The Village Girl Who Jinxes Her Husband Is Filthy Rich

Chapter 889 - 889 Causing Trouble

Chapter 889 - 889 Causing Trouble

889 Causing Trouble

Also, although Zeng Yanli’s reputation of bringing bad luck to her husband wasn’t good, Jiang Zhennan’s reputation of being a jinx to all his relatives was even more resounding. It was so loud that no woman dared to marry him. At least, there were still people who dared to marry Zeng Yanli before.

Therefore, they could be considered to be a good match again.

Therefore, in this case, Zeng Yanli and Jiang Zhennan could also be considered very good couples.

Of course, these people were only thinking about it in their hearts. As for what the truth was, they would just watch from the side.


Wen Yujing looked at Zeng Yanli’s huge face and felt disgusted. She muttered to herself, ” how can Zeng Yanli be so thick-skinned? she’s calling me mother now. It’s simply a dream for a woman like her to marry Ye ‘er!”

However, she still had a smile on her face and said with a kind expression, ” yes, mother knows that you care about Nan ‘er. Don’t worry. When Nan’ er comes out later, I’ll tell him to marry you, okay? ”

Zeng Yanli laughed so hard that her body trembled. “thank you, mother! In the future, after I marry the general, I will definitely treat you as my own mother.”

Jiang Yunfeng listened to the two women and didn’t say anything. However, after receiving Wen Yujing’s gaze, he immediately ordered the servant to knock on the door.

When the Butler, uncle Fu, opened the door, he heard Wen Yujing trying to match Zeng Yanli and Jiang Zhennan together.

The Butler’s expression changed. When he saw the people from Duke Zhengguo’s mansion at the door, his expression became even worse.

What were these people doing here?

It was obvious that they were up to no good.

When he saw the people around pointing at him, he had an even more ominous feeling.

However, the door was already open, so he couldn’t just close it.

He restrained his changing expression and said respectfully to Jiang Yunfeng, ” Lord Duke, Madam Duke, how are you? Why are you here? What’s the matter?”

Jiang Yunfeng’s face darkened when he heard Butler’s address. He shouted angrily, ” dog slave, what kind of attitude is this? Do you still have any rules?”

He then looked into the door and immediately said, ” I’m looking for that unfilial son. Ask him to come out!”

The Butler calmly asked, ” High Duke, my general is not in the manor. I wonder what important matter the high Duke has for my master? If it’s convenient, you can ask this old servant to pass on the message.”

When Jiang Yunfeng heard this, he was even more furious. He stared at the Butler with sharp eyes and said loudly, “Hmph, not in residence? You dog slave, you actually want to lie to me. Do you think that I don’t know that the unfilial son doesn’t go anywhere other than the general’s office?

“Now that you’re telling this Duke that he’s not in the manor, do you not want to live anymore? how dare you fool this Duke? I’ll give you one more chance to bring that unfilial son to me. Otherwise, I’ll keep standing outside the manor. I’d like to see if this son still has any reputation left if the news of him rejecting his father outside the manor gets out. How will he still have the face to face people?

“So, if you want what’s best for your general, you dog slave better hurry up and report to that unfilial son. Tell him that his parents and siblings have come to find him.”

Jiang Yunfeng kept calling him a dog slave and scolding Jiang Zhennan.

This also made the people who were watching the show even more contemptuous of Jiang Yunfeng.

After all, Jiang Zhennan was already the defender-general of the state, a great hero who regained control of the military and protected the people of the world. It was fine if his biological father didn’t like him, but he actually scolded him as an unfilial son in front of so many outsiders.

Speaking of which, the great general’s life was really hard to meet such a father.

When he heard Jiang Yunfeng’s father deliberately tarnishing the general’s reputation, the Butler could only be angry but did not dare to say anything. He could only say with a slightly bad expression, ” then I’ll go to the residence and see if the general is around. ”

After he finished speaking, he did not give Jiang Yunfeng a good look at all and quickly walked into the study in the manor.

He did not think his general should face this family of hypocrites.

However, he could not stop the general’s actions.

Not to mention him, even if young master Guo came, he actually couldn’t stop him.

The two of them could only watch helplessly as the general took this family on.

Sure enough, as soon as the great general came out, Wen Yujing came for him. She implied that Jiang Zhennan was clearly in the manor, but he refused to let his own father enter the manor. How could there be such an unfilial person?

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