighted to acquire this.”

Vincent’s expression was ugly, like a frustrated beast stuck in a cage. Cursing in his own local language, he fetch out all the money he had in his wallet, and even took out the antique gold watch he was wearing. On top of the gold watch there was an engraving “1944”.

“This greedy devil! Take it, damned, this watch was a heirloom from my father. You can hurry up handover that mysterious microchip and F**k off from my sight. As far as possible, make sure i don’t see your greedy face ever again!”

Sheyan received information on these two items instantaneously:

[ American dollar (397): tradable, valuable item. Can be brought out of this world, can be exchanged for 133 utility points. ]

[ Switzerland golden shell watch (1944) ]

[ Equipment type: Accessory ]

[ Origin: Switzerland State of Bern (Capital of Switzerland) Watch Factory ]

[ Equipment rarity: white ]

[ Equipment effects: Physique +1 ]

[ Equipment requirements: none ]

[ Material: Iron/aluminium ]

[ Weight: 182 grams ]

[ Equipment battle rating: 4 ]

[ Description: My lifetime’s desire is to visit Salt lake city, Capitol of Utah, to be a devout cult disciple, alas, this wish can only be fulfilled by my son. ]

[ Note: Sheyan’s American dollars are like normal currencies, it will not have any special description from the nightmare imprint. Similarly, a normal watch would have the same effect, and not be able to be carried out of this world. ]

Looking at these two items, Sheyan wasn’t in a hurry to retrieve it. Gripping tightly onto the microchip, he gave off a mysterious sneer and shook his head. Vincent’s gaze radiated with rage, as he threatened.

“Young man, Greediness will find its way back to you.”

Sheyan sighed, at this moment, he was assuming commanding control of this business negotiation, feeling the thrill of pushing another to his limits.

“My dear Mr Vincent, do not misunderstand, I just want to ask you another question.”

Vincent glared intently at the microchip within Sheyan’s left palm, perspiration leaking out from his nostrils and forehead. He raised his voice loudly:

“What else do you want!”

Sheyan loosened his grip, revealing another replica of the microchip! Vincent’s eyes popped out widely like a goldfish, as he went into a daze. One can imagine the excitement welling up inside Vincent, the blood surging wildly inside his mind.

“I just wanted to inquire, if I sell two chips to you, how much would that be?”

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