The Villainess Reverses the Hourglass

Chapter 288 (END) - . Extra Story III: A Wicked Woman Is A Wicked Woman Forever, Part XI

Chapter 288: Chapter 288. Extra Story III: A Wicked Woman Is A Wicked Woman Forever, Part XI

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Annie was supposed to hold the ceremony first, but when Aria’s support, including the dress, began, she prepared a new ceremony, canceling everything she had decided and prepared.

In contrast, Jesse only received Aria’s necessary support and used what she had prepared as scheduled. In the first place, she was burdened with too much and tried to refuse it, but she was forced by Aria to accept it.

“How can this be a commoner’s wedding? Only the rich nobilities can afford this.” Despite Jessie’s refusal, Aria decorated the wedding hall more beautifully and visitors were astonished.

“Her Highness the Crown Princess is behind her. Jessie is not an ordinary commoner.”

“That’s what I think. Besides, it’s only a matter of time before she gets the title because her husband’s abilities are outstanding, and he’s in the right position.”

“Although the precedent is rare, it is possible.”

“His Highness the Crown Prince is very much in love with Her Highness the Crown Princess, so he will listen to anything she wants.”

“I’m sure His Highness will be an emperor soon, so it may be simple.”

“She would be the luckiest woman in the empire.”

“Isn’t she now?”

Those who talked about Jessie and her husband were nobles who were not very close to her. They seemed to have attended the event to get a good impression from Aria if she would attend. In addition, they believed that Jessie, a favorite maid of Aria, would soon rise to her status, so they even gave a warm greeting to Jessie’s relatives.

“Oh, my God. Her Highness the Crown Princess has really come here!”

And just before the ceremony began, as expected by the audience, Aria appeared with Asher. Though Jessie was the most beloved maid, Aria was expected to come alone because she was a commoner, but Aria appeared with Asher and everyone was once again convinced that Jessie and Hans would rise in status.

Aria, who had not exchanged greetings with anyone, immediately visited the waiting room where Jessie was waiting and greeted her.

“Oh, you don’t have to come…”

“How can I miss your wedding?”

‘You kept saying the right thing to me, the wicked woman.’ Although she had had a miserable end for not following her words, it had rather hardened her trust in Jessie through them.

As he also knew it, Asher was willing to follow Aria to show his face to the wedding momentarily.

“You will have a long vacation, so you can have a good and relaxed time with your husband. When you get back, you’ll have to suffer from a heavy duty again.”

“… Thank you.”

Even though she said so, the edges of Jessie’s eyelids were red because she knew that having a job to return to was a blessing by Aria’s favor. What kind of maid could go on vacation just because she was married? It was a job that they had to take a wedding ceremony on a holiday that came once a week.

There were a lot of people who couldn’t even do it. No, there were a lot of maids who could not get married. It was a job if they got married and couldn’t take care of their family. With marriage, more people chose to retire because they couldn’t go back.

“Well, I’ve seen your face, so I’ll go back now. I can’t stay long because I’ve split the time I don’t have.”

“No, thank you. It’s more than enough that you came.”

It was already an honor that Aria showed her face even though she didn’t stay until the end of the wedding. As a result, Aria looked slowly at Jessie’s unflattering appearance and turned her steps without hesitation.

“I feel weird.”

At Aria’s words, which she uttered on her way to the carriage, Asher cheered her up, giving a little strength on the hand he held.

“You’ve seen the maid for a long time, so you deserve it.”

“Did you also feel this way when your close associate got married?”

“Are… you talking about me?” However, he could not easily answer the question that Aria asked him.

He never seemed to feel that way. As he comforted her, he could say, “Yes” or “You’ll get better after a little while.”

It was at a time when she tried to regain her original condition, taking off her strange feelings, seeing that he was speechless and was worried about what to say. Somehow the hall was crowded and bustling. There were so many people who were so huddled that they did not notice the passing of the Crown Princess and the Crown Princess. Their eyes were mingled with envy, jealousy, and displeasure. Annie gave her a secret look so that they couldn’t notice it.

‘What’s the matter? Why are they looking so impure at Jessie’s wedding, which deserves only a blessing?’ To confirm this, Aria turned her eyes, and unexpectedly, there was Baron Burboom and Annie. She was wearing one of the dresses she had received from Aria, surpassing the nobility and second only to the bride. As such, she seemed to have drawn the attention to herself even though she did not take any noticeable action, and it seemed to have offended the nobles.

‘I thought they stopped being offended by Annie and Jessie.’

‘Although Annie is a commoner, she is in such a position that they can’t swear openly and talk behind her back. No, they are not far from Annie’s back. Isn’t this far enough for even me to notice?’ It was tantamount to a rebuke that barely covered Annie’s eyes.

There was no need to win love and respect from all, but it was unpleasant to be scolded as if it were not in such a short distance. In addition, it reminded Aria of nobles who had used to laugh at herself in the past. Because of that, Aria’s expression changed after watching the scene for a while. It was similar to her face in the past when she had just gotten the hourglass in her hand and plotted how to get revenge on Mielle. She also looked as if she still had a long way to go.

“I was about to go back to the Imperial Castle right away… But I think I should stop by the hall for a while.”

After watching the mood of the hall and the changes in Aria, Asher nodded as if he had no choice. As he had already said, “It doesn’t matter what your attitude is,” he seemed to have no intention of stopping her.

Aria’s step toward the inside of the hall was light. The nobles, who had so far secretly blamed Annie, began to politely salute her in her imposing and elegant appearance, as if they had never done so, wondering how they could be seen better.

‘Yes, that’s where you’re supposed to be—where you’re sitting.’

But she didn’t think they would do that, so she had to tame them, not to repeat the past again.


Aria called Annie’s name. Annie, who had not noticed her approach, smiled to the fullest and took a courtesy. She was like her stupid self in the past.

“No matter how much you like Baron Burboom, shouldn’t you at least say hello to the nobles who are paying attention to you? Sooner or later, you will become a member of the aristocratic society.”

The faces of the nobles began to turn pale when she gave out the nuance that she had been watching them all. ‘If you are all scared now, then you shouldn’t have been offended in the first place.’

Aria smiled, checking the faces of the nobles one by one. It was also a confirmation process to check everyone’s faces.

Aria, who checked their increasingly frightened expressions, checked Annie’s face and slowly opened her mouth.

It was time for her to let them know who they were.

-The End-

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